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review Tudor Rose Õ eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ In 16th century England two teenage best friends find themselves on an exciting journey from the country to the ueen’s court in the hope of being named ladies in waiting But Sybille and Rose soon discover they aren’t the only girls who have their sights set on attending Her Majesty The girls muIn 16th century England two teenage best friends find themselves on an exciting journey from the country to the ueen’s court in the hope of being named ladies in waiting But Sybille and Rose soon discover they aren’t the only girls who have their sights set on attending Her Majesty The girls must compete against worldly and cunning oppo. I was lucky enough to get an early copy of this book and polished it off in short order The opening chapter had me hooked and really set the tone for the whole book What impresses me most is how relatable the story is even though it is historical fiction The scenes played out in the book could be reset in any modern day high school simply by changing the location I thought back to my own experiences growing up and realized how many Roses and Sybilles I knew However setting it in Elizabethan England a time period that I have read much about both fiction and non fiction was a masterstroke as it heightens the drama The fact that it faithfully depicts this period of history has made it even easier for me to pass on to my own daughter to read I am confident she will love it

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Between Sybille and Avis heats up the focus on Rose wanes allowing her to turn her attention to important matters – like getting close enough to the ueen to learn her secretsBut being close to the ueen is not without its challenges And when rumors of Rose’s influence make their way around the castle no one not even the ueen will be saf. So my first ever early review copy did disappoint It's hard when we're selecting I sort of skim through the synopses and pick whatever sounds even remotely interesting The books I claim the likely I am to win one I re read the synopsis to this one after reading the book and was reminded why I chose it It did seem interesting But there were just too many irksome things in this book for me to appreciate the story itself Not only were those things annoying but they kept happening The book was about a couple main characters Avis Sybille and Rose It was MAINLY told from Rose's point of view but we also heard from the others as well as a few other characters I wasn't a fan of the random one time POV's we got from some of the supporting characters There was literally no point in having them if we only cared about their point of view that one time I also recall one specifically that gave us tricky information that made it seem like something big was going to happen and then it didn't So Sybille and Rose come from the countryside to live in the court of ueen Elizabeth because Sybille was supposed to marry the son of one of the important families living there Rose comes along as her lady in waiting in a way They were supposed to be best friends but Sybille did nothing but treat Rose like an ant under her shoe and she also acted completely unhinged and psychotic a lot of the time I was left sitting there thinking Is this girl for real Somehow the three main girls get caught up in a competition from ueen Elizabeth that entails each of them throwing a big party and the winner gets to go on some sort of trip with her as her lady in waiting I believe I wasn't totally sure what the point of trying to win this championship was even at the end when all was said and done So without giving away any endings I'll give you a few less revealing thoughts I really hated the first chapter of this book completely It was appalling and totally useless for the rest of the story We literally could've chopped it off and started the story at chapter 2 and it would've been completely fine There is also still an insane amount of editing that needs to be done and I wasn't even looking for problems I was constantly finding bad sentences such as this one Still Fulke wondered if his mother's advice to him advice was truly helpful It was pretty irksome I was also really fed up with how much the characters called each other trollops and harlots Like really that is not necessary ANYWHERE And how much of this time period was even researched Nothing seemed very realistic to me as far as how anyone from bum children running around on the street to the ueen acted or how events were played out It was a uick read and when all was said and done I have no idea what even happened in the end Nothing seemed resolved It seemed like it was alluding to a seuel which I will definitely not be reading to get the answers I did not enjoy my time with this book but I didn't despise it and I think the only reason I didn't get to that point was because it was short and I didn't have all that much time to get there LOL I will give it that It wasn't filled with as much useless boring setup describing scenes as a lot of books are You know the ones I mean They are 300 500 pages and you know you could cut out a good 100 pages and still get the full effect of the story without the aggravation of wasted time

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Tudor RoseNents among them mean girl Avis and her entourage of back stabbing co horts tipping the balance in their already tenuous friendshipSoon the grand hall is like the hallway of a prestigious finishing school with girls fighting for the attention of a dashing young earl amid parties fueled by drinking and indiscriminate relations As the tension. Tudor Rose is set in England in the 1500’s It follows three girls who are competing for a position that would put them close to the ueen Based on the time period setting and a very general overview of the plot I really thought I would enjoy this book I wanted to and I tried but I really did not enjoy reading this book at all When I started reading it I felt like I had picked it up and started somewhere in the middle of a story because there was so little backstory or character development The opening scene is disgusting and crass and it set the tone of the whole book – dirty disgusting and unnecessarily crass None the characters were likeable They were all selfish and self absorbed for some reason filthy dirty most of the time and only cared about either sex or how they could benefit from tearing everyone else down The book had a very negative feeling throughout The editing was horrible There were so many grammatical errors And in the end I can’t even really tell you how it concludes because the ending is so vague And there is apparently some over arching plot dealing with some castle spies that is never explained and makes the ending that much confusing All in all I would not recommend this book I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review I was not obligated to write a positive review and all of the opinions shared above are my own