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review Safe With Me Wildham #1 107 é An emotional and evocative story about the deepest bonds of friendshipAbandoned as children Kat and Jamie were inseparable growing up in foster care But their bond couldn’t protect them foreverFrom a troubled upbringing to working in a London greasy spoon Kat’s life has never been easy On the surface Jamie’s livinAn emotional and evocative story about the deepest bonds of friendshipAbandoned as children Kat and Jamie were inseparable growing up in foster care But their bond couldn’t protect them for. Two children growing up in foster care form a special bond Some years later Jamie gets adopted into a loving family Kat gets left behind in the care home much to each others’ horrorThey grow up leading separate lives but never forgetting one another Kat becomes Rina who has a troubled childhood which we learn about as the story progresses To escape her life on the streets she marries a brute of a man who is violent and disrespectful to her Kat spends her days and nights slogging away in her husband’s greasy spoon Meanwhile he goes about his criminal activities Jamie becomes James He does well for himself despite the heartbreak of his mum passing away at an early ageWe know that when Jamie and Kat meet years later they have a shared history We have to wait and watch the revelation unfold for them The revelation itself was clever and unexpected It’s lovely watching Kat and Jamie realise they have come into each others lives again As they discover about about each other there are complications aplenty Some of which could destroy them There’s Vic Kat’s husband Jasmine Jamies’ snobby and self important actress girlfriend Vic and Jasmine cause pain and heartache for our protagonists We have to watch it all unravel whilst rooting for themThe strong bond that Kat and Jamie shared as children is unbreakable Kat looked after Jamie growing up As an adult Kat is a shadow of her former self Despite being with her husband when those she loves get hurt her protective streak comes out Each of the characters grows in strength as they find each other again They bring out the best in each other and that can only be a good thingThere were plenty of twists in the book each one making my eyes widen One of them even had my hand reaching for my open mouth followed by my cry of ’Noooooo’ Yes – it was THAT good A devastating revelation threatens to ruin Kat and Jamie’s lives forever They must seek out the truth if their special bond is to surviveI’m not a fan of books where the viewpoint keeps changing It does work well here though The chapters alternate between Jamie and Kat It’s clear from the start and throughout each chapter who the narrator is It gives us of an insight into the characters and how they feelThe only thing I have a slight niggle with is the Vic situation I won’t say as I don’t want to give away any spoilers but a better resolution is needed It is dealt with too uickThe writing is superb and the suspense keeps you gripped The author submerges you so deep into these characters’ lives so that when they hurt you hurt When they cry you cry When they cheer you cheer It’s a wonderful engaging story I had no idea how this story would progress and end which is a sign of a well executed piece of writingReviewed by Jodie on wwwwhisperingstoriescom

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EverFrom a troubled upbringing to working in a London greasy spoon Kat’s life has never been easy On the surface Jamie’s living the high life but appearances can be deceivingWhen they une. Beautiful writing captivating story and characters you want to know personally as your friends A must read for romance readers everywhere

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Safe With Me Wildham #1Xpectedly reunite their feelings become too intense to ignore But as secrets come back to haunt them are they destined to be separated once Perfect for fans of Hilary Boyd and Nicholas Sparks. 35 starsSafe With Me is a contemporary romantic drama involving themes of fostered children and domestic abuse The story alternates between the points of view of Katerina sometimes Kat sometimes Rina and Jamie The novel opens with Kat in a deeply depressing situation After a terrible childhood in and out of foster homes then life on the streets she has been married for many years to Vic a criminal who owns a greasy spoon café on a London market Her life is one of imprisonment abuse and drudgery as she works in the café all day every day and spends her evenings tiptoeing round Vic's temper She hates him but is completely worn down and unable to see a way out The one light in her life is her memory of Jamie the little boy with whom she was fostered as a child I thought this part of the book was written very well indeed I was most impressed I felt every moment of Kat's fear and hopelessnessJamie by contrast has led a happy life but always longed to see Kat again When they meet up completely by accident neither of them have any idea who the other is This novel turns on the head the current trend for unguessable plot twists which I liked very much in Safe With Me the reader knows what's going on but the characters don't It really worked because I found myself wondering how they were going to discover each other's identities; the 'reveal' is well done and is unexpected; I liked itMs Lowrie has a nice easily accessible style of writing very readable I did prefer the first half of the book which for me had atmosphere and realism The second half is centred round the relationship between Kat and Jamie and Kat's road to recovery; it's done well but for me the climax of the book came too soon This is just a personal preference of course Conflicttension is provided by Jamie's ex girlfriend and the uncovering of some secrets of Jamie and Kat's past but I thought the Vic situation was disposed too easily and sometimes descriptive passages slowed the momentum; I think it needed a better edit This novel has much to commend it; on the whole I'd say it's a book for readers who like the gradual unfolding of emotions to ponder over rather than page turning drama