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Free download 30th Century (30th Century Trillogy #1) ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ CAPTAIN JENNIFER HERO is burned out by the stress of leading the war with the Syndos genetically altered humans who desire extermination of the Naturals She leads a small task force from the thirtieth centurCAPTAIN JENNIFER HERO is burned out by the stress of leading the war with the Syndos genetically altered humans who desire extermination of the Naturals She leads a small task force from the thirtieth century on a one way trip to the diversion point Their goal to plant a virus that will disrupt the genetic tendency toward sociopathy among the Syndos Amid an intense attack on their remote South Pacific island base Jennifer se. I want to thank the publisher for granting me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review The premise of this book is very interesting The main character Jennifer lives in the future where the fate of humanity is at stake because of conflict with beings called syndos Therefore she must send a team of people 300 years back to the past to a period in time where they can correct the syndos main's design fault At the same time Jennifer travels back to 2015 and that is where most of the plot unfolds She initially arrives at an island and then soon meets people from the 21st century and develops relationships A lot of these relationships become sexual in nature and we see the main character face challenges related to people's believes in this centuryOverall the book was ok although I love reading about time travel and sci fi this book did not held my interest as much as other books in the same genre There were pictures inserted throughout the book these pictures depicted maps the main character and other related information I think the book could have been better without these pictures as they did not added to my reading experience but in fact distracted me from it

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Nds her colleagues back 300 years But she does not go with them opting instead to travel alone back to 2015 to grieve the loss of the love of her life the time machine’s inventor and to find herself After months spent alone on the radioactive atoll of Moruroa Jennifer is rescued by an amphibious aircraft piloted by a marine biologist and his crew History sources she studied for her PhD left out much about twenty first cent. A military woman from long in the future sends troops back to the 27th to fix history so humans don’t get genocided but instead of heading the mission she slips off to the 21st to start a new lifeThis story had a lot of potential but the writing was surprisingly stilted for someone who’s published so much On the other hand this might be his first work of fiction and if so the inexperience shows The conversations feel wooden and the descriptions lack style; oddly enough that happened and toward the end Having read other sci fi erotica recently this simply pales in comparison In fact it’s odd that it is listed under erotica as there aren’t any sex scenes until the last half and even then it’s lackluster pedestrian One of the main reasons is the use of the word penis exclusively; apparently the author lives in an ivory tower or cave where he’s never heard of another word for the male organIt’s not just the sex scenes though; there’s not a lot of emotion in the writing period She cried she felt sad that’s it; no elaboration By contrast the science stuff goes on for pages Her dissertation defense lasted far too long making me think this was the whole point of the book with the rest just framing And most of the science was far over my head even when she was asked to explain it in layman’s terms AnnoyingSome of the writing is just ridiculous “You are the mother of the children” Did you really think she didn’t know that Jen Another example “Jennifer gritted her teeth hoping she was not talking over his head If she was would his attraction to her die” Seriously What a modern 21st century woman let alone 30th More to the point in the few scenes we get of the 30th century—as well as the 27th—they show worlds that don’t seem all that different from today especially socially as compared to technologically That makes no sense; not much thought was put into that Another problem was all the characters I had to keep track of particularly the women as some of them had similar namesI wanted very much to like this which might account for some of the disappointment I enjoyed the premise all the way up to her being alone on the island Once she was rescued it went downhill Jennifer is for the most part a likeable lead character though there were times when she was simply too good to be true The anthropology and archaeology of the Pacific Islands was interesting as it fit into my own hobbies but in the end it didn’t lead anywhere so I suspect it was just the author’s petAnd it was so sad that we never saw the dolphin again

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30th Century 30th Century Trillogy #1Ury culture causing culture shock and conflicts in her mind She struggles to hide her superior intellect and nanotech enhanced abilities for among these ordinary humans she is as alien as the Syndos are in her native century Can she find a place for herself to fit in among them Can she forgive herself for abandoning her team when they needed her leadership most WARNING Contains graphic multi partner sex with MF and FF pairin. So I'm just sitting here trying to figure out what it is that I just freaking read And to be honest I really do not knowThe first page has promise then it is all down hill from there The book is centered around Jennifer Hero a woman time traveling from the 30th century to avoid human genocide from a genetically superior race Apparently though Jennifer is tired of being a leader perhaps her surname shouldn't be 'Hero' then and travels to the 21st century while the rest of the team she is leading goes to the 27th Some science y explanation let's the reader know where people are going to which century and blah blah blahThen there is about 200 pages on Jennifer's attempt to acclimate to this century and hide who she really is under the cover of 'amnesia' It is all very boring and literally contributes nothing to the story The last half of the book is just bizarre Suddenly Jennifer is cognizant of how much she misses sex I have never read graphic sex scenes; you've got malefemale scenes femalefemale scenes three somes four somes etc And it is GRAPHIC Basically porn Now I don't really mind sex in a book and the graphic details did not bother me However it was so random that I could not understand what the heck any of this had to do with the story if there is a story at all It was like one minute everyone is having dirty sex and the next minute they are trying to explain dark matter and black holes WHATThe dialogue is awful and unbelievable It is as if the 21st century is comprised of robots with robust sex lives And let's focus on the very over used phrase Roger that For the record I'd like to note that I haven't ever used this phrase in my life Apparently though this is a popular phrase to say to anyone no matter what uestion they askWould you like to earn your degreeRoger ThatWould you like to get marriedRoger ThatWould you like to have a three someRoger ThatNO just noAt the end of the book there is a twist that really isn't a twist at all The heroine is depressed for a while discovers something that makes her not depressed then has a ton of sex and feels much betterThis book just I can't