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When Miranda Black’s mother abandoned her she took everything the sun moon and stars and Miranda found shelter in her friendship with Syd who wore her own motherlessness like a badge of honor Our mothers abandoned us We won’t go begging for scrapsWhen Syd runs away s. I’m gone I’m not missing This was a compelling story about Miranda’s search for her best friend and in doing so finding herself A heartwarming and heartbreaking story full of friendship family and loveWe really had a comprehensive look at love in this book familial love platonic love romantic love and first love A beautiful romance wrapped up in a mystery with the perfect drizzling of family on topMiranda and Sid are BFFs a friendship built on the fact that they both have lost their mothers not to death but from abandonment Sid’s light shines bright and Miranda is always a bit in the shadows but then Sid goes missing with no explanation and now Miranda needs to find her own light The friendship between these two girls was complicated and it was not always clear to me why Miranda was so loyal Miranda was just so sweet and likable and Sid seem so self absorbed I liked the mystery that this added to the story and I liked how this forced Miranda to become her own person But she never stop looking for her best friendThere is also the sweetest love story in this book between Miranda and Nick nothing like first love I loved how tender and true this relationship was they were so able to communicate with one another and the development of the relationship was perfectly paced but perhaps the sweetest love of all in the story was that of Miranda and her father I really appreciated how strong the father daughter bond was in this bookA beautifully told young adult book that will appeal to people of all ages absolutely recommend many thanks to Flatiron Books for my copy of this book

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I'm Not MissingUddenly and inexplicably in the middle of their senior year Miranda is abandoned once again left to untangle the uestions of why Syd left where she is and if she’s even a friend worth saving Her only clue is Syd’s discarded pink leopard print cell phone and a single. DNF skimmed to the endFor me to enjoy a story with friendship as a central theme I have to buy into the plausibility of the friendship Aside from both girls having been abandoned by their mothers I saw no affinity between Miranda and Syd Miranda’s narration told of camaraderie but it was never shown All I could feel was that Miranda was lucky to be rid of Sydney after Syd ran away The positive aspects of the story were race especially when Miranda who resembled her Mexican mother was constantly uestioned if her blue eyed Caucasian father was her biological parent I also liked her college decision making process in relation to her boyfriendThe pace of the story was slow but I liked Carrie Fountain’s wording and writing style

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READ & DOWNLOAD ↠ I'm Not Missing Å When Miranda Black’s mother abandoned her she took everything—the sun moon and stars—and Miranda found shelter in her friendship with Syd who wore her own motherlessness like a badge of honor Our mothers abandoned us We won’t go begging for scrapsWhen Syd runs away suddenly and inexplicably in the middText contained there from the mysterious HIM Along the way forced to step out from Syd’s enormous shadow Miranda finds herself stumbling into first love with Nick Allison of all people and learning what it means to be truly seen to be finally not missing in her own lif. This book was a lot for me I absolutely loved it Even though it centered on Miranda's relationships with Sydney and Nick the aspect that really did it for me was the emphasis on and focus given to her relationship with her father Without getting too into it both Miranda and I lost our mothers not lost as in she died but lost as in she became lost to us To see that sort of experience reflected so accurately and in such a raw way affected me much than I expected Insofar as her dad I've never seen that sort of relationship reflected in a book Miranda and her father both mourn her mother even years later and she has to watch him mourn and feel a pain that is different from her own I know that feeling And I know Miranda's feeling when she finally just says for the first time in so long I missed my mother When someone is gone you never really stop mourning And Miranda being able to acknowledge that and say that and me being able to read that just hurt and helped me so much Her dynamic with her father reminded me so much of my relationship with my own dad whom I love so much so I absolutely loved every scene and every sweet discussion they had togetherDeep angsty stuff aside this book is just good I'm absolutely blown away that this is Carrie's first novel and she freaking nailed it The dialogue is so smooth and natural not at all like it's trying too hard Miranda's obsessive feelings with Nick is so true to life as is her turbulent relationship with Syd she's her ride or die until she's not and then she's at the end of the spectrum and sometimes that's what being friends is like Perhaps my only complaint is that while Syd is given ample backstory and character traits I don't think I bought Miranda's never ending loyalty to her even after everything For me after what Syd did no spoilers there would be no going back But I also know that I've been in friendships and relationships where I told myself that that was it no going back but lo and behold I guess I just wished Miranda had talked about it rather than just thinking about it She spoke about it with Syd but it didn't feel like enough justificationSo there's my long and rambling review I'm so glad I stumbled upon this book when I did because now it will be close to my heart always and forever