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summary The Agony and the Ecstasy A Biographical Novel of Michelangelo ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ´ Celebrating the 500th anniversary of Michelangelo’s David New American Library releases a special edition of Irving Stone’s classic biographical novel—in which both the artistPhical novel in which both the artist and the man are brought to life in full A masterpiece in its own right this novel offers a compelling po. I discovered this Irving Stone title in high school many many years ago but I had not read the book again since then so it was fresh new and incredibly stunning for me We meet Michelangelo when he is thirteen and follow him through his almost tortured life until he dies at age 88 In between we see him become an Artist like no other before or since We learn Art History Italian History Vatican History and meet an incredible number of Popes all of whom keep Michelangelo on a short leash I can only imagine what he could have created if he had been allowed to concentrate on the marble the way he so intensely desired to do But every Pope from Julius II to Pius IV expected Michelangelo to create specific projects just for them For example he never wanted to paint the Sistine Chapel he was ordered to do that job with the promise that when he was done he could return to his sculpture He could easily have given less than 100% of himself to the work but Michelangelo was a true artist Plus he also knew that He was a victim of his own integrity which forced him to do his best even when he would have preferred to do nothing at all So he created a treasure for the ages And did so every time he was forced away from his one true passion working the marbleMy reading of the book this time was enriched by keeping my laptop nearby and referring to it freuently I researched artists whose work influenced Michelangelo such as Donatello whose bronze David left our young artist speechless when he first saw it I would stop reading many times just to examine the pictures of Michelangelo's works Stone has freuent passages describing the thought process as Michelangelo developed his ideas for each piece then the physical act of creation where man and stone seemed to merge Although I have to admit that the author's descriptions of the actual sculpting did seem a bit over the top I can understand the creation metaphors but Stone's intensely sexual language in these sections felt than a little creepy But the point is that to go from the printed page to a computer image of the piece was amazing and helped me appreciate the details of the artwork Michelangelo's genius and even my computer better than everHere is a link to see a full sized 1910 replica of David placed in the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence where the original statue stood until 1873 when it was moved inside the Galleria dell'Accademia Florence where it remains today It wasn't until I saw this picture that I truly realized just how gigantic the David is Look at the people next to it They look so tiny And just think Michelangelo was not a big burly man the kind I have always imagined a sculptor to be He wasn't even a tall thin man like Charlton Heston who played the role in the movie of this book Michelangelo was only five feet four inches tall and when working obsessively the only way he knew how he weighed less than 100 pounds of pure muscle and will power by the time he was finished And yet he was a true giant of his era and for all time

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Celebrating the 500th anniversary of Michelangelo’s David New American Library releases a special edition of Irving Stone’s classic biogra. Goodreads crashed on me I didn't realize the five stars were posted but not my review You may be wondering why I rated this book so highly The book made Michelangelo and his times really come alive for me I feel like I personally know like and respect Michelangelo as a person He was so recognizably human with family issues rivalries loyal friends treacherous friends and above all this fierce driving passion for his art especially sculpture He was born with a gift and a genius that he acted on He was passionate cranky demanding willful opinionated determined driven and unwilling to accept anything short of perfection Yet he did what he needed to do to pay the bills sometimes setting his pet projects aside for years For the first time in my life I am interested in visiting the Sistine Chapel to see his painstakingly and brilliantly executed ceiling frescoe and to view his famous marble sculpture of David with the broken arm Plus on occasion I'm a sucker for epic historical novels Michelangelo lived from 1475 1565 which was a fascinating period of history Christopher Columbus gets mentioned in passing some guy who recently set sail in three tiny ships westbound to find India Raphael and so many other famous names from the Renaissance Michelangelo had no use for Leonardo da Vinci whom he considered to be a society seeking dandy and snob I think most of this information is probably true as the book was extremely well researched with lots of primary sources such as Michelangelo's 400 lettersThe book also gets inside his head as an artist as he designs and executes all of his work especially his most beloved marble sculptures I had no idea there are so many grades of marble and never thought about how arduous it was to extract the right marble out of the Roman hills Or to move the finished sculptures to their designated locationsThe dense writing and length 760 pages made it a slog for me to get through but an exciting slog and I find myself thinking a lot about it That's why I gave it five stars

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The Agony and the Ecstasy A Biographical Novel of MichelangeloRtrait of Michelangelo’s dangerous impassioned loves and the God driven fury from which he wrested the greatest art the world has ever known. Irving Stone's The Agony and the Ecstasy was a magnificent literary biographical novel of the renowned and beloved artist Michelangelo It beautifully details the complexity not only of the man but a lifetime of his works including the many and famous sculptures from Carrara marble paintings frescos and architecture not only in Florence but in Bologna and Rome Michelangelo's large body of work included his iconic sculptures of David and the Pieta Although he preferred other forms of artistic expression over painting some of his most famous frescos include the beautiful ceiling in the Sistine Chapel as well as The Last Judgment on the altar wall At the age of 74 Michelangelo became the architect of St Peter's Basilica that occupied the remainder of his life He worked on models of the dome he envisioned over the nave of St Peter's so it could be completed after his death I loved this book and I'm looking forward to another trip to Italy to once again enjoy these timeless artistic works of Michelangelo but this time with a much greater understanding appreciation and awe of the artist White marble was the heart of the universe the purest substance created by God; not merely a symbol of God but a portrait God's way of manifesting himself Only a divine hand could create such noble beauty He felt himself a part of the white purity before him felt its integrity as though it were his ownArt for me is a torment grievous when it goes bad ecstatic when it goes well; but always it possesses me When I have finished with a day of work I am a husk Everything that was inside of me is now inside the marble or fresco That is why I have nothing to give elsewhereEvery work of art is a self portrait They have tremendous emotional impact; it's as though I must project myself into their unfinished forms complete them by my own thinking and feeling he was content He had come into the autumn of his life a man has his seasons even as had the earth Was the harvesting of autumn less important than the seeding of spring Each without the other was meaninglessSt Peter's He entered the church through its front portal walked in the strong Roman sunshine down the wide nave stood below the center of the dome just over the tomb of St Peter He felt his soul leave his body rise upward into the dome becoming part of it part of space of time of heaven and of God