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MOBI Ö Mercy Rule ´ Tom Leveen Danny's parents yanked him from the art school that let him wear a kilt and listen to bands that no one's heard of Now he's starting sopho year at the public high school the one with the gymnasium at the heart of the building and the glorified athletes who rule it all The smart thing would be to blend in but Danny has always been about making statementsBrady just wants to get out Go to college play football maybe reach the NFL He def So I don't even know where to start Normally a book about this kind of topic is a bit scary but Tom Leveen hits it out of the park with Mercy Rule which I think is his best yet of all that I've read from him He has an incredible ability to create very real characters and although this book has a lot of what I would call main characters he makes it easy to 'see' each individual The chapters were tight the storyline was suspenseful and the situations were extremely true to what I imagine kids in high school deal with It is a tragic yet beautiful story I fell in love with so many characters Your heart will break for Danny You will laugh at Cadence and her sweet innocence You will hope for good things for Drea You'll even have compassion for the 'athleaders' in the story It reminds me a lot of Thirteen Reasons Why in the sense that there's bullying school drama etc and I can very much see this as a TV show or movie It's a tough read especially toward the end but the message is clear and it would do high schoolers well to read this book

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FREE PDF Í BOOK Mercy Rule ☆ TOM LEVEEN Ú Danny's parents yanked him from the art school that let him wear a kilt and listen to bands that no one's heard of Now he's starting sopho year at the public high school the one with the gymnasium at the heart of the building and the glorified athletes who rule it all The smart thing wo Initely wants to stop waiting for his deadbeat mother to come home sleeping on park benches and going to bed hungry But first he has to lead the team to the championships It all adds up to a lot of stress So who can really blame him when he and the football team turn their aggressions on the new freak? Even the uarterback needs to blow off steam sometimesCoach turns a blind eye to his players' crimes because this year they're going t So I finished this at about 2pm It's been a good four hours And I am still recoveringI'm not going to give any spoilers Instead I'm just going to say that you should read it Like all of Tom Leveen's works this is a page turner I couldn't put down and time completely passed unnoticed while I was absorbed in the lives of the kids and my own memories of what it was like to be that ageIt's a timely book which once upon a time would have been remarkable since the subject matter is a school shooting Now it's just a sad commentary on society that no matter when this book had come out there'd be a mass murder a school shooting fresh in our mass consciousnessIt's easy to be trite and preach down to kids when trying to teach a less on to teenagers in prose form I've seen so many of those I hesitate to read YA novels about social issues but Tom has never let me down It's not about the lesson He writes with compassion and a real feeling of been there done that and listened to people who are in the trenches right now He treats teenagers like human beings not characters in his books They're real They're flawed They're me They're you They're all of us And we're all hurting and all groping in the dark for someone to cling to someone to save us or someone to help And that's what I love about his YA novels every last one of themAnd that's why this one killed me It hurt so much to read but I've needed a catharsis since the last shooting on Valentine's day and this book deliveredRead it Trust me You want this book

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Mercy Rule O States But maybe if Coach had paid attention they could've caught it before it all happened Maybe it could've been avoidedMaybeWith uick cuts between a large cast of unforgettable characters and razor sharp plotting Tom Leeven takes readers on a countdown to an inevitable horrifying act This gripping novel offers an intense smart perspective on the tragic toxic mindsets behind the celebrated American sport and the monsters it creat This is the best YA I've read in a looooong time It's smart I mean it's really smart Its structure is smart its narrative is smart its characters are smart its portrayal of high school is smart This book and its characters are genuine No one in this story is evil or one sided This story is real but importantly it's fair and that's what makes the events in it so profoundly painful and hard to swallow This book also got me to cry genuinely than any other book I've read in recent memory I finished it not long ago and keep having sporadic emotional attacks We're talking big impact here folks On the writer's side Leveen does a great job of using structure and format to build a growing sense of inevitably The things that happen in this story feel truly unstoppable and yet when the major crisis actually takes place the reader is compelled to spend the entire time looking for a possible way out In other words it's inevitable right up until it happens at which point it just becomes random agonizing chaos And that I assert is part of its intentions I'm dismayed to discover upon Googling this book that it's actually extremely difficult to find Which says a lot about its current level of popularity So PR this Get it out there Read it carry it around shitpost about it on Facebook This book is meaningful and painful and meaningfully painful and it needs attention We don't have to live like this