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CHARACTERS The Truth About Me A Hijra Life Story 107 ☆ We got stared at a lot People asked out loudly—some out of curiosity others out of malice—whether we were men or women or ‘number nines’ or devadasis Several men made bold to touch us on our backs on our shoulders Some attempted to grab our breasts ‘Original or duplicate’Ever be a way for us to live with dignity and make a decent living Revathi was born a boy but felt and behaved like a girl In telling her life story Revathi evokes marvellously the deep unease of being in the wrong body that plagued her from childhood To be true to herself to escape the constant violence visited upon her by her family and community the village. It is sobering to read this in the backdrop of the women's marches all around the world I picked this book to count as one of the categories of the 2017 Book Riot and had no idea with would be this heavy This is the first LGBT South Asia book I've read and I can't imagine the resilience one might need to survive as a transgender person in India This book was eye opening and humanizing and I can imagine sociologists and economists would be really interested in the economic rituals of hijra kinship If you are interested in expanding your India bubble I recommend You'll have the work through some meh sentence construction and grammar but select uotes to keep it family friendly I'm not including some compelling passages describing torture follow “Men and even women stared at us and laughed and heckled us I realized what a burden a hijra's daily life is Do people harass those who are men and women when they go out with their families Why a crippled person a blind person even they attract pity and people help them If someone has experienced physical hurt they are cared for both by the family and by outsiders who come to know of it But we we are not considered human The looks I got then and the things I heard hurt me than any wound I wondered too if I had not actually asked for this Maybe I would have been better off as a blind man or a woman an invalid of either sex than what I was now” “If society scorns us then we turn to our families if we have a family But if family scorns us who do we turn to Is this why people like me do not stay in touch with their families Could not God have created me as a man or a woman Why did He make me this way Why is He savoring this spectacle that He created Families respect you only if you have money you look modern wear nice clothes and jewels If you are a hijra and poor you must expect to be abused and humiliated It is best I be with others like me only that would ensure me of dignity” “I am today where many of us are today It is not so much that we are abducted into sex work rather we are the very reasons for the existence of sex work and that is no exaggeration Society and law not only think we are doing wrong but are violent towards us For the sake of money I have put aside my honour and taken to the roads I’m called a hooker What should the police be called then – they who use us and snatch money from us”

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We got stared at a lot People asked out loudly some out of curiosity others out of malice whether we were men or women or ‘number nines’ or devadasis Several men made bold to touch us on our backs on our shoulders Some attempted to grab our breasts ‘Original or duplicate’ they shouted and hooted At such moments I felt despair and wondered if there would. This book was a special read for me in a few ways It was recommended by a good friend over here and very first autobiography read for me This book developed a liking for autobiographies in me earlier I was not preferring to read them as I presume that they are not my cup of tea rather I would say gripping type of books but I was proved wrongTruth about me is originally a Tamil book being translated by V Geetha This was a commendable and courageous effort by A Revathi to write her own story about a community that we know nothing much in depths A very simple read of course not a uick one as some of the events I found very disturbing and I have to put it aside when I was not able to handle Revathi originally born as man with feminine feelings who in turn get transformed into a woman and renamed herself as Revathi All her struggles to make her place in the society and the pains she has been through are heart breaking We can come to know in depth about the culture of this community the rituals they follow how they learn their living how they suffer in their day to day life how they are ill treated by our society how they have to fight for their civil rights and to get them considered as human beingsEach and every event is narrated to the fact in a very simple language but it is Tragic moving and heart breaking Reader may feel the drastic changes in the pace of the book sometimes too slow sometimes too fast it does not follow a rhythm but we know that this is a life story life has its own rhythms that we cannot predict

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The Truth About Me A Hijra Life StoryBorn Revathi ran away to Delhi to join a house of hijras Her life became an incredible series of dangerous physical and emotional journeys to become a woman and to find love The Truth about Me is the unflinchingly courageous and moving autobiography of a hijra who fought ridicule persecution and violence both within her home and outside to find a life of digni. ARevathi tell the story of her life in her own words about how she grew up female trapped in a male form along with the pressure ridicule and violence she endured from her family and the community around her trying to convince her she was really male Often she fled from them to find a refuge among the hijras a subculture of transsexual women similar to herself misunderstood abused and finding solace in each other creating lives of meaning and ritual in their own communities The narrator discovered their strengths and fatal flaws going from location to location trying to survive and find a safety in a society which offered little Eventually she struggled toward a life of activism improving her lot while experiencing love and heartbreak In a way I’m glad I read A Life of Trans Activism first because I know ARevathi has some joys waiting for her in the future which haven’t happened yet in this book This account was a struggle a struggle to survive to dare to dream and to learn to dare snatching up whatever moments of happiness she could find It was uite an eye opener the level of corruption which existed in some locations Bribery seems like an essential part of life in them This account reaffirms that those who shout accuse and do violence themselves are often guilty of things far worse than they accuse others of There is hope amidst the struggle that people can change or acknowledge a trans woman who sticks to her path even if she has to go through hellish misery to get there This was not an easy read It often made me angry or I started crying in sheer frustation at all the living obstacles that placed themselves between ARevathi and her dreams It is however an essential read which teaches much about the hijras India and how things are changing through one hijra’s eyes This account offers up a crucial slice of life that the world needs to know about For all of these things I give this book five stars