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review The Sweetest Kind of Fate Windy City Magic #2 Õ eBook or Kindle ePUB ¿ GREAT I’ve somehow found myself tangled up with a siren a mermaid and a homicidal wicked witch who once tried to strangle me to death Way to go AmberAmber Sand legendary matchmaker couldn’t be surprised when her arch nemesis Ile Iris is willing to put everything on the line for love Amber continues to wrestle with her own romantic future Her boyfriend Charlie is still destined for another and no matter how hard she clings to him fear over their inevitable breakup shakes her belief system to the coreBecause the Fates are never wrong righ. Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyTHE SWEETEST KIND OF FATE is an excellent follow up to THE BEST KIND OF MAGIC With high school drama and first love this reads like a young adult contemporary romance at times With excellent characters and exciting paranormal aspects THE SWEETEST KIND OF FATE is a perfect read if you're looking for something light with a bit of a fantasy vibeHaving read THE BEST KIND OF MAGIC I knew to expect a fluffy YA contemporary feel Since it was expected I was totally into it Throughout the book Amber is dealing with her feelings for Charlie his supposed match per her visions when she looks into his eyes and what to do about them since she doesn't believe she is ever wrong Plus there's there plot line with Ivy and Iris which turns out to be a bit emotionally deeper than expected But everything really comes back to the central uestion of true love and whether you're fated to be with one personThough there's a lot going on in THE SWEETEST KIND OF FATE this book feels cohesive than THE BEST KIND OF MAGIC Whether it was because there was less introduction to do or the plot just flowed better the story seemed less all over the place Plus there was way less telling from Amber's internal monologue Instead we just got some super witty sarcastic narration from herDefinitely a highlight of these two books are the characters Cestari creates some great multi dimensional characters who feel real for their ages Amber acts like the high schooler that she is Which means that sometimes she feels a little prone to being a drama ueen butshe's a teenager what do you expectTHE SWEETEST KIND OF FATE is certainly a very enjoyable book and I'm eager to see where Amber's path goes Definitely recommend this one but do read THE BEST KIND OF MAGIC first as this one really builds on itSexual content Kissing

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Ove her sister is making a huge mistake But as Amber looks into Iris's eyes there doesn’t seem to be a problem Iris has clearly found her matchIt seems happily ever after is in the cards but when Iris seeks out a dangerous life altering spell it’s up to Amber and Ivy to set aside their rivalry and save the dayWh. book absolutely warmed my heart and would be such a fantastic book for new readers growing into YA as well as anyone feeling a slump coming on It's just so whimsical with the magic and simple to read being set in our world with pop culture references made that we all knowThe characters lessons and relationships are adorable and healthy They promote cherishing these things as well as give the tools on how to deal with bumps in the road Amber battles to keep those relationships healthy and at the centre of who she is We find out about her mother's past but Amber pushed forward to support how good her mother has become She continues to do that with her co worker Bob in the magic shop She also really emphasized that fact that it's okay to have an argument and say sorry admitting you were wrongThe romances are so sweet in this Brooke and Iris had very little screentime together but I couldn't help but root for them and love them They just have so much passion for each other and it made my eyes waterThe beginning with Charlie and Amber was so hard to read since we know she is working against fate but you cannot possible imagine how things will change I did struggle with the ending of this though The book emphasized that matches are like the end game and it doesn't just change however the conclusion just left me really underwhelmed with the she decided to fight fate explanation I actually kind of liked how the ending came together for the romance It gave the book a realistic touch to the relationship that could sometimes come off as cheesy or chickflick eyI loved that the side characters got so much screentime Amani is a particular favourite of mine and she finally stops putting off fate in a way that seemed right for her character It wasn't overly cheesy making her seem like a totally different characterThe comedy is hilarious Amber has a near identical inner monologue that I do with sarcasm That plus her antisocial tendencies and love of baking just kept making me see myself in her and I found the ending battle to be pretty anti climactic it seemed almost rushed or half attempted There's a lot of build up and tons of history and threats of magical capabilities yet it was over in a few pages in a pretty clean way I assume this is the conclusion of this series but I feel like there were a few things left unwrapped up They were minor details so maybe they were forgottenThe cover design is absolutely beautiful and I loved how the design kept going inside the book at the beginning of each chapterThere are some pretty impressive and memorable lines in this book especially in the last 20 pages but my favourite has got to beThey say that all's fair in love and war but for that to be true you need to be part of the crusade

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The Sweetest Kind of Fate Windy City Magic #2GREAT I’ve somehow found myself tangled up with a siren a mermaid and a homicidal wicked witch who once tried to strangle me to death Way to go AmberAmber Sand legendary matchmaker couldn’t be surprised when her arch nemesis Ivy comes asking for her help Ivy’s sister Iris is getting married and Ivy wants to pr. Happy endings do not always stem from seamless beginnings Life is not linear; there's not one straight path Mistakes and misfortunes are part of the game; the Fates certainly see to it Love is a surrender giving in to the unknown and hoping for the best But no matter how much we stumble and fall we eventually find our wayI've found mineAgain I LOVE THIS SO MUCH I started reading this right after I finished the first book because I DESPERATELY WANTED TO KNOW IF CHARLIE AND AMBER GET THEIR HAPPILY EVERLY AFTERLooklooklookatthecover SO CUTE And huge bonus it looks so good together with the cover of the first book Amber keeps pushing Charlie away and I was like sdfafasda why are you doing this girl He's the man of your dreams But she insists that she wants what's best for Charlie and aghhh it was really annoying and kind of pissed me off because they are adorable together and she is just throwing their relationship away why is Amber doing thisI'm so glad to see the huge bully from the first book Ivy and Amber start to understand and accept each other Amber helps Ivy even after what she did to her in the past and I really admire her for doing itThere are also a lot of magical mythical creatures in this book like mermaids and sirens and witches and werewolves and vampires and trolls SO FREAKING COOL YES MAGICAL REALISM IS DEFINITELY MY THING I didn't like this as much as the first book because 1 Amber keeps pushing Charlie away and 2 the ending feels kind of rushed WILL THERE BE A THIRD BOOK IN THE SERIES BECAUSE I NEED MORE AMBER CHARLIEOverall rating★★★★THIS IS SO GOOD I highly recommend this to fans of fantasy and contemporary YA because fantasy contemporary magical realism right Crystal Cestari if you're reading this please tell me IS THERE GOING TO BE A THIRD BOOK