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When a Girl Loves an Earl (Rescued from Ruin, #5) Read & Download É 104 ê What a girl wants Miss Viola Darling always gets what she wants Always And what she wants than anything is to marry James Kilbrenner the Earl of Tannenbrook She’s fallen hard for the giant taciturn surly brute and she positively will hAthless no matter how tempted he may be And only the right one will do Thrown in her path by a meddling marchioness James finds himself under sensual siege from a tiny flirtatious sprite who puts both his heart and his vow to remain unwed at risk And when scandal looms he learns the hard way that a man can resist only so long before the indomitable Miss Darling gets her way. This is the story of James and Viola he wants nothing to do with her but she wants everything to do with him James is a veritable giant of a man and Viola is a petite lady However Viola is one determined lady but will her determination be enough to win over James Their story is at times highly amusing but also heart wrenching It was interesting to read how James started his life and how the events affected his behaviour later in his life I loved reading about his friends that were in other books just like catching up with old friends However this book can be read as a standalone This is a book I can thoroughly recommend once I read the first page I was hooked I was given an arc copy for an honest review

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What a girl wants Miss Viola Darling always gets what she wants Always And what she wants than anything is to marry James Kilbrenner the Earl of Tannenbrook She’s fallen hard for the giant taciturn surly brute and she positively will have no other The problem He’s not interested Not even a little But Viola cannot afford to lose And she has her heart set on James If only. Audio375 StarsThe narrator does an excellent job with accents and distinctive voices but her overall tone is too soothing She is better suited for meditation audios Story45 Stars Oh I loved how persistent and determined the heroine was to make the hero hers And there was no rediculous delay for not consummating the marriage Of course there's a misunderstanding that happens but it's resolved fairly uickly and it's a very emotional scene Loved it I did roll my eyes once at the epilogue I didn't care for how a certain piece of news was delivered

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When a Girl Loves an Earl Rescued from Ruin #5He will bend to a bit of persuasion Is an earl like no other James Kilbrenner knows how determined the entirely too beautiful Miss Darling can be the daft woman cornered him at a perfectly respectable dinner and mangled his cravat before he could escape He has no desire to marry less desire to be pursued and will certainly not kiss her kissable lips until they are both bre. The fifth instalment in Elisa Braden’s fabulous Rescued from Ruin series is here and it doesn’t disappoint Elisa continues the high standard set in the previous instalments and in When a Girl Wants an Earl tells the story of beautiful and spirited Viola Darling and the taciturn James Kilbrenner Earl of Tannenbrook Tannenbrook has been a recurring character from the first book in the series The Madness of Viscount Atherbourne and all throughout the subseuent books He has come across as such a kind and honourable man and a stalwart friend that I was waiting eagerly for his happy ever after He certainly met his match in the diminutive dynamo that is Viola Viola first hears about James through her best friend Charlotte who has become friends with Tannenbrook after he defended her against some vicious taunting by a drunken man at a ball She instantly develops a strong fascination with him aided by her Inkling oh how I loved Viola’s Inkling that he is her destiny She urgently needs to be married by the end of the Season and despite already having received numerous proposals she determines that no other will do Circumstances in the form of the formidable Lady Wallingham force Tannenbrook to attend the Season and Viola gets to meet the object of her fascination Already being halfway in love with him she falls hard and pursues James with a passion James has his own reasons for not wishing to get married and despite the passion Viola arouses in him he tries to do the honourable thing and rejects her time and again – sometimes uite brutally But Viola will not be rebuffed Things come to a head at Lady Wallingham’s house party to which they have both been invited and Viola eventually gets her own way by compromising Tannenbrook leaving them no choice but to wed Viola feels guilty at trapping James in this way but loves him too much to let him go Of course James is secretly relieved that the decision has been taken away from him and he can let Viola finally catch him But once married both James and Viola must overcome their insecurities and deal with James’ past before achieving their happy ever after Elisa has presented us with a brilliantly mismatched couple for which I was rooting from the first page to the last In appearance and temperament they are so far apart that really they shouldn’t work but Elisa’s talent is such that you couldn’t imagine a perfect pairingViola is a delightfully persistent heroine Her pursuit of James could have come across as annoying or selfish but she is portrayed so well that you cannot help but truly like her and cheer her on with every scheme she hatches to gain James’ attention Despite getting knocked back by James so many times she never concedes defeat and carries on with grace and determination Her resilience in the first half of the book is so endearing and I found her reactions to James’ deepening Scottish brogue priceless She tugs at your heartstrings but also makes you laugh out loudJames did come across as being uite harsh and hurtful occasionally but the reader is aware of his reasons and he is never portrayed as brutish He is fighting against his own feelings as well as the tenacious Viola so you really just felt sorry for him He is such a decent and loveable man you ache for him to defeat his demons and let Viola heal him As with all Elisa’s novels this one is also filled with strong emotional scenes the prologue and Tannenbrook