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Savage Surrender Free download ✓ 5 ✓ Robbed of her innocence Elise Lesconflair becomes a woman of bold desires in a breathtaking romantic adventure that sweeps across continents Caught in a web of twisted destinies she journeys from the luxury of a French chateau to the horrors of a West Indies slave shipfrom the exotic existence as pirate Ndies slave shipfrom the exotic existence as pirate Jean Lafitte's mistress to unspeakable degradation at the hands of brutal menWoven throughout the sultry landscape of her saga is Garth McClellandmysterious secretive Garth a man whose worldly power is. I've been putting this book off for ages and I don't know why It's harder for me to stay engaged in a story lately I get bored easily unless what I'm reading is truly incredible This is the first book in a while where I felt like I couldn't put it down It was six hundred pages but the pace never lets up and I felt like it was over too soon The hero Garth is way less of a jerkface than Seth from Dangerous Obsessions but that doesn't mean much He was still unrelentingly cruel and closed off He was a fascinating character and I loved his dynamic with Elise who though in love with him was likely to claw his eyes out than admit her true feelings They verbally and physically fought their affection for one another throughout this novel They are both two alphas fighting for dominance and fighting their own tenderness for one another and it was very interesting to see how their relationship played out You could never guess what they would do whether they would kiss or kill one another And speaking of Elise oh my gosh I adore her One of my favorite heroines of all time She's so fierce and funny and brave Just a great character Natasha Peters always writes great female leads who have personalities just as huge as the hero's Somehow despite all the horrible stuff she went through in this novel she comes out of all of it a better person who shows kindness to everyoneEverything got a little crazy near the end of the novel and it was a little bit too much if you know what I mean The plot got a tad unrealistic Also the last separation between Garth and Elise was just forced drama I could have done without it Those are my only two complaints though Other than that this book was amazing I definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys bodice rippers and who isn't easily triggered by violence TW non con sexual assault physical abuse miscarriage graphic murder and racism

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Robbed of her innocence Elise Lesconflair becomes a woman of bold desires in a breathtaking romantic adventure that sweeps across continents Caught in a web of twisted destinies she journeys from the luxury of a French chateau to the horrors of a West I. It took me a long time to get through To me it was one of those books you have to be in the mood for because of all the raping and pillaging and kidnapping etc It was the same way for me with StormfireI really did like it It was written well and the h was a trooper I didn't get Elise's and Garth's relationship He didn't show much sorrow or anything when she told him what happened to her on the first ship with the crazy captain That's when I gave up on Garth After that there were many many things that happened in the book that I would never believe they would end up together but it's a bodice ripper from 1978 so what can you expect lol And just for the record I like Jean way than GarthIf you liked Stormfire you'll like this book

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Savage SurrenderSurpassed only by his insatiable lust for the ravishing Elise Their romance soars to the peak of unuenchable passion plumbs the depths as they fight treachery intrigueand their need for each other until finally they unite in an inferno of rapturous lov. There are only two modes when reading Savage SurrenderExtremely Stressed Out Or Extremely Vindicated There is no middle because this is just a damn roller coaster I don't think I've EVER been as stressed as I was reading this bodice ripper but I've also never felt so vindicated on behalf of our kickass heroine Elise Elise is AMAZING She went from beautiful willful girl whose innocence and beauty were taken from her To a pirate terror in New Orleans who captured British ships and reigned with her pirate bae Elise is so degraded but survives through all the horrors she faces My jaw dropped at some parts for example the Sea Witch mirror scene just made me feel sick The atrocities Elise faced was like what Ginny experienced in Sweet Savage Love by Rosemary Rogers during wartorn Mexico but on repeat I think reading this has made me even of a feminist Such a great hate to love dynamic between Elise and Garth Their conversational insults and breathtaking fights are electric Garth is a complete asshole but I loved it Savage Surrender is one of my favourite bodice rippersMy favourite Elise being Elise uotes This is my last night of freedom you know I think I shall dance until dawn Until noon tomorrow I shall dance until tomorrow night and then I shall fall into a faint and sleep forever Until I die perhaps Marry you I gasped I turned to my brothers Is this how you avenge me then I demanded angrily Cowards Weaklings Diplomats bah How can you suggest such a thing I would rather die than marry this sneering villain Give me your knife Honore I extended my hand I shall kill him myself as I hav e vowed to kill him Brothers indeed I would rather have two children in my service than you What's the matter with you Have you gone mad I want I gasped brokenly Kill Josiah Fowler and and bring me his head on a platter if you can I laughed weakly crazily Kill him For me What have we been doing for the past three days playing whist If you're not my mistress what are you my sisterI am a woman of independent means and independent spirit I said I have chosen to avail myself of the dubious pleasure of your company lately So I would not ask what that makes me but what it makes you my friend You have served me very nicely indeed but I think I might even be tiring of you But you do want a hold over me Garth and you're furious because I won't give you oneHe smirked But I have a hold over youOnly because I let you have it I'm not ashamed of enjoying your lovemaking and I am delighted that you enjoy mine But that's all there is to this this relationship of ours my old friend I am the one woman who shall never be at your beck and call never torment herself because she's afraid of losing you to another never want to kill herself when you have left her for good I know better than to give my heart to one who has no heart YES GIRL YES