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Summary ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ✓ Lê Thi Diem Thúy Calls of inanimate objects and waits for her mother to join her But life loses none of its strangeness when the family is reunited As the girl grows her matter of fact innocence eddies increasingly around opaue and ghostly traumas the cataclysm that engulfed her homeland the memory of a brother who drowned and most inescapable her father’s hopeless rage for a father’s order In The Gangster We Are All Loo. poetic novel about Vietnamese immigrants to USA California Told from the pov of a young girl I enjoyed her descriptions of the weird place she's ended up in and the behaviour of those around her particularly teenage boys Slim almost plotless although there is the story of her family's disintegration under the pressure but full of memorable imagery

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characters The Gangster We Are All Looking For ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ A momentous literary debut the life of a Vietnamese family in America luminously observed through the knowing eyes of a child In 1978 six refugees—a girl her father and four “uncles”—are pulled from the sea to begin a ne King For lê thi diem thúy has illuminated a world of great beauty and enormous sorrows Here is an authentically original story of finding one’s place and voice in AmericaAuthor Biography lê thi diem thúy was born in Phan Thiet southern Vietnam She and her father left Vietnam in 1978 by boat eventually settling in Southern California lê is currently a Radcliffe Fellow and resides in western Massachuset. The greatest book I have ever read It is so beautifulIn Vietnamese the word for water and the word for a nation a country and a homeland are one and the same nu'ó'cBa and I were connected to the four uncles not by blood but by waterBa's voice echoes from deep down like a frog singing at the bottom of a well His voice is water moving through a reed pipe in the middle of a sad tune And the sad voice is always asking and answering itself It calls out and then comes running in It is the tide of my Ba's mind When I listen to it I can see boats floating around in his head Boats full of people trying to get somewhereIn the picture our boat looks like a toy boat floating in a big bowl of water There are little people standing in the boat We are among the people in the picture but I can't tell who is who because we are all so small Small faces small heads small arms reaching out to touch small hands Maybe the Americans on the ship were laughing at usMaybe they laughed so hard at the sight of us so small they started to roll around the deck like spilled marbles and they had to help one another to their feet and recall their own names Emmett Mike Ron and where they were from Oakland California; Youngstown Ohio; Shinston West Virginia before they could let us climb up and say our names Lan Cuong Hoang and where we were from Phan Thiet Binh ThuanI stood in that small room and wept into the desert of my palmsMy first memory of my father's face is framed by the coiling barbed wire of a military camp in South Vietnam My mother's voice crosses through the wire She is whispering his name and with this utterance caressing him Over and over she calls him to her Anh Minh Anh Minh His name becomes a tree she presses her body against The calling blows around them like a warm breeze and when she utters her own name it is the second half of a verse that begins with his She drops her name like a pebble into a wellShy and formal and breathless my parents are always meeting for the first time savoring the sound of a name marveling at the bones of the face cupped by the bones of the hand I trail behind them the tip of their dragon's tail I am drawn along like a silken banner on the body of a kite'There are thieves gamblers drunks I've met who remind me of people in my family It's the way they're dreamers My family's a garden full of dreamers lying on their backs staring at the sky drunk and choking on their dreams The night I was born my mother looking at the tube imagined it to be the badly burnt arm of a dying giant buried in the sand She could not decide whether he had been buried and was trying to get out or whether he had tried to bury himself in the sand but had failed to cover his arm in time In time for what She had heard a story about a girl in a neighboring town who was killed during a napalm bombing The bombing happened on an especially hot night when this girl had walked to the beach to cool her feet in the water They found her floating on the sea The phosphorus from the napalm made her body glow like a lantern In her mind my mother built a canopy for this girl She started to cry thinking of the buried giant the floating girl these bodies stopped in mid stride on their way somewhereMa says war is a bird with a broken wing flying over the countryside trailing blood and burying crops in sorrow If something grows in spite of this it is both a curse and a miracle When I was born she cried to know that it was war I was breathing in and she could never shake it out of me Ma says war makes it dangerous to breathe though she knows you die if you don't She says she could have thrown me against the wall until I broke or coughed up this war that is killing us all She could have stomped on it in the dark and danced on it like a madwoman dancing on gravestones She could have ground it down to powder and spat on it but didn't I know War has no beginning and no end It crosses oceans like a splintered boat filled with people singing a sad songWe live in the country of California the province of San Diego the village of Linda Vista We live in old Navy Housing bungalows built in the 1940s Since the 1980s these bungalows house Vietnamese Cambodian and Laotian refugees from the Vietnam War When we moved in we had to sign a form promising not to put fish bones in the garbage disposalI am in the hallway gulping air I breathe in the breaking and the bleeding When Ba plunges his hands into the fish tank I detect the subtle tint of blood in water When he throws the fish tank out the front door yelling 'Let me see the gangster' I am drinking up the spilt water and swallowing whole the beautiful tropical fish their brilliant colors gliding across my tongue before they can hit the ground to cover themselves in dirt until only the whites of their eyes remain blinking at the sun All the hands are in my throat cutting themselves on the broken dishes and the fish swim in circles; they can't see for all the blood Ba jumps in his truck and drives away When I grow up I am going to be the gangster we are all looking forThere is not a trace of blood anywhere except here in my throat where I am telling you all thisI have a black and white photography of him at sixteen in which he wears a hat of canvas camouflage cocked to one sideIn this picture what reveals him most is the will to give nothing awayThe year I left home my father and I would sit at the kitchen table in the evenings and pass the silence back and forth like a smoke

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The Gangster We Are All Looking ForA momentous literary debut the life of a Vietnamese family in America luminously observed through the knowing eyes of a child In 1978 six refugees a girl her father and four “uncles” are pulled from the sea to begin a new life in San Diego In the child’s imagination the world of itchy dresses and run down apartments is transmuted into an unearthly realm she sees everything intensely hears the distress. As novels go The Gangster We Are All Looking For Le Thi Diem Thuy's beautifully told account of a Vietnamese immigrant family is soaking wetThe sea is a constant foreboding presence Bodies are washing ashore on the first page and they are washing ashore on the last page A man tells his beloved that if she would marry him he would pull the moon out of the sky and turn it into a pool for her to wash her feet in Bad water is blamed for the death of a young boy and a simple glass from the tap is drunk desperately as though it were a reprieveSuch pervasive dampness is hardly an uncommon phenomenon in the literary fiction of Vietnam which is a coastal nation after all One practically reuires a raincoat to peruse the work of Duong Thu Huong the Communist state's leading writer dissident and water conjurer In Memories of a Pure Spring 2000 where all epiphanies come euipped with monsoons the hero searches for freedom in the sea of the sea only to end up drenched in a storm Rain still rain Water and water white sheets of it as far as the eye could see The Gangster We Are All Looking For goes a step further telling us right at the start that in Vietnamese the word for water and the word for a nation a country and a homeland are one and the same nu'o'cThe irony is that this novel Thuy Le's first is not actually Vietnamese but American retelling the oldest of American stories that of immigrants desperately seeking assimilation It features a dysfunctional family worthy of a Todd Solondz film where the parents scream and fight like two dogs chasing each other's tails the mother chops off her hair in a fit and the daughter runs away to become a writerIn Confucian Vietnam the family is the gravity that keeps one anchored to the earth In a California housing development called Linda Vista on the other hand a family portrait is secreted away up to the attic and left behind in the next move A ringing phone is met with terror for the obligations that may wait on the other endStill as this family stumbles through its stormy version of the American Dream where everyone is an outsider trying to fit in Vietnam lingers close by It's a connection not so much of blood the narrator is fond of saying as of waterRead my full review here