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The Rising Gold Read & Download â 105 ✓ A new world ruler is crowned Plunged into a crumbling world of foreign politics that is desperate for a leader Eros chooses a loyal prince to help him navigate the hostile sands of Safara But not everyone is happy to see a half blood become the most powerful person on the planet A ueen must restore herA new world ruler is crowned Plunged into a crumbling world of foreign politics that is desperate for a leader Eros chooses a loyal prince to help him navigate the hostile sands of Safara But not everyone is happy to see a half blood become the most powerful person on the pla. Me when this book was first announcedClearly it ain't October unless I'm reading one of the books in this magnificent trilogy because I read the first book in October 2016 and the second in October 2017 And now what will Gabe gift us with for October 2019 if anything For sure I'll be eagerly reading anything they write As for The Rising Gold though Also for sure it's a lock for the 2018 Pinecone Awards just like its immediate predecessor Into the Black and for much the same reason tooSo about a year ago when I first got to read the second book I wrote my review and tweeted it to Gabe and as I remember they said that they read my review before going into work and shed some serious happy tears over it Well Gabe you got your payback with this third book in which some of Eros' POV chapters gave me happy tears when I read them before work hell sometimes even while I was on my lunch break More on that later thoughI'm very glad I went and not only bought all three books in the trilogy at once to celebrate this momentous occasion but also reread the first two books as well Very nice it was to find a lot of details that I had forgotten including a few minor characters who kinda faded into the background in Book 2 but come back bigtime in Book 3 I'm especially looking at Dima and Jarek whose presence strongly impacts Kora's story arc as she struggles with her complicated feelings for her brother and his boyfriend And also her feelings for Eros I can't believe I used to ship them Well of course now I know betterNow I know exactly how right Deimos is for ErosShae those chapters are the ones that gave me all the happy tears Well besides how utterly adorable the dynamic between Eros and Mal still is But this little bi boy enough of a fan of this series that I'm probably the only person to use the word lijara in my Twitter profilewell There are a lot of iconic ueer literary stars I can see myself in to some degree or another Simon Spider I still call him that I can't help it Aaron Soto Jesper Fahey Jupiter Charity Sanchez Mia Corvere Mateo Torrez and Rufus Emeterio Alec Lightwood But none so than Eros that sweet nervous inexperienced bi boy who feels like literally nobody will ever want to love or sleep with him and then along comes THE ONE Ahhhh Deimos you blazing flirt I can tell you that there's another universe just like Griffin would've posited in History Is All You Left Me where one of my best friends is my boyfriend his sister already ships us Lol and Gabe you've probably come closest to making that universe a realityThat's not to say that this book's all fluff of course It wouldn't be one of Gabe's if it weren't a real hard hitter with its themes of overcoming and dismantling oppressive systems Nowhere is the road to a better world easy for Eros Kora Deimos or any of their allies Especially when the fight gets super personal for Kora and Eros struggles with his increasingly fragile mental health a struggle that becomes personal for Deimos as well as he grows to love Eros and And of course Eros has to deal with his erm contentious relationship with his mother Of all the people in this series I think she's the one I dislike the mostBut all these unflinching themes are beautifully balanced of course by all the positivity advanced by our heroes As expected this book is very ueer friendly with even visible lijarae than ever including some trans rep directly clashing with the Sepharon claim established back in Book 1 that the men are able to control their children's gender at conception but of course Kala has other plans And I very much welcome the sex positivity further helping to normalize enthusiastic consent and sex before marriageI mean is there any doubt that this series is one of my all time favorites Voiding NOGabe to your killer debut trilogy I now bid ave atue valePS Why the hell are there no text reviews on this book's GR page besides mine Damn y'all are sleeping on this trilogy Well luckily I've lent the whole trilogy to a dear friend of mine who'll hopefully become the next big fan D

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Net A ueen must restore her nationIn power once Kora faces new challenges and a difficult decision that puts someone close to her in mortal danger The wrong choice could destroy her relationships her right to rule and her life A rebellion is brewingWith their world collapsing. I am three for three on crying on an airplane when I finish a book in this series I love Eros with my whole heart he is my sun and moon and stars and I am SO GLAD that he got an ending he deserved The expansion of the world building and political structures of Safara were just so good The character development has been amazing As sad as I am to say goodbye to these characters I’m so happy I got to meet them I cannot WAIT to see what comes next for this stellar author Also not gonna lie I made a playlist for my boy Eros and his boy bc I’m a huge nerd

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The Rising GoldAround them new threats spreading across the globe and their loved ones at risk the people of Safara―Sepharon and human alike―depend on Eros and Kora to fix their bleeding world But with generations of hate stacked against them the two young monarchs may be doomed to fai. This was an okay ending to a promising series I didn't love or hate it Full cranky review can be found at Ash Reads Stuff