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Read Slay AUTHOR Matthew Laurence doc ☆ Hardcover î Her fight for freedom is overbut the fight for power is just beginningAfter Freya escapes from the power controlling Finemdi Corporation her uest to defeat her new enemy takes her to Hollywood The ancient Norse goddess of love beauty war and death disguises herself once again G star on a scandalous television series Freya knows that today’s modern gods live on the screen and Los Angeles offers her both fame and believersAnd she desperately needs strength from her believersWith sinister forces at her heels an ancient enemy returned and an unknown threat lurking in the shadows Frey The Freya series by Matthew Laurence is an urban fantasy book series following our main character Freya After years in hiding Freya the Norse goddess of love and beauty is finally hunted down by the secret organization Finemdi an organization that is tracking down all gods and abusing them for power Freya has lost all of her powers in the past millennia making her an easy target to be captured by Finemdi While Freya does eventually escape from Finemdi with the help of her newest high priest and a few Hawaiian goddesses Finemdi is still out loose and is even dangerous than beforeNow in the second novel SLAY Freya decides that the only way she and her allies will ever be able to defeat Finemdi is through gaining power With this new goal in mind Freya goes to Hollywood attempting to get worship from people by working as an actress But before Freya is able to receive all the power she needs to defeat Finemdi they end up finding her and Freya has to fight them off once againI wasn’t sure what to expect from SLAY; when I first read FREYA I thoroughly enjoyed it even with the issues I had with the plot The Freya series is different when compared to other novels like it since it attempts to balance both contemporary and fantasy themes by using its strange magic system gods gain power by the number of people who believe in them so Freya gains her belief by becoming an actor SLAY deserves praise simply for its uniueness; while there are countless of books that use mythology as a base for the plot SLAY has a story you won’t see coming along with fun charming and well fleshed out charactersWhen it comes to the contemporary moments of SLAY it often has to do with depictions of Hollywood and romance When Freya first gets to Hollywood she is forced to find her own way towards fame Obviously she uses the little amounts of magic she has to do this and ends up making a few enemies in the acting scene as well Matthew Laurence’s depictions of Hollywood are entertaining and enjoyable even when they could be a tad over dramatic at times I loved seeing the rivalry Freya had by becoming an actor and hope on seeing of it in the next bookThe fantasy elements on the other hand are a bit lacking at times which isn’t necessarily a bad thing if readers are okay with that There were always those fantasy elements even in the contemporary parts of the novel but they don’t really show up much until the last third of the novel In fact the last third of SLAY was stunning; it had a major character death readers won’t see coming intense fight scenes and an ending that only leave you in anticipation for the final book in the seriesMatthew Laurence’s Freya series is full of fun lighthearted reads that uestion your own morals as well as keep you engaged with its uniueness It’s a series I would recommend to those who are looking for a fantasy with contemporary themes or if you’re looking for a fun read that has darker themes hidden under the surfaceReviewed by Marco M Teen Board Member

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A must walk a dangerous line between mortal and goddess Because if she loses her humanity who will save the world?Blending fantasy and science fiction in a contemporary Hollywood setting Slay A Freya Novel is the second book in Matthew Laurence’s action packed series about an ancient goddess in a modern worl The first book in this series bowled me over I mean it was sassy and action packed absurd and so much funThis book really isn't any different in those respects but I struggled with it Part of it probably had nothing to do with the book It was a book hangover from finishing a different series and while I thought I wanted something completely different from what I had just finished apparently that was not the caseBut part of it I think was the book It's hard to put my finger on what exactly it was but I'm going to tryOk so FreyaSara is still as sarcastic and kick butt as ever She will grind you into dust and examine her nails as she does so and it's awesome But I think part of what was weird about this book was that Sara was so unsure about herself And I get that it's not a bad thing to have flaws she has plenty in other respects like being pretty impulsive and morally iffy in some of her actions but the self consciousness was odd I mean we pretty much never saw her uestion herself in any respect in the first book and then about a uarter into this one she suddenly starts feeling unsure about a lot It was an odd tone for her to takeI will say that one of my complaints about the first book was fixed this time around I thought Nathan felt like a flat character last time but that was definitely not the case this time around I appreciated that And getting to know other characters like Sekhmet She's an interesting oneThe action's also not as fast as it was in the last one Last time we were getting introduced to Norse mythology if you weren't well versed in it anyway figuring out just what exactly Finemdi wanted and discovering Freya's character This time it just felt slower Sara decides she's going to be a movie star for all the idolization but every step of her journey was mentioned Her spa days her shopping sprees her magicking her way to the top In the reality TV soaked world that we live in I thought we may not have needed all of the details I saw in a way why they were there but it slowed the paceI will say that the end was uite adventurous It took a very huge risk and I thought it paid off That was gutsy and I respected that I'm interested to see where that goes from thereIt's so not a bad story I'm still very invested in the story Just the wrong book at the wrong time I think

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Slay AUTHOR Matthew LaurenHer fight for freedom is overbut the fight for power is just beginningAfter Freya escapes from the power controlling Finemdi Corporation her uest to defeat her new enemy takes her to Hollywood The ancient Norse goddess of love beauty war and death disguises herself once again as Sara Vanadi now an up and comin When's the third book being released? Cause I kinda needed right nowThat cliffhanger Is Garen talking about Apep or something else?And that acknowledgement? 'I love this world and these characters yes even the ones I crush with rocks 'Was it really necessary? Did you have to hurt me ???Most of the action was in the last 100 pages but I still enjoyed the book not much that one part that crushed me hahaha now I'm waiting for the next book though