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BeforeWhen Bridget imagined her life at sixteen it didn’t look like this She didn’t think that her boyfriend would dump her for another girl And she certainly didn’t think that she would be pregnant With just a few months until she gives birth Bridget must envision an entirely new future one for her baby But as s. I Imagine one line instead of two That is the smallest difference It’s everything I don't think I can express in words how much I enjoyed this book but I'm going to try If Only is a story about the powerful relationship between mothers and daughters and how our relationships with others and the knowledge about our history can impact on our sense of self Jennifer Gil did a fantastic job of writing every character in a realistic way nobody is without their flaws and this adds to the emotional impact of the book I loved the dual perspective as it helped show all aspects of Bridget and Ivy's personalities and shed some light on the decisions they made This book deals with some very heavy issues but I felt like all of these were dealt with in a respectful way and were not just included for shock value What really contributes to making this story so beautiful is the author’s gorgeous writing style She has such a lyrical descriptive way of saying things which results in a real emotional connection to the words 

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If Only author Jennifer GilmoHe sifts through the many paths and the many people who want to parent her child she can’t help but feel that there is no right decisionAfterIvy doesn’t know much about her birth mother She knows that she is now the same age Bridget was when she placed Ivy for adoption She knows that Bridget was the one who named h. The hardest topics to read about are often the ones people most need to know about If written about correctly an author can make the reader come face to face with problems he or she never imagined would come into his or her life Jennifer Gil manages to show readers a number of different worlds and feelings through her book If Only A huge focal point of If Only was the idea of the power of a decision Reading this book made me wish that there was a way to see how one’s decision could impact the future before actually deciding on it People often think “If I had only known that was going to happen I could’ve done something different” Unfortunately there’s no pausing or rewinding in life and there’s no way of telling what could happen next If Only illustrates the outcomes that could have occurred if a birth mother had chosen to give her daughter away to a different pair of adoptive parents Each time the reader meets new potential parents the following chapter shows what the child would’ve been like had those parents been chosen It really made me think about how every time I make a choice I am unknowingly changing my life Each new reality offered in the book makes me wonder how one small choice that might’ve been made regarding me even before I was born has shaped the person I am today With this book I realized that sometimes you can make decisions through your heart and soul and not necessarily with your mind People always talk about the importance of thinking through big decisions As I am already a naturally indecisive person making choices is usually a long drawn out process and I must try to weigh every possible result I believe I do this because I was taught from a young age whether it be in school or the outside world that you must spend time analyzing your choices before any extreme events While reading If Only I began to realize that sometimes there are things that you feel in your gut before you know what to do in your head and that at those times you should go with what your heart is telling you A main character of If Only named Bridget is a pregnant teenager who can’t seem to find the perfect parents for her unborn child Though many of the candidates appear to be capable adults none of them feel right in her heart I mainly end up focusing on the most logical answers but nearing the end of the book I began to understand that there are appropriate times to take advice from emotions and let them lead you some time While reading this book I recognized the importance of listening eually to both the heart and the head I also began to wonder about the lives of all of the people in the world who I will never know Seeing examples of just a few different lives made me want to know about the people of the world I want to know their stories and I find it almost strange that there are so many people who I’ll never even see much less talk to or get to know I’m curious about what makes each person different but I now also want to see what sort of things connect everyone If Only allowed me to look into the lives of different people and expresses the fact that no one will ever be perfect Reading this has forced me to wonder about every stranger I see on the streets and who they are as a person Despite what is currently being projected into our lives today this book made me see that not having a perfect life is okay No one in If Only lives a flawless life There’s a sixteen year old trying to deal with a pregnancy a girl who can’t stop thinking about finding her real mother and two women encouraging their daughter but still sheltering her Right from the beginning Ivy a girl growing desperate to learn about her birth mother establishes that there are problems in her life From feeling like she’s sometimes looking in at her life from the outside to sensing that she’s not really complete Ivy isn’t shying away from realizing that there are issues in her life As you get older you tend to have a complex life and mind therefore leading to problems Her story put the idea of accepting your life even with all of its complications into greater focus Everyone has flaws in his or her life but so few people are willing to face them head on I can now see that ignoring problems or hiding them for yourself will do no good You’ve got to look straight at them or you might as well let them swallow you for good Everything might happen for a reason is something I never thought that I would believe but after reading If Only I suddenly do Ivy needed her adoptive mothers to be her love and her best friend to be her spontaneous and constant bravery This girl was born for a reason just as her mother became pregnant for a non scientific reason Ivy’s adoptive parents Andrea and Joanne wanted Ivy than anything else and they needed her just as much as Ivy needed them Bridget’s pregnancy was not an accident She needed to have that baby so that Andrea and Joanne could have one of their dreams come true In my life I am very superstitious yet I haven’t found anything proving that everything occurs with a purpose Throughout my reading I felt a huge range of emotions Watching and following Ivy’s self proclaimed coming of age journey was truly an emotional rollercoaster for both her and the reader She is written with such relatable feelings; she can go from furious and blazing to meek and practically transparent It’s a story of first a sixteen year old girl lost and carrying a child and then the one taking place sixteen years later involving her daughter also lost but for different reasons Reading these words on a page have a profound impact on the reader because I can connect with so many emotions both Ivy and her mother have underwent If Only was so touching because Jennifer Gil takes a concept that is looked at as shameful and can be so controversial and forces people to connect with real people who have experienced the events in this book Everyone feels like the world is too big sometimes so big it stops us from reaching our destinies Reading If Only made me feel as though I too was a part of Ivy’s life and like I was getting to see her grow and find herself This book made me hope that someday things viewed as “deplorable” or “immoral” will no longer be labeled with such descriptions Even though the shame that comes along with teen pregnancy isn’t the focal point of If Only the author still chooses to mention the stares and the comments Bridget often received Whatever your beliefs may be what’s done is done There’s no point in trying to turn what has become a hard life into a nightmare People going through things like this need support not the hate that they’re already giving to themselves I read about how Bridget’s relationships changed between her and her parents and it was extremely disheartening to know that the damaged love was very realistic If Only made me really hope that at least a few people could become accepting or at least less judgmental of people who are just in need of comfort

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review If Only author Jennifer Gilmore 103 ✓ BeforeWhen Bridget imagined her life at sixteen it didn’t look like this She didn’t think that her boyfriend would dump her for another girl And she certainly didn’t think that she would be pregnant With just a few months until she gives birth Bridget must envision an entirely new future—one foEr And she knows that fifteen years ago Bridget disappeared from Ivy’s and her adoptive moms’ lives Ivy wants to discover about herself but as she goes to find Bridget she can’t help but feel that the risks might far outweigh the benefits of knowing where she comes from and why her birth mother chose to walk away. Bridget’s life takes an unexpected turn when she discovers she’s pregnant She is sixteen years old and trying to decide who will be the adoptive parents of her child During this process of confusion and stress she is missing her ex boyfriend the father of her child Sixteen years later in 2017 Ivy Bridget’s daughter is living with her two moms “The story is not complicated It is either I was wanted or unwanted My story is I was left behind or stayed with I mean I know as in I’ve been told that my birth mother loved me so much she let me go” Ivy says Ivy can’t help but wonder who her birth mom was and if she will ever meet her She knows that she is the same age her birth mother was when she had Ivy which only makes her feel closer All Ivy wants is to meet her birth mother and learn about her past and why she was left But will finding her past mean forgetting her only family In the novel If Only Jennifer Gil follows the story of two teenagers who are making the decision of their lives This hard to put down book is perfect for realistic fiction lovers Gil captures the confusion and drama of every teenager’s life but also connects it to the story She shows a theme of finding yourself decision making and family through a wonderful plot Throughout the book there are chapters that describe the outcomes of Bridget’s potential decisions for Ivy’s parents showing the importance of decision making and family VERDICT If Only will be best for ages 13 16 Those who enjoy realistic fiction and Robin Benway’s Far From the Tree will love this fun heartwarming and touching book by Jennifer Gil