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Die Blechtrommel Read & download ô 9 ✓ On his third birthday Oskar decides to stop growing Haunted by the deaths of his parents and wielding his tin drum Oskar recounts the events of his extraordinary life; from the long nightmare of the Nazi era to his anarchic adventures in post war GermanyEnts and wielding his tin drum Oskar recounts the events of his extraordinary life;. One of those books you read and remember them after years of reading masses of other books A masterpiece

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From the long nightmare of the Nazi era to his anarchic adventures in post war Germa. This excitingly felt like an ur text not only of magic realism but of a lot of later 20th century litfic Its postmodern self awareness of its references the grotesuerie and sleaze and vagabond escapades in mundane settings were all characteristic of the 1980s and 90s novels that were my first acuaintance with serious contemporary fiction And by no means only Midnight's Children which is basically The Tin Drum plus X Men in a different culture The Tin Drum's influence may have been renewed with the 1979 film probably why there are references in early 80s music like Japan's Tin Drum album and arguably the name Bronski Beat Several of these key traits in fiction had already become visible in earlier 1950s writings like Lolita 1955 and early Kingsley Amis Lucky Jim 1954 and Philip Larkin and would soon be carried forward by Pynchon Yes this did sometimes pop up earlier in the twentieth century notably Joyce though I feel there was often something refined and less scuzzy and claustrophobic there regardless of subject matter like the interwar Paris scene was and of course its own compatriot Berlin Alexanderplatz which isn't as ludic and effervescent The mood of The Tin Drum ultimately harks back to at least from the English language perspective the 18th century picaresue romp and the early modern Shakespeare Rabelais Cervantes and late medieval Chaucer But when linked with the works and trends it prefigured or inspired The Tin Drum feels like a landmark in a general notable break from the witty pinched primness of the interwar decades the memory of WWI trauma and then the nervousness of the 1930s hanging over it either hinting at or avoiding sex Thinking here about eg Woolf and because I've read them this year Chandler and early Hemingway as well as golden age detectives Wodehouse etc There's something rather late 1960s about The Tin Drum most especially in the scenes in The Onion Cellar jazz club in post war Dusseldorf which read to me like what if people had tried to deal with WWII trauma through a 1960s happening it seems to be trying to regain the liberal experimental mood popularly associated with Weimar Berlin which was so rudely interrupted and bring it back into the flow of culture in whatever modified way is possible It shows strands of continuity between that and the jazz hipsters of the 1950s and in turn the hippies The novel is of course deliberately un beautiful and un refined The infamous scene of the eels and the horsehead one can imagine was concocted for its especial disgustingness; readers are even treated to a detailed recap near the end The whole project represents and celebrates what the Nazis called 'degenerate art' and the voice of a person whom they wanted to exterminate once he was no longer useful to them as entertainment A character who as part of further artistic reaction from the author fails to be pure and nice in order to most neatly and piously refute them The only character whose good looks are freuently remarked on the beautiful blue eyed blond Jan Bronski the embodiment of 'a lover not a fighter' is supposed to be comically cowardly in contrast to

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Die BlechtrommelOn his third birthday Oskar decides to stop growing Haunted by the deaths of his par. Society dislikes outsiders Outsiders reciprocateOskar is a little drummer boy staying outside of society and his life is an incessant drummingI’ve heard rabbits foxes and dormice drum Frogs can drum up a storm They say woodpeckers drum worms from their casings And men beat on timpani cymbals kettles and drums We have eardrums and brake drums we drum up excuses drum into our heads drum out of the corps Drummer boys do that to the beat of a drum Composers pen concerti for strings and percussion I might mention Tattoos both minor and major and Oskar’s attempts up to nowAnd the residents of Danzig find themselves caught in the danse macabre of the epochal saturnine satire and they keep dancing to the sinister drumroll of history And they are incarcerated in the dungeon of controversial opposites love and hate loyalty and treason religion and blasphemy mirth and sorrow the dead calm and the tempest of brown plague And one day the liberators arrive innocently raping and killing in the process of liberationThings grew almost calm and cozy in our cellar La Greff lay with increasing composure beneath the three men taking turns and when one of them had had enough my talented drummer handed Oskar over to a sweaty slightly slant eyed fellow I assume was a Kalmuck Holding me with his left hand he buttoned his trousers with his right and took no offense when his predecessor my drummer did the reverseAt last the epochal plague is over but the historical farce continuesWhen the history falls ill the world becomes infected with madness