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Read ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Æ Helene Dunbar Sed him when he graduated high school all so he can save Trip the boy he developed an intense and complicated relationship with while he was away Sean has changed but so has his old town and everyone in it And knowing who he is and where he belongs is confusing than ev. I just finished this beautiful character driven story of finding oneself and the complex experiences of becoming an adult I am broken and rekindled all at once This book will definitely make my top 10 this year “You need to know” he started and I closed my eyes waiting for him to punch me or tell me that he never wanted to see me again “Even when we’re old like Maggie said every time I look at you I’m going to be thinking of doing that again”Sean is a character readers won't easily forget Throughout his life he's had to make some tough decisions some of which seem selfish and selfless at the same time He's dealt with trauma and loss and goes through much heartache before getting some answers Some answers he never gets and isn't that lifeI appreciate Helene following through on the ending and giving us a bit I had accepted a different path for Sean and was happy to get the best of both worlds Sometimes we can't save others we just have to save ourselves and hope it all comes together

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Download Ó Boomerang ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ✓ Michael Sterling disappeared from his Maine town five years ago Everyone assumed he was kidnapped Everyone was wrong Now at seventeen he’s Sean Woodhouse And he’s come “home” to the last place he wants to be to claim the small inheritance his grandparents promise Er As his careful plans begin to crumble so does everything he’s believed about his idyllic other life Told in gorgeous prose Boomerang is an honest authentic exploration of coming to terms with who you are what you want and how vast the distance can be between the t. Was expecting of a when jeff came home vibe but it was very different still a good book very complicated but had a nice hea so i am content with it

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BoomerangMichael Sterling disappeared from his Maine town five years ago Everyone assumed he was kidnapped Everyone was wrong Now at seventeen he’s Sean Woodhouse And he’s come “home” to the last place he wants to be to claim the small inheritance his grandparents promi. You know what I don't like Plots based on half assed contrivances that are done away with by the half way mark You know what else I don't like Characters who create unnecessary drama because they refuse to actually talk to someone who can easily solve all their problemsGuess what book has both of those things in spadesLook Boomerang is a book that I just know will make a lot of people happy in that you will cry like this is a Pixar movie kind of way but that sort of storytelling can go off the rails if it's done poorly It can lead to the entire narrative being bogged down by this giant weight that might as well have ANGST written across it in big white letters And that's just not the sort of thing I enjoyIt almost feels like this entire book was just an excuse for angst Nearly every plot element was meant to cause Sean angst whether that be over his future his friendships his romantic possibilities everything was just drenched in this woah is me tone that made him the most annoying narrator everAnd that's really disappointing because the message Dunbar was going for was a really interesting one An in depth look into the thin line between self preservation and selfishness and how the choices made have lasting conseuences that can never be healed no how hard you trySean ran away from his life with an alcoholic flighty mother and into a picturesue life with the Woodhouse's who loved and raised him From Sean's perspective this was the best option for him at the time and it lead to a positive outcome However we also see how it affected his mother his best friend his town Sean spends the entire novel grappling with this choice he made and trying to work out if it was worth it If choosing himself over everyone else was really the best optionThere's a uote I see often The hardest thing to learn is that it's not always about you Which is true not everything in the world revolves around you But this uote also opens up another uestion If it's not all about you then what is Where is the line between thinking about others to your own detriment and thinking only of yourself to the point of compete narcissism And the fact that Boomerang explored that was incredibleBut that being said the themes explored couldn't save this book Again it seems like everything in this book was meant to cause Sean angst The list of plot points in this book is ridiculous because they all seem to do nothing for the story save give Sean something to angst overHis long forgotten best friend Jenny has mythologized him to the point she can't move on from him Jenny's best friend knows that he and Trip had a deeper relationship but Sean also feels attraction to her which conflicts with his feelings for Trip Everything was just so contrite it made the story seem like a dramatic lifetime movie then anything else Boomerang tries It tries to be this incredibly deep and moving story about one boy's return to a life he didn't want for the boy he doesn't know how to feel for and him facing the rippling effect of his actions But it becomes this melodramatic tale of how Sean can't talk to anyone about anything until it's too late And that's why this book doesn't work for me because the sad truth it that for everything Sean has to learn for the story to progress Talking to someone will help you isn't a lesson he learns until the very end when it should have been his first