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summary Unwrapped ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF î Lyra was determined to have a classic good old fashioned traditional Christmas this year complete with snow gingerbread houses lights and wrapped presents Even if that meant she had to have it completely on her own And that was the plan as she drove out of the City and up into the steepThe way found that while a Christmas alone wasn’t all that great a Christmas for two yeah that was pretty amazing This is a short sweet insta lust insta love story with a ton of sweet moments and a lot of steam Very explicit sexual content. FIVE STARSWhat a sweet little romantic Christmas story I loved the characters I loved the story and I loved that even though this was a short story it had a lot depth to it than short stories usually do I recommend this one for anyone in the mood for a sweet little romance that will definitely put you into holiday spirit

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He drove out of the City and up into the steep hills of Vermont toward some secluded cabins where she could have what was totally not going to be a depressing head in the oven Christmas For One She never uite made it to the cabins And along. 3 12 to 4 starsSo this was my first read by Ms Gadziala I already know that it won't be my last because I enjoyed the characters the fun hot and beautiful moments of connection between them and the wonderful sense of humor within this Christmas themed tale I really liked Jack and Lyra and did a lot of chuckling throughout my reading of this bookSo if I liked it so much why didn't I give it a higher ratingThe ending Prepare ye for spoilers withinview spoilerAfter their touching and sad goodbye Lyra goes back to the city and it soon becomes clear that she's suffering from depression and missing Jack big time This made sense to me and I suspected that Jack had to be feeling the same waySo the fact that it took almost a year for them to reconnect in any way shape or form kinda blew my mind And not in a good wayNot even an awkward Should I even do this but oh God I can't help myself phone call just to say Hey thinking of you Uhhow's life NadaEspecially once Felix Jack's good friend re enters Lyra's picture The fact that Lyra didn't ask Felix anything about Jack just didn't ring true for me no matter her reasons I think it would have been too hard to resist finding out some crumb of information when her feelings ran as deep as they did And yes Felix saw that both of them were going through a hard time but I accept that it wasn't up to him to play cupid though I suspected he would eventually interveneWhich he finally did But they were both grown adults and it was up to them to pull their heads out of their asses and see the writing on the wall It simply didn't work for me that neither of them tried to make any contact whatsoever andor find out anything about each other in that year they spent apart miserable and suffering And Jack's conviction that it would never work between them made no sense to me because he didn't even try to find out what might be possible It just didn't jive with the other no nonsense parts of his personality He didn't bother to ask her He'd already made up his mind for both of them and Lyra was forced to glean what she would from his actionsbehaviour when their holiday affair ended We all but felt his phantom boot in her ass punting her out the door At one point he thought something along the lines of guys like him not being good for gals like her I still don't get that reasoning since Jack didn't back it up with some horror story about his behaviour with women in the past and treated her like gold during their time together It was also made clear to the reader that the long distance deal was a definite dealbreakerUmLong distance relationships are not impossible and people can make changes if it matters to themDiscussion goes a long way in this regard noI was also a bit frustrated by the fact that we never get told what Jack's intentions were after Felix gives him the painting that reveals the truth of Lyra's love I already knew Jack would have that particular piece of art when Lyra got there and that it would hold great meaning for them both But if the ornament he gave her was finally the catalyst for her tearing out the city on a uest to know the truth and declare her love why wasn't the painting the same for himI know that some readers have a problem with the heroine going after the hero instead of vice versa but that's not a problem for me if it's handled well But in this case I needed to hear Jack say that the moment he realized the truth that she loved him as much as he loved her he'd been planning and getting ready to go and find her and that she'd just beaten him to the punch That he was so relieved and grateful to see her because if she hadn't come to him he would have busted a move to go and get herThis didn't happen and I'll admit I was disappointedYou know she loves you man What the hell are you waiting for Get your ass moving sigh hide spoiler

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UnwrappedLyra was determined to have a classic good old fashioned traditional Christmas this year complete with snow gingerbread houses lights and wrapped presents Even if that meant she had to have it completely on her own And that was the plan as s. 5 'Christmas T boning' StarsThe perfect way to start Christmas reads I instantly added this to my TBR because I have enjoyed Jessica's shorties in the past and I got so excited when she announced another holiday themed one I really enjoyed her Thanksgiving short Stuffed A Thanksgiving Romance but this one was even better for me Unwrapped was sexy AF emotional and funny Who complains about that Let me add that it has a super hot lumberjack named Jack lol in the mix who is the perfect man for Lyra They were so sweet and amazing together and I loved that beautiful epilogueSo yeah I am rating this with my especial 6 STARS rating because I loved everything about it Want a romantic shortie to get in the mood for Christmas Be sure to check this one out