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Rewind Rewind #1Sixteen year old Alex is a Spinner she has the ability to rewind time to review past events Hated and feared because of their ability to find the truth the small population of Spinners is restricted to Centers compound I loved it It’s beautifully written and a real page turner Each chapter ends with a cliff hanger and I could hardly wait to see what happens next A lot happens This is the story of Alex a 16 year old girl with a rare gift she can stop time and then rewind it to reveal events in the past Her ability is such a boon to the Portland police department that Alex lives in the city’s Crime Investigation Center So do other teens who help the police solve crimes by freezing and rewinding time But while Alex cherishes her relationships with the folks at the Center and the police force she slowly realizes that many of the people she trusts and admires are in fact her enemies and that her very life is in dangerMixing heart racing episodes with tender passages – for a sweet romance runs through the story the book is hard to put down At the end you realize that the title refers not only to the kids’ ability to rewind time but also their need to reexamine nearly everything they had believed about the people around them both good and bad

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read Rewind Rewind #1 kindle À Hardcover Ï carolyn o'doherty Æ Sixteen year old Alex is a Spinner—she has the ability to rewind time to review past events Hated and feared because of their ability to find the truth the small population of Spinners is restricted to Centers—compounds created to housS created to house and protect them Alex's society uses the Spinners' skills to solve major crimes but messing with time comes with conseuences no Spinner lives past the age of twenty At sixteen Alex is in her prime un I wanted to dislike this so badly going into it but it was lowkey kind of a good read Don't get me wrong this kind of reads like a dusty paperback you would find on a high school bookshelf but I'm not mad about it I thought the plot was interesting if not a little predictable and that Alex was a great character to view the story through I think the relationship between her and Ross was super interesting and the view spoiler power imbalance between them was built up very smoothly hide spoiler

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Til time sickness strikes early When she is offered an experimental treatment Alex sees a future for herself for the first time But the promising medication offers than just a cure it also brings with it dire conseuenc Things are not going to be OK Time that invisible essence I control with a twist of my mind always takes its revenge A very small part of the population can be identified as spinners people with the ability to freeze and even rewind time Feared and often seen as abominations spinners are locked away at birth and raised in group homes only allowed out to help solve local crimes For sixteen year old Alex it means that her life has a meaning no matter how small She loves solving crimes and is pleasantly surprised with her police partner Agent Ross Ross respects Alex's abilities and values her opinions leading her to want to help him solve his biggest case ever The only problem is that for all the spinning she can do Alex has no time; no spinner ever lives past the age of twenty With her clock clicking down Alex agrees to secretly take part in a new drug trial that might lengthen her life But the new drug has scary side effects spurring Alex to uncover secrets that she never would have thought possible Rewind is a short fast read that has a strong and interesting basis I have a thing for supernatural type mysteries psychics superheroes and what have you are my dream and I really thought that I was going to love Rewind It wasn't necessarily a bad book but for me I feel it was rather forgettable and had its own share of problems so I'm giving it 25 starsI guess the number one problem I had with this book is that there was nothing that really stood out for me Alex and her supporting cast are extremely average The ability to freeze and rewind time was pretty cool and its application as a crime solving tool was uniue but for some reason it didn't fully feel realistic to me Not that time controlling people are realistic at all but the explanation behind the whole things feels very shallow and simplistic and I'm not sure it worked the way the author intended it toI consider this book thriller than mystery as I don't really care what Alex and Ross were searching for Alex's realizations about what was going on around her were much interesting and even that struggled to truly hold my attention All of the bad guys are pretty obvious from the start so it really lacks any tension in terms of a mysteryExcluding the unnecessary love triangle I honestly can't say that I remember much of what happened in the book and I blew right through it not that long ago Unfortunately I felt like much of it was unmemorable and it's likely that I'll forget that I even read Rewind in the first placeCombined with the rushed ending Rewind left me wanting Honestly I'm not sure if this is a series that I'll be continuing with For me this book was simply average at best and I think I just expected too much out of it For those that like the time sensitive mysterythriller atmosphere I'd suggest Night Speed which seemed to be much action packed in my humble opinion