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The 48 author Donna HosHenry VIII's Tudor court meets time traveling teen assassins in a riveting YA novelTwins Charlie and Alex Taylor are the newest time travelers recruited to the Forty Eight a clandestine military group in charge of manipulating history The brothers arrive in 1536 feeling confident but the Tudor court is not all banuets and merri Picked up an arc at ALA the second I saw it I read Hosie's DEVIL'S INTERN and loved that and wasn't disappointed with this She just knows how to do time travel Told in 3 voices this book is thrilling from first page to last Will there be a seuel because I want one

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Ing perspectives among Charlie Alex and sixteen year old Lady Margaret a ladies' maid to ueen Anne Boleyn with an agenda of her own The 48 captures the sights smells sounds and hazards of an unhinged Henry VIII's court from the viewpoint of one person who lived that history and two teens who have been sent to turn it upside dow Is there a better setting for time traveling assassins than the brutal and tumultuous Tudor court? Absolutely not Donna Hosie has merged science and historical fiction in her newest novel THE 48 and the result is one murderously good timeCharlie and Alex are twin brothers and the newest Assets for The 48 A covert organization that trains “weapons of historical manipulation” or Assets Their first mission takes them to the bloody Tudor court at the end of Henry’s marriage to Anne Boleyn They’ve been sent to stop the King from marrying the Lady Jane SeymourFrom the very beginning their mission goes awry with assassins attempting to kill one or both of them a lady in waiting with her sights set on Alex for marriage and the ever conspiring Thomas Cromwell well conspiring But when an Asset trainee is unexpectedly and violently sent to them with no explanation the twins begin realize there is something far devious at playTold through the three perspectives the twins plus Lady Margaret a ladies’ maid to ueen Anne we get a well balanced view of how different life in King Henry’s court could be Especially how markedly different those lives were depending on rank and gender Lady Margaret gives us the terrifying and frustrating life as a woman not just in Henry’s court but also during that timeI loved the gritty details Hosie brings to life This novel is an excellent introduction to the stressful and erratic tension that was notorious throughout the Tudor reign but there is delightful added texture for those already familiar with this part of history Many scenes are so vividly reconstructed that you can hear smell and see the surroundings It is an immersion in history that is a compelling and complete introduction while also being a rich visit for those already well versed in the known elementsWhile the historical detail was lavish and detailed the time traveling portions were a bit lacking Unlike many time traveling novels the intent is to rewrite history yet very little in regards to how that impacts future events or changes the future was discussed It did feel that the time travel was a convenient plot device to take these modern teenage assassins into history Which makes this a fun novel to read but will likely frustrate science fiction readersI also felt that the details regarding the actual organization fell a bit short There was a brief page that outlined the history but not what their aim actually was In fact I was left with uestions than answers in regards to the organization as a whole and as it appears that this was written as a stand alone and not a series again it felt like of a plot device than an attempt for a full science fiction plot lineTHE 48 is a fast paced fun ride There are descriptions of torture and while they’re mild they are a bit vivid In addition some descriptions of the sights and smells in particular may be too much for a sensitive readerThe Tudor court is one of my historical obsessions and I will devour anything written about that time and in regards to those aspects this novel did not let me down at all I would love for Hosie to write in this world I think detail of who and what The 48 actually are would be spectacular Overall readers who enjoy historical fiction with fun twists will revel in the detail of this novelReviewed by Jena Brown

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The 48 author Donna Hosie doc ½ Kindle Edition read à mbjuk ë Henry VIII's Tudor court meets time traveling teen assassins in a riveting YA novelTwins Charlie and Alex Taylor are the newest time travelers recruited to the Forty Eight a clandestine military group in charge of manipulating history The brothersMent it is a deep well of treachery torture lust intrigue and suspicion The boys' mission to prevent Henry VIII from marrying Jane Seymour is further complicated when Alice a fellow trainee appears under mysterious and brutal circumstances and when whispers of an uprising within the Forty Eight reach their ears Told in alternat I've recently been interested in the history of the Tudors and the wives of Henry VIII so when I saw The 48 I was excited to read I was not disappointedTime traveling twins Charles and Alexander are sent to England when Henry VIII was married to Anne Boleyn but has designs on Jane Seymour The twins are part of a secret network The 48 and have trained for this assignment their entire life The 48 is run by a group of people who want to change history in this case they want to make sure Henry doesn't marry Jane The goal is to rid the world of religionFirst of all that's a very different type of time travel than most stories Usually it is all about never doing anything that will change the future And I thought it was strange that they didn't worry about the other changes that such drastic actions might cause The butterfly effect was never mentionedThis is Charles' and Alexander's first mission and it goes off the rails immediately In many ways Something is up with The 48 so they aren't getting the support they need Someone wants at least one of them dead One of the narrators is Lady Margaret one of ueen Anne's ladies and she wants to marry Alex Cromwell is up to no good as you know if you are aware of anything about this time period For some reason Alice one of the time travelers who is still in training ends up with them having been pushed through time by one of the other 48Once things get going the tension builds nicely Everyone is in fear for their lives and some characters come very close to losing theirs It does take a bit to get going and some of the characters make stupid decisions but when don't they I didn't get much history that I wasn't already familiar with but the atmosphere of the time period was very well doneJust FYI the book that got this started was Fatal Throne which I loved So read that one first and then The 48 is a great follow upI would recommend this to time travel fans first The historical elements are there but not as strong as the time travel elements Fans of Tudor England will be entertained by the potential upheaval this time travel may cause