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Winterfolk Read & Download Ó PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Rain is a homeless teen living with her father in the woods outside Seattle near a community of other homeless people called the Winterfolk She finds safety and sanctuary in this hidden world—until the day that safety is shattered when she learns the city plans to clear theRain is a homeless teen living with her father in the woods outside Seattle near a community of other homeless people called the Winter. How shall I describe this book At once both hopeful and sad gritty and yet filled with magic Winterfolk pairs the harsh reality of homelessness with a magical lyrical writing style to create an ethereal novel about love family belonging acceptance and communityRain lives in the Jungle the forest outside of town that shelters the Winterfolk Rain knows how to be invisible living with her father King who is friend protector everything and a collection of souls who use the forest to take what protection they can to hide from the world When the Winterfolk's home is threatened by destruction Rain knows her home is in danger On Rain's fifteenth birthday King takes her into town But a simple trip to see what lies outside the protection of their trees becomes a life changing journeyWinterfolk is a novel that deserves the time it takes to really sink into the story and join with the uniue characters Rain narrates the story and so everything is viewed through her perspective and individual style She has a strong imagination and she uses it to view the world in a way that is different from how everyone else sees At first her family and friends those around her only humour her indulge her fantasies because it helps her get through each day Yet as the story develops it is Rain who makes the changes She relies on others especially King for food water and protection but it is Rain who can make the biggest difference in both her own world and the world that extends outside the borders within which she has always stayed And so Winterfolk is the story of a girl finding her voice and discovering its powerThe writing style is what stands out in this wonderful book It is almost like free verse poetry which makes sense since the author is a poet This realistic story borders on magical realism but that's only because of the writing style and Rain's wonderful imagination Winterfolk is uniue and a little different from my usual reading fare but I enjoyed it as it stretched my perspective and challenged my viewsIf this book makes you take notice of your surroundings a little makes you look up and really see then perhaps it has achieved its purpose The publishers provided an advanced readers copy of this book for reviewing purposes All opinions are my ownFind reviews reading age guides content advisory and recommendations on my blog Madison's Library

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Folk She finds safety and sanctuary in this hidden world until the day that safety is shattered when she learns the city plans to clear. Rain is a somewhat dreamy poetic type of person She lives in a wooded area at the edge of Seattle with her dad and a loosely associated community of people who call the woods their home The day before her birthday notices go up throughout the woods telling them that the city is cutting down the woods and everyone living there is about to be displaced This kicks off a 2 day adventure into the city for Rain and her one true friend King This being her birthday King takes her with him to a laundromat for the gift of a shower and to the library where she will see books than she ever imagined possible But unlike Rain King knows the dangers of the city and once there enemies catch up with them old evils haunt and the dark parts of survival creep inWith drugs violence strip clubs and exploitation this is not an easy story But it is a true kind of story where not having a house and living on the margins is dangerous and risky in unpredictable ways Everyone is a stranger and not all of them trustworthy Of course there are good decent people and Rain does meet some But knowing them apart from others is tricky for a girl whose friends have mostly been suirrels and trees Ultimately Rain wants to help her community and the woods where they live; she wants to tell the world about the Winterfolk and save their place But she also must come to terms with her sad family history the loss of her mother and the absence of adults who can provide for her And here on the cusp of adulthood she needs to figure out who she can trust and who she will be There are some diverse characters here including a gender ueer runaway but most are presumed whiteThis book is a mix of a cruel and unsympathetic world on the one hand and a dreamy fantasy life on the other Rain is a person who constantly reinvents and interprets what’s happening around her making for a lyrical introspective book With mature themes and content it is recommended for high school and older readers

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WinterfolkThe woods of everyone who lives there Now she’s forced to confront Seattle which is full of strange sights sounds people and memorie. I was so so excited to read this book especially as it hits closer to home for me with it centering around the homeless community in Seattle Unfortunately I just couldn't get into this book There were a few reasons for thisOne of the first things that struck me about the writing was the main character’s thought process and her way of viewing the world which was a bit jarring and difficult to get into It’s clear as you read on that she’s not uite like most people and that there’s some sort of mental illness she’s suffering from She hallucinates at times she phrases things in a peculiar way and she doesn’t completely understand a lot of typical social cues and other concepts So following along in her perspective was sort of cumbersome and at times reuired some guesswork in order to understand what she was thinking feeling or expressing I understand the author’s decision in writing the main character Rain in this way as a means of connecting protagonist and reader and thus allowing the reader to better understand and empathize with people who have these sort of conditions and because there is some correlation between severe mental illness and homelessness At the same time though I thought that having Rain be homeless and also have a mental illness was a bit cheap and sort of playing into that stereotype a bit that every homeless person is mentally ill which is obviously not the case I think I would’ve enjoyed the story a lot if Rain were just a typical teenager born into homelessness because I think she would’ve been able to articulate her experiences in a clear visceral and profound way and it would’ve shed light on the many teenagers who are born into these circumstances and feel helpless to their situationAnother issue I had that prevented me from loving this book is that there didn’t seem to be a whole lot of plot to this story I went into this novel thinking the story would begin with the Winterfolk community being kicked out of their space in the Jungle and having to adapt to moving into the city thus kick starting the plot from there That would've been a lot gripping in my opinion But there isn’t ever any big moment where enforcement officers from the city forcibly evict everyone from their home in the Jungle The Winterfolk get a flyer notice but beyond that it mostly just begins with the main characters knowing that they’re going to get evicted sooner or later and from there decide to take a field trip of sorts into the city From here the plot just felt very aimless and like it wasn’t really building up to anything They were sort of just wandering around the city and things happen At one point Rain loses her boots which causes all sorts of mayhem and takes them all over the city They’re also trying to avoid this other homeless character who’s a lot of trouble so they get on a city bus to try to lose him off their trail And that’s sort of just it Things happen but nothing that ever builds up to any big climax or with any particularly large stakes involved I thought this book was going to incorporate a lot of social issues regarding homelessness and I’m really sad that it’s didn’t because that’s definitely something I’m interested in and I think it would’ve made the book A LOT stronger if it did talk about things like homeless shelters affordable housing counseling specialized programs etcFinally that ending was pretty ambiguous It doesn't really tell us anything about where Rain is in her situation Is she still homeless Is she living in a shelter Did they manage to save the Winterfolk All we can really infer from the ending is that1 She can hear the seagulls from where she's at Whether she's inside or outside is another uestion 2 She finally got her pet kitten Surely she wouldn't be able to take care of a kitten if she were still homeless Especially if she bought it from a pet store where they typically do a background check on you and reuire at least an address and phone number3 She's practicing learning how to write I don't know based on all of that we can't really deduce any real conclusions that came out of this ending so it just feels like there are so many unanswered uestions All in all this book was a pretty big letdown for me which is unfortunate considering it centers around a very real situation that’s very close to my own home and there were SO many missed opportunities to talk about a lot of social issues surrounding homelessness and to shed a deeper light on it all I didn’t feel it did any of that but rather just portrayed an aimless day in the life of homelessness with all of the larger significance stripped away