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Stand Author A.L. JacksN to touch her but now that I’ve had a taste I can’t get enough Her kiss becomes my air Her body my salvation She needed a savior and somehow she became mine Taking her was a betrayal But keeping her means risking everything One look at Alexis Kensington and I know she’s worth the fight Will my past continue to keep me down or will I finally find the strength to pull myself up and Sta. 5 No fear just life Stars This book is beautiful I was mesmerised by it all from get go and it's the kind of read for me where I just needed the time to savour the words I'm not too sure how to review this epic conclusion to the bleeding stars series but I'm going to try my best but apologies if I don't make a great amount of sense First time I came here I knew it Knew you were different Knew I wasn't ever gonna be the same This story is about two souls that truly need to believe in themselves Believe that they can live and love But it's also about healing and second chances of sorts Alexis and beautiful magnetic Zee meet in a path of uncertainty zee protects her from the wrath of a man no woman should be close to And there in Zee becomes her protector but also her friend As time goes on though everything unravels and you get to see who the real Zachary Kennedy is See into his past I loved reading the past chapters as you see into his mind back then which was great as it gives you a full picture of EVERYTHING Then as time goes on the attraction they just can't seem to walk from This read is the most luxurious of cakes the decadent of the richI just savoured the words They just flowed and AL Jackson bravo I just am all tongue tied here but your words are just music to my ears Overall is the perfect conclusion to this series it's all wrapped up nicely but it's also put together in a way that I am all teary eyed over the love and bond they all share You just can't not be emotional over it all Zee especially is a truly beautiful character inside and out he is giving selfless and 100% protective and loving to the people he cares about Its raw emotion and TRUE LOVE Highly recommended That Is All ARC generously gifted in exchange for a honest review For reviews and blog posts

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Stand Author A.L. Jackson Free read ´ 107 ´ 6 Devastatingly Beautiful and Brilliant Bleeding Stars but Worth the Whole Constellation I felt every burnevery blazeevery beautiful and brilliant wordI FELT IT ALL Karen McVino Bookalicious Babes Blog From NYT USA Today Bestselling Author AL Jackson comes the next seductive unforgettable Bleedin6 Devastatingly Beautiful and Brilliant Bleeding Stars but Worth the Whole Constellation I felt every burnevery blazeevery beautiful and brilliant wordI FELT IT ALL Karen McVino Bookalicious Babes Blog From NYT USA Today Bestselling Author AL Jackson comes the next seductive unforgettable Bleeding Stars Stand Alone Novel Zachary Kennedy has never been known as a fighter but he’ll never re. STAND IS LIVE FREE on Kindle UnlimitedThis is the final book in the Bleeding Stars Series It can be read as a stand aloneGrab Your Copy Here Paperbacks you would like to start the series from the beginning A Stone in the Sea is free on all platformshttpswwwaljacksonauthorcoma stoA Stone in the Sea☆。・°☆EXCERPT。・°☆I froze awareness shivering through the air chills prickling across my fleshSucking in a breath I peeked over my shoulder My heart trembled and shookStaring back at me were brilliant brown eyes that raged and stormed and promised they were getting ready to wreak a new kind of havoc on my lifeOn the opposite side of the street he pushed from the wall where he’d been watching He didn’t hesitate He came straight for me His gaze only broke from mine to dart back and forth at the small street before he began to cross it in long purposed stridesA frenzy lit A uiver of attraction that rocked and provokedI was fixed to the spot gaze enraptured as I watched the intricate ink dance and play over the corded muscles that bunched and flexed in his thick arms So much strength in his body and so much beauty in his beingI swore he stole the air when he stopped two feet away Hands fisted he glowered over meI stumbled my way through the choppy words “Whatwhat are you doing here”His were hard “Think I could ask you the same uestion”I shook myself out of the stupor “Are you following me”It came off as an accusation that was somehow half pleased and half offendedStanding in front of me was a man who was little than a stranger who had been tracking me and I couldn’t stop the excitement that thrilled in my bones I couldn’t stop the comfort that washed through me at his concernBut I knew it was even than thatOver the last three weeks I’d spent too much time wondering if I’d ever see this beautiful boy again“Maybe” Frustration laced his tone At him or me I couldn’t tellI blinked at him tongue tied my confusion and surprise tumbling out “That’s justweird”God I was brilliantBut what was I supposed to say This boy caught me unaware at every turn always at the advantageHe almost laughed this sound that was exasperated and filled with disbelief “Weird”I bit at my lip fighting a smile that really shouldn’t have been there But he was here again finding me when I felt helpless and vulnerableI nodded emphatically clutching the lightness that whispered through the air “That’s right Weird”With his index finger he scratched at the back of his head He chuckled low this sound that rumbled through my senses and warmed my belly “I’m sure there are plenty of other things we could call this other than weird don’t you think This is just”I frowned when he trailed off and took a step in his direction “What”Helplessly he looked back at me “I can’t do this Alexis I’ve got a sht show getting ready to blow up in my life and the only thing I can think about right now is you Can’t go to sleep at night because I’m terrified you might be sneaking off and doing something that’s going to land you in trouble again That I might not be there to save you next time And when I do finally nod off I wake up in the morning panicked praying you’re okay and having no way to make sure”His tongue darted out to wet his lips My gaze followed entranced by the thick bob of his throat as he swallowed“I don’t have the first clue what you’ve done to me but I’m not sure I can handle whatever it is I’m feeling”COPYRIGHT 2017 AL JACKSON BOOKS INC

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Gret fighting for her I’m Zee Kennedy uiet Reserved Predictable When my brother died everyone thought I was just the good guy who stepped up to take his place in the band No one knew what I was hiding The one thing I’ve been fighting for For six years I’ve never lost focus Not until one chance encounter with Alexis Kensington Now she’s become my greatest temptation I knew better tha. The End ☹The last book in the series ZeeI loved it It was adorable moving sexy sad suspensy exciting mysterious just beautifulBUT just like with all the books in this series I kinda hate the writing Not all of it and I think it's just the author's writing style but for me it's all written way too poetic and long And what I really hate about the writing is the way AL Jackson makes the guys talk They all leave out the I's or the THE's or whatever needs to be at the beginning of a sentence And I have NO idea what that is supposed to achieve It that supposed to sound rockstarish It just sounds ridiculous and weird and dumb But I guess she had her reasons for wanting to do it like that and unfortunately nobody told her not to do it ☹ BUT I still loved the book I'm glad we got to see the whole family again