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Read ↠ Nova The Renegades #2 102 ´ The only heart he wants is the one he already brokeHe's Landon RhodesThe Renegade they call NovaSinfully gorgeous broody tatted up professional snowboarderFour time X Games medalist—Full time heartbreakerThey say a girl broke him once—That's why he's so reckless so driven so careless with his conuestsBut I'mThe only heart he wants is the one he already brokeHe's Landon RhodesThe Renegade they call NovaSinfully gorgeous broody tatted up professional snowboarderFour time X. Currently on sale 35 Stars Nova takes place after Rachel boards the cruise ship that the Renegades are currently controlling for their film After finding out that her ex and the man who destroyed her heart is on board with his friends she wants to jump ship and swim a way from her problems But seeing as that isn't an option she chooses to suck it up and just do her best to avoid Landon Too bad he has way different idea's when he learns that Rachel is on the ship and that he may finally have his shot at getting her back I really enjoyed that Rachel made Landon work for her forgiveness and that she didn't just hand it to him It made the story really interesting since we got to see Landon chase her I do wish it didn't go on as long as it did though since it made the story drag a little There were a few times that I was just hoping that she would just forgive him already or push him away for good since they went back and forth a few too many times for my liking Once we got over that hump of slowness the story really picked up and I loved seeing these characters together They were both great characters and it was fun to see how they could match each others crazy Landon was amazing and I honestly thought it was so swoon worthy how he refused to give up on Rachel again Bottom line I would recommend this book for anyone that likes a second chance story It can easily be read as a standalone but I would also recommend Wilder because of how much I liked that story also Nova playlistTrigger Deaf HavanaHeavy Metal Heart Sky Ferreira Jungle X Ambassador No Good Kaleo Landslide Oh WonderShape of You Ed Sheeran You're Mine Phantogram

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Games medalist Full time heartbreakerThey say a girl broke him once That's why he's so reckless so driven so careless with his conuestsBut I'm that girlThey can call m. MAJOR GROVEL ALERT Anyone who follows my reviews with any kind of regularity knows I'm super picky about second chance romances One of my biggest pet peeves is lack of communicationthe characters uickly falling into bed together Also if necessary I like my grovels to be damn good with the aggrieved party being appropriately angry and not forgiving too uickly And the grovel in this one One wordNova absolutely delivered To the point where even I wanted to beg her to give him a break and that NEVER happens so if you like a good long grovel you'll definitely want to check this out 3 It wasn't necessarily amazing in terms of what he did his actions were fairly basic but I was so greedy for a lengthy grovel that I didn't really careThere were so many great one liners and the writing and the emotions were SPOT ON Here are a few of my absolute favorites You're like a supernova—an explosion so bright no one can see past you I'd told him once after he'd won a competition But like my love that name had been twisted into something entirely different Now he was Casanova and no longer mine I was putting myself back together piece by jagged ripped bleeding piece So you're going to have to forgive me if I’m not ready to let him tear me apart again just so he can feel better about himself If he thinks I’m a bitch I'm okay with it He doesn't get to argue with what he turned me into He slipped inside like he'd never left his taste and touch overwhelming as he filled the cracks in my soul he'd put there in the first place And while I loved the beginning and all the feels I didn't like the shakeup at the end It felt unnecessary and unrealistic and to be honest some of it just confused me Maybe someone who's read it can clear it up for meview spoilerThings that didn't make sense I thought Nova left her because Paxton gave him an ultimatum It sucked but I understood it Throwing in the drama with her father and the money didn't make any sense to me Why would Nova's parents feel like in the past Rachel was the final straw but in the present his mom was giddy over her I feel like I missed something because around 80% when all this was revealed it felt like it came out of left field Because of this drama ^ now Rachel had to forgive him again and how is the girl who took almost 60% to forgive him the first time going to forgive him again in the span of 20% Why Nova never said anything It made zero sense to hold this information back especially when he spent so much of the novel talking about doing right by her and not lying etc Nova giving up the dangerous stunt for Rachel This didn't really prove much to me since he'd already tried it and gotten hurt; plus it was still really dangerous I kind of wish that first time hadn't happened because he pretty much already knew the result I think it would have been stronger and impactful if he'd given up that stunt without ever trying itNone of these things changed how I felt about Nova and Rachel both of whom I loved so I didn't blame them for their actions because honestly this felt random like the only purpose was to force drama And that's on the author than the characters I don't know if that makes sense and maybe I'm stupid and everyone else understood this perfectly but that's just how I felt hide spoiler

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Nova The Renegades #2E his curse all they wantHe and I both know the truth He's the one who destroyed meAnd I'm not the sucker who will let that happen againNOVA can be read as a standalon. I feel like I have been waiting forever for Nova Ever since the climactic reveal of who Rachel was I knew I had to know their story and damn it was a ride But of course Rebecca Yarros always knows exactly which strings to pull to wrap me up in a ball of nerves and anticipationThere was so much to this story that I don’t know what to say without spoiling anything for you It felt like every time I got to an aha moment there was a whole other layer that still needed to be peeled back for me to cry a little over Not that this was a book that had me in floods of tears just that the writing is so perfect that I felt every emotion these characters went throughFor a lot of the book I didn’t like Nova and to be honest I don’t necessarily know that I like him now Don’t get me wrong he did make up for his mistakes and I completely understood why he did it I just wouldn’t be able to get passed it personally Unless there was a lot grovelling but that’s just my personality and I do understand why Rachel did and it didn’t take anything away from the story but I still really want to kick his arseRachel was amazing and for me this whole book was all about how beautiful she was and how strong I really couldn’t have asked for a kick arse heroine Every time I wondered how much could she go through without curling into a ball and crying for the rest of the book she rallied and did something that just made me love her As always the characters were great and the story was even better and I am so glad I sat down and read it as soon as the pre order hit my kindle If you haven’t read Wilder yet I highly recommend reading that first you can find my review for it here Check out my reviews here