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The Graybar Hotel StoriesIlk water sugar and hot sauce His characters are nuanced and sympathetic despite their obvious flaws The Graybar Hotel tells moving human stories about men enduring impossible circumstances Dawkins takes readers beyond the cells into characters’ pasts and memories and desires into the unusual bonds that form during incarceration and the strained relationships with family members on the outside He’s an extraordinary writer with a knack for metaphor and this is a powerful compilation of stories that gives voice to the experience of perhaps the most overlooked members of our socie. “All people are stories” and Dawkins give us some of these people these stories in a manner that grabbed me and kept me riveted and which made me think whilst smiling being sad being angry and wishing for a different reality He sets aside the usual prison macho fare and delves in deeper so touching the how and the why and the conseuences None of the inmates have that likeable trait of being innocent of the crime they are in for That would have made this an easier read for me But Dawkins does not take that easier hypocritical road Instead his people like him are people who are not innocent Still they are all people with stories People who believed that they could be the ones to make it through while walking through the razor wire but the wire wins and they bleed and their victims bleed and the sheer bloody waste of it makes me so sad and angry at the loss of the victims at the pain and loss of all the families involved and the loss of the inmates themselves How life sort of stops no significant memories being made So the time inside is spent reliving repeating pasts memories an endless cycle of one's glorious and often than not inglorious moments Where insignificant details gain undue importance Disappearing First they are put away from society disappearing from our view And then they also disappear from themselves from their lives as the connections that tether them to life are cut one by one So then we get the story of the prisoner who kept calling people call collect just to hear someone from the outside Or the story of the inmate who could make up a whole story complete with conversations just by seeing someone on the tv Or we see Clyde almost feeling like an alien when he is returned to life A great piece of writing that took me to the place I hope that I never end up in in real life but still it is better that I know about because people do end up there Ok it is easy to say it’s their fault their mistakes but a wound on a body affects the whole and we must try and do better Some sort of responsibility rests on society as well I would like to read Dawkins of course An ARC gently given by the publisherauthor via Netgalley in return for a review

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“A Human Number” a man spends his days collect calling strangers just to hear the sounds of the outside world In “573543” an inmate recalls his descent into addiction as his prison softball team gears up for an annual tournament against another unit In “Leche uemada” an inmate is released and finds freedom complex and baffling then he expected Dawkins’s stories are funny and sad filled with unforgettable detail the barter system based on calligraphy ink tattoos handmade cards and cigarettes; a single dandelion smuggled in from the rec yard; candy made from powdered m. THE GRAYBAR HOTEL BY CURTIS DAWKINSThis collection of short stories are as well written as any I have ever read Curtis Dawkins is a talented writer and I was thoroughly transported into the scary world of losing all of my freedom For when you are incarcerated you do not have any rights that I take for granted If a fellow inmate does something erratic or violent the whole prison population gets punished You are a number That is it Reading this collection of stories makes me value my freedom and leaves me grateful for the simplest pleasuresCurtis Dawkin's proceeds from the sale of his book all go towards an education fund for his children He admits that he is guilty of committing murder and says he lives with sorrow and despair for the victim and family of the victim but also for his own family I do not know the details of his crime and I am not a proponent for breaking any laws ever I do have to give this author credit for excellence in creative writing Some stories are very short Some are longer They all give glimpses behind the curtain of prison where time is all one really has The author states that there are a lot of liars in prison He makes reference to a fellow prisoner named Catfish who is serving time for killing his wife The author states that he doesn't believe that Catfish really committed murder but is covering for his sisterDon't get me wrong You couldn't pay me enough money in all the world to visit a jail or a prison I am left shaking just thinking about what it must be like to be any of the characters he writes about It did open my eyes to all of the massive amount of people who use hard core drugs and make bad decisions to ruin not only one's life but the family they leave behind The author says that lying or calling somebody a liar in prison could earn you a beating before a guard could intervene opening the cell with a key That lying is one step up on the ladder from being a snitchIn the acknowledgements Mr Dawkin's thanks many people for helping to bring his fictional short stories to a published accomplishment Two writer's that I have read for many years have helped with bringing this book to fruition My last words are reiterating what I already said that I will be grateful for the smallest hardship that I have to face for freedom and being able to make my own choices While the subject matter of this book is very unpleasant the stories and the writing is excellent It is not graphically violent or gratuitous but humaneThank you to Net Galley Curtis Dawkin's and Scribner's Publishing for providing me with my digital copy in exchange for a fair and honest reviewPublication Date July 4 2017

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READ ì The Graybar Hotel: Stories ô In this stunning debut collection Curtis Dawkins an MFA graduate and convicted murderer serving life without parole takes us inside the worlds of prison and prisoners with stories that dazzle with their humor and insight even as they describe a harsh and barren existenceIn Curtis Dawkins’s first short story coIn this stunning debut collection Curtis Dawkins an MFA graduate and convicted murderer serving life without parole takes us inside the worlds of prison and prisoners with stories that dazzle with their humor and insight even as they describe a harsh and barren existenceIn Curtis Dawkins’s first short story collection he offers a window into prison life through the eyes of his narrators and their cellmates Dawkins reveals the idiosyncrasies tedium and desperation of long term incarceration he describes men who struggle to keep their souls alive despite the challenges they face In. The Graybar Hotel is a collection of brilliant short stories that draw you into the harsh and demanding world of prison without resorting to the well known tropes of brutality and violence Curtis Dawkins the author is a prison inmate serving life without parole convicted of murder He makes no bones about his guilt and holds his hands up to the crime His experiences and knowledge inform the stories and the characters rendering them authentic A wide array of characters and experiences are covered such as a man who shuns social contacts finds himself so trapped by the mindless monotony of prison life that it triggers a change in his personality He finds himself phoning random numbers he has no one else with the hope of conversations with complete strangers and hearing the everyday noises of the outside world There are the awkward relationships with family members We are given insights into the experience of processing the bartar system and the relationships between prisoners Then there is the difficulties of adjusting to the world outside and its complexities upon being releasedThe author writes with intelligence on a subject that most of us have little experience of an invisible world and makes prison come alive effortlessly I found the well written narrative the challenging environment and the characters both gripping and compelling Dawkins has a real gift for language and dialogue and left me wanting A moving collection of stories that I recommend highly Hope to read from the author in the future Thanks to Scribner for an ARC