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Knowing everyone’s either pitying her or reveling in her downfall?Chloe’s best friend Hannah is no help she’s been sucked into the orbit of Lex the velvet gloved iron fisted ruler of the sopho class Chloe’s dad is busy falling in love with Miss Murphy and Chloe is no longer speaking to her mother who is sending her increasingly desperate and unhinged emails from Mexico As her parents’ divorce negotiations unravel a custody battle loom Chloe Snow is no longer a high school disaster I can say that much At least in my opinionAfter how uickly I devoured this sopho year installment I'm amazed at how brief my thoughts were about her freshman year diarySeuel suggestion fast forward a few years and let's see Chloe in her first year of COLLEGE Now that would be fascinatingWhile I do suggest uite the fast forward above I was THRILLED to discover Chloe Snow's sopho year diaryWhen you actually make the transition from freshman to sopho you don't really think about the amount of growth that occurs over such a seemingly short span of time Maybe because for me it feels like so long ago Here Emma Chastain captures that growth perfectly Yes during her freshman year Chloe dubbed herself a high school disaster but all that drama allowed for sopho year to be that much sweeter Of course Chloe still endures her share of drama and heartbreak but she's better for it I definitely noticed a heightened sense of social consciousness and self awareness over the course of her sopho year Chloe checks herself realizing how privileged she really is and that she doesn't have any real problems other than that whole situation with her mom Did I demonstrate this much awareness during that time in my life? Probably notI had to force myself to look away from my digital ARC to go outside for fresh air and to eat you know basic human functions Chastain makes Chloe and her seemingly average life that compelling I especially enjoyed sopho year's ending ;After this installment I'm fairly confident Chloe Snow is my spirit animal or at the very least a kindred spiritNow I await junior year

EPUB The Year of Living Awkwardly Chloe Snows Diary #2

The Year of Living Awkwardly Chloe Snows Diary #2SIf only Chloe could talk to Grady about it his parents are divorced and he’s easy to talk to Or he was until he declared his love for Chloe and she turned him down because despite all her rational brain cells she can’t seem to get over Mac and then Grady promptly started going out with LexAs the performance of the show approaches Chloe must find a way to navigate all the messy elements of her life and make it through to the end of the year Oh so much fun While I didn’t love it as much as the first I still enjoyed it very much The story went by a lot faster than the first and loved the drama that happened I also still appreciated the separate parents shown here since I felt it is so well done 45 Stars

Emma Chastain ï The Year of Living Awkwardly Chloe Snows Diary #2 EPUB

FREE PDF ✓ BOOK The Year of Living Awkwardly Chloe Snows Diary #2 Ü MBJUK Ý High school student Chloe Snow chronicles another year in her life while she navigates the highs and lows of family friendship school and love in her diaryIt’s Chloe Snow’s sopho year of high school and life has onlHigh school student Chloe Snow chronicles another year in her life while she navigates the highs and lows of family friendship school and love in her diaryIt’s Chloe Snow’s sopho year of high school and life has only grown complicatedLast year Chloe was the star of the musical This year after an audition so disastrous she runs off the stage in tears she’s cast as a lowly member of the ensemble Will she be able to make it through the show I started reading The Year of Living Awkwardly on 62718 and finished it on 63018 This book is an excellent read I enjoy high school reads a lot especially when books are upbeat and easy going like this one It has humor and a diverse of characters exploring who they are and how they perceive themselves The mean girl Reese is tolerable I like her smart mean under the guise of being nice rather than being outwardly wicked mean For this I can understand how Chloe feels being on the receiving end I like Tristan and Chloe’s friendship Tristan’s love life really pulls at my heart strings Although this book comes from a series I feel it’s fine to read as a standalone It does reference to last year book 1 but if you are curious like me you may want to pick it upThis book is told in the first person point of view following Chloe Snow expressing herself in a diary format She lives with her lawyer dad while her mom runs off to Mexico with a younger man This book started out with Chloe working at the pool and flirting with Grady Coming Sept Chloe will start her Sopho year at High School while Grady starts his Freshman year The year started awkwardly already because her dad is going out on dates with her favorite teacher She worries her classmates will tease her when they found out In addition to that Grady told her he likes her but she told him she’s not into younger guys Chloe wants to do something memorable this year at the Halloween dance but what she planned for something else happened and she regrets not keeping her eyes closedA well written book The Year of Living Awkwardly is a fast paced and fun read Chloe can be relatable to many readers She beats herself up not physically when it seems obvious what she should do but instead do the opposite She feels gross for enjoying gossips after it happened She has plans to put herself out there and do something I feel like I’m reading about me sometimes especially how she feels when summer vacation is over She thought she should’ve done I like how Chloe pep talk herself about how it’s okay to sit alone because I’m the same way I would rather stay home than go to the moviesrestaurant alone I like her relationship with her dad I highly recommend everyone to read this book if you are looking for some light readingPro fast pace page turner easy to read humor diversity relatable friendship teen loveCon noneI rate it 5 starsDisclaimer Many thanks to Simon Schuster for the opportunity to read and review Please be assured that my opinions are honestxoxo Jasmine at wwwhowusefulitiswordpresscom for details