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The Scot Beds His Wife Free download Û PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¸ The Scot Beds His Wife is the next lush captivating Victorian romance in the Victorian Rebels series by Kerrigan Byrne They’re rebels scoundrels and blackguards—dark dashing men on the wrong side of the law But for the women who love them a hint of dangThe Scot Beds His Wife is the next lush captivating Victorian romance in the Victorian Rebels series by Kerrigan Byrne They’re rebels scoundrels and blackguards dark dashing men on the wrong side of the law But for the women who love them a hint of danger only makes the heart beat faster Gavin St James Earl of Thorne is a notorious Highlander and an unrelenting Lothario who uses his slightly menacing charm. 3 O what a tangled web we weave Stars The Scot Beds His Wife the 5th book in the Victorian Rebels series was an okay read for me It was slow going I didn't start to really enjoy it until right after they were married and that was 200 pages into the book So for 200 pages I was zoning out and kinda bored My problems with this read was the overly flowery words that felt like filler the crazy amount of the word FUCK in this book and the ridiculous over the top one upping of the hero Here are just two uotesSuddenly an extremity of exhilaration and anxiety stormed through her She was no untried blushing bridebut this man had famously fucked women than Casanova and Lord Byron combined SamI already told you I'm no virgin And everyone knows you've made love to most of the maidens in Europe and half the married women besides SamI mean come on He fucked women than Casanova and Lord Bryon That is just so hard to take serious And lets touch on the fact that the heroine Sam was dropping the F bomb every other word I know there were women who cussed back in the day but they were super rare The way in which Sam did it and the amount of the word fuck coming from her and the hero's mouth was again over the top and not believable Now all that being said It was still an okay read The last 190 pages were really good I just wished I could have gotten into it sooner I still love Kerrigan Byrne and I can't wait to see who's book is next

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To get what he wants including too many women married to other men But now Gavin wants to put his shady past behind him or less When a fiery lass who is the heiress to the land he wishes to possess drops into his lap he sees a perfectly delicious opportunityA marriage most convenientSamantha Masters has come back to Scotland in a pair of trousers and with a whole world of dangerous secrets from her time spent. DNF 78For a concise and level headed summary I'll have to refer to Kyraraker's excellent review My review might end up a wee bit ranty To steal from the author's often used techniue in this book Oh My GodIs this the same author who wrote The Highwayman And did I call Tessa Dare's The Duchess Deal a 'veritable clusterfuck' Really Okay I take it back To say I cringed my way through the 78% would not be accurate Sometimes I simply stared at my Kindle in disbelief Sometimes I was about to hurl it against the wall And sometimes I even found myself laughing Involuntarily The Scot Beds His Wife starts as all Ms Byrne's books start with the horrible events of the hero's childhood that shaped him into the man that he is today I curse Gavin St James' father myself by now for fathering so many sons that we have to go through the Tortured Hero routine again and again Out of the five books in this series three of them cover the stories of three of his sons I curse ye Hamish Mackenzie I curse yeGavin St James actually Mackenzie but whatever Earl of Thorne has two main goals in life Emancipate himself from the Mackenzie Clan He wants absolutelylylylylylyly nothing to do with the Mackenzie Clan what with such an evul father and almost eually evul brother He is the hero of book three The Highlander by the way Why Liam is supposed to be almost eually evul in Gavin's opinion was a little I don't know contrived maybe Not sure but doesn't matter It really doesn't His second goal is to get his hands on the Erradale estate currently owned by Alison Ross an heiress who lives abroad in America See although an earl by his own right from his mother's side with a castle and money enough he wants to build something with cattle or whatever Doesn't matter He neeeeeeeeeeeeeds the Erradale EstateOn the other side of the pond Samantha Mathers shoots her husband dead in order to safe this Erradale estate owning Alison Ross Alison is so so so grateful that she decides on the spot to help Samantha escape the clutches of her evil brother in laws by suggesting Samantha assume Alison's identity and take charge of Erradale estate She can do whatever she likes with it with one condition Under no circumstances is the land to go to any Hamish Mackenzie descendant I still curse ye HamishSo chapter three Samantha arrives in Scotland and meets Gavin and this is where my summary of the plot ends because it doesn't matter The writing was so awful that I could not concentrate on the events This is about to get tricky now because I'll insert uotes and I may just as well copy the whole book in here to make my case Honestly I have rarely marked a book as often as I have here accompanied by mostly two notes either pp purple prose or OTT obviously for exaggerations It really should have been she thought as she tried to gain her breath whilst crushed to a body hard as stone by arms as unyielding as the iron shackles she’d crossed an ocean to escapeEven in such a setting his baritone was supple as silk against naked fleshHe was no barbarian And certainly no gentleman He had to be a Celtic god view spoiler hide spoiler

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The Scot Beds His WifeIn the Wild West trailing behind her Her only hope of protection is to marry and to do so uickly Gavin is only too willing to provide that service for someone he finds so disturbingly irresistible But even as danger approaches what begins as a scandalous proposition slowly turns into an all consuming passion And Gavin discovers that he will do whatever is necessary to keep the woman he has claimed as his own. 2 starsI don’t know what went wrong here maybe it’s because this one doesn’t have the same title naming theme as the other books Maybe that’s why i should’ve known it was doomed from the start Or maybe that’s just the shallow me speakingI had my ups and downs moments with this series but overall I can say that I enjoyed every book I read so far I tuned a blind eye on some things I tried to understand that this is a different era I didn’t judge it so harshly because it’s a historical romance after all But this book pushed me so hard to the point of almost DNFing it Which is making me sad because I was really excited for Gavin’s bookNormally i find myself annoyed with the main male characters in historical romances which is always diluted by my love to the female ones However in this book I hated them both They’re definitely my least favorite characters in the series They were both manipulative and opportunists Samantha made many horrible decisions I just couldn’t ignore that She’s pretending to be someone else view spoilerand I didn’t like how it felt like she took advantage of that girl’s trust who she pretends to be and betrayed her by agreeing to marry her “enemy” and she didn’t even talk to her first hide spoiler