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Love on the Line Women at Work #1In this epic and uniue love story set in the wild mountains of West Virginia a young woman and her unlikely friends find their way through multiple job hazards and terrible working conditions to achieve the unexpectedAndrea never thought she’d live in a camp trailer or work outdoors in inhospitable climates; but eager to leave the stress and tedium of grad school behind she sets off with her estranged grandpa Buck to build a pipeline through the rugged mountains of West Virginia She’s determined to understand the man and the family divide that drove him away Once the job starts she forms an unlikely friendship 💝FREE on today 91318💝BlurbRomance on the job will ruin Andrea's credibility and she knows it so why can't she ignore that cocky foreman the crew calls Rooster? Andy may not have pipeline know how per se but she’s got brains and a willingness to prove that she can do the job Her estranged grandpa Buck believes she has what it takes to be his engineering assistant and she’s not about to let him down Rooster isn’t a bad guy He respects women; he was raised by one of the best But that new girl is too small and feminine She’s a distraction plain and simple and she doesn’t belong on a pipeline This job is his chance to impress Buck Brennan a pipeline legend and no girly greenhorn is going to ruin it for him Will Andy prove herself to her grandfather and forge a relationship with the old man or will continuous disagreements and unexpected sexual tension between Andy and Rooster derail their hard work?

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Ooster and Andrea are drawn to each other yet they know an on the job romance will only cause problems Rooster is tormented by his own past and determined to prove himself to Buck a pipeline ledged Messing with the old man’s granddaughter is a line Rooster refuses to cross But as Andrea shows herself to be a hard worker and a valuable member of the crew she earns Rooster’s respect and he can’t keep his distance It seems the couple can’t go back the relationship can’t move forward and they can’t let go Both will have to make sacrifices and take a chance on ruining their credibility in order to be togethe Andy is taking time off from Grad school to go work with her Grandpa Buck in West Virginia and she is going to be his engineering assistant on a pipeline Her parents aren’t too thrilled especially her mother that continues to hold a grudge against Buck over his going to work on a pipeline years ago Even worse is the reception Andy gets from all of the other pipeline workers which are all men Either ignored or the butt of immature comments and jokes Andy presses on with the hardest job she’s ever done Then there is Rooster Travis who isn’t sexist like a lot of the other men but feels Andy is a distraction to the workers and that she’s too small and petite to do this job Yet he can’t keep his eyes off of herAndy was an incredible honest humble character that I loved Besides the obvious physical challenges of being a woman working on a pipeline she never gave up no matter how many times she screwed up or was humiliated And she had soooo many hilarious moments where I truly felt bad for her but couldn’t help but laugh It was as if she went seeking out impossible situations to get herself into but she still held her head high Andy caught on to the job however and soon began earning the respect of others – specifically the handsome Travis Sparks flying between the two of them just added to this already fantastic story It was interesting to watch the character development in this novel in that everyone seemed to change and grow as a result of Andy working the pipeline not just Andy herself The best character however is sweet old Buck Not just a Grandpa type he was a good teacher that lost his patience sometimes but also didn’t keep Andy on a short leash He let her make mistakes but she learned Love on the Line is a fantastic example of a woman’s strength and perseverance and I was cheering for her the entire time This was so different from things I have read and it was a joy to read a novel about a woman’s physical and emotional challenges of taking a job where women are not the norm It was my pleasure to read and review this novel and cannot wait to read from this author in the futureThanks to the author for providing a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review

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Love on the Line Women at Work #1 kindle Ú eBook Free Þ In this epic and uniue love story set in the wild mountains of West Virginia a young woman and her unlikely friends find their way through multiple job hazards and terrible working conditions to achieve the unexpectedAndrea never thought she’d live in a camp trailer With Nick the rough and tumble foreman of the bending crew Most of the guys aren’t willing to accept her and Rooster the handsome cocky tie in foreman is determined she’s a distractionBut building a pipeline is fraught with danger fatigue and confrontation as egos collide Caught up in the all male social microcosm Andrea can’t help but understand the pecking order and she’s at the bottom Being a woman makes it even unlikely she’ll be accepted Buck proves to be a taskmaster but a kindhearted teddy bear of a man under a gruff exterior and Andrea comes to love him opening herself up to the pain of his past R I received a copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review This was an enjoyable read The story was slow in the beginning but it picked up as the story The characters were great The author made her characters very authentic and real I felt the struggles that Andrea aka Andy went through as a female engineer in the pipeline business was very interesting However the romance between Andy and Rooster was really enjoyable I felt their connection and it was cute to see how they tried to stop their attraction but could not It was a nice love story I really enjoyed Grandpa Buck's character the most He was rough around the edges but still has a heart of gold type of character He did a lot of things for his family He made a lot of sacrifices but still provided for his family The ending was sweet I am glad it was a happy ending Overall a great read