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DOWNLOAD Í Death in Venice and Seven Other Stories Þ In addition to Death in Venice this volume includes Mario and the Magician Disorder and Early Sorrow A Man and His Dog Felix Krull The Blood of the Walsungs Tristan and Tonio KrögerThese stories as direct as Thomas Mann's novels are complex are perfect illustrations of their auTuousness of doom to the irony of Felix Krull the early story on which he later based his comic novel The Confessions of Felix Krull they are stunning testimony to the mastery and virtuosity of a literary giantTranslated from the German by HT Lowe Porter. It took me a long time to get to Mann but I feel in good company with him Lots influence of Poe and Conrad and clearly in company with Dineson who he obviously influenced an operatic tone ironic comic erudite and seemingly a strange mix of a 19th century feel with modern concerns and anxieties Paul Bowles and Bruno Shultz who are two of my favorite writers also claim Mann as an influence and I can see parallels in their work “Death in Venice” is a masterpiece of symbolism and foreshadowing with a sense of growing apocalyptic dread strange events odd characters the old man pretending to be young the weird smelling clown a mysterious epidemic a Dionysian dreamvision and the obsessive uest of narcissismpedophilia It brings to mind Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness” Machen’s “The Great God Pan” and “Lolita; and of course a wealth of mythic allusion “Mario and the Magician” is an eerie parable of fascism with a sinister mesmerist that reminds of character from Hawthorne’s House of Seven Gables Hawthorne troublesome parablesallegories is good touchtone for this story “Disorder and the early sorrow” is satire of the changing social order set during the Weimar republic examining the poverty and changingblurring social classes Told through the viewpoint of the history Dr Cornelius who refuses to see his era as part of history as it lacks dignity This is a plenty telling metaphor The Wagner meets Poe in “The Blood of the Walsungs” a tale with elements of the gothic and decadent and filled with opera incest and misanthropy So if you like Gogol Hawthorne Poe Dineson Dante Greek myths and drama Conrad Voltaire Bowles and Shultz; then you should like Mann And consider these lines from the opening paragraph in “Mario and the Magician”; “Luckily for them they did not know where the comedy left off and the tragedy began; and we let them remain in their happy belief that the whole thing had been a play up till the end”

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In addition to Death in Venice this volume includes Mario and the Magician Disorder and Early Sorrow A Man and His Dog Felix Krull The Blood of the Walsungs Tristan and Tonio KrögerThese stories as direct as Thomas Mann's novels are complex are perfect. european men stay put seriously nothing good ever happens to you when you leave whatever small european town you are from and venture into the wider world whether it is gide and tunisia conrad and the congo robbe grillet with wherever that was various graham greenes; statistically there will be temptations which you are not euipped to resist and you will either succumb or drive yourself to humiliation and despair with the wanting to succumb and i totally get it different surroundings absence of judgmental peer group it's vacation morality when i was in prague i totally stole a guinness mug from the irish pub i fell in love with so i am no stranger to a wild life of crime and transgression i left the children alone though for the record lawrence durrell is totally exempt from this advice although since he is dead it doesn't really matterand just so we're clear i only read death in venice the other seven stories can go screw for now this is just book club fare and if i have time in my life to read troubled intellectual germans i will know where to turn but for now i must bake book club cake and enjoy my free snow dayreaders thinkers and drinkers feb 2010come to my blog

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Death in Venice and Seven Other StoriesIllustrations of their author's belief that a story must tell itself Varying in theme in style in tone each is in its own way characteristic of Mann's prodigious talents From the high art of the famous title novella A story Mann said of deathof the volup. It can be a joy to be wrong sometimes Going into this collection I didn't have much to go on regarding Thomas Mann I'd heard some biographical details and titles of works but nothing I'd heard his name mentioned in the same breaths and sentences as Kafka Goethe Hesse in German literature particularly and in the same vein along some of the writers of the highest echelons of the world generally but I for lack of a better term never got around to him I expected him to be the runt of the German litter the one who came late to the party and only made it in by the skin of his teeth I was wrong beyond wordsBut one early evening segueing languidly into night in Jerusalem I popped into a used bookshop which wonderfully Jerusalem has plenty of and picked up a few tomes for my soon to be coming move back to America I was in an odd state of mind as I was tremendously relieved to be traveling back to the country of my upbringing with all that that entailedbut I was also than a bit sad troubled even that I hadn't succeeded in Israel Not getting into the army not learning Hebrew uickly enough to get a job to improve it further and also being unable to attain the Masters degree I had to set out to obtainI was tired so tired in so many waysOn that night though I picked up if I recall correctly Peer Gynt a copy of A History of Ancient Philosophy and this Thomas Mann collectionA lot happened between my buying the collection and my actually reading it For one thing I left Israel and spent an eventful and infinitely memorable six days in Estonia After that I made my way back home to California It was there I started thumbing through Death in VeniceIt was a slow process I thought after reading Saul Bellow I'd be ready for languid prose that took it's time and suffused the pages as well as nearly overwhelmed the reader with no acuiescence to ease or convenience But Bellow would be the speaker at the dinner party the man surrounded by onlookers throwing out as many cultured references and allusions as he can muster in an attempt to do through force what a writer like Mann the one sitting around a fire place with a sparse but intimate number of friends can do easily casually with no less effort but with infinitely grace calculation and dare I say skillDeath in Venice is haunting to me because it acts completely knowingly as a collapsing bridge between two exclusive worlds beyond joining that are also inexorably linked The ancient world of the classics of Greek of Latin of Gods and and passion and feeling fluid primal than what we have now And the second world our ostensible world a world trying harder and harder to divest itself of its flexible even sylvan past and maintain everything through repetitious near dogmatic assertions of reason logic philosophy science all of it meant to make explicable make real make palatable our reality But Mann in this story depicts a man torn in half who vacillates between straddling the line and finally inevitably letting it cut him in two destroying him utterly It's a fecund and feverish story that's relentless in its artistry Objectionable due to the content Of a grown man fallen in hopeless love and lust for a boy Oh most definitely But that's the point It's from this vantage point Mann shows us two worlds colliding and all the passionate and destructive fallout that ensues It's a lush and even deadly storyNow as for the rest of the collection What can I possibly say They are all excellent And considering this is a short story collection that's doubly impressive I don't think I've ever given a perfect score to any collection like this before not even Joyce's Dubliners Tonio Kruger is as beautiful an authorial and even artistic manifesto as one is likely to find hand in hand with Portrait of the Artist Man and his Dog is a humble and warm slice of life Tristan is a maddening look at human frailty and the power coupled with futility of the written word Blood of the Walsungs is a masterwork of decadence and narcissism and an incredible depiction of an empty and superficial generation descending into apathy and slow irrelevant death Mario and the Magician is a deft satire about the rise of character based cults in German leadership and chilling given its context Disorder and Early Sorrow feels like a blueprint for later works a slow and drawn out exhalation that still holds true and still shows the keenness of Mann's vision And finally Felix Krull while funny is also unexpectedly tragic so much so that I believe the last few lines of it of a son paying tribute to a dead father through the gift of his tears will stay with me for uite some time if not for the rest of my time I read and thinkIt's a powerful collection at times many times even sublime Please devote yourself to it when you get a chance make the time for it even It's worth far and beyond the time and energy needed to read it and will pay you back emotionally even spiritually in dividends as an affirmation or possibly a reaffirmation of the awesome and necessary power of true words written by a divinely skilled hand And now as per a friend's advice I must start the Magic Mountain possibly even putting my life on hold until it's finished and appreciated fully