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When New York City’s most desirable male escort gets caught things get messy Latch Teracino is God’s gift to women He’s everything you’ve ever dreamed of in a man and he’ll fulfill your hottest fantasies all for a price He makes a very good living pleasing the rich and famous Like Abby McEllrath married to Major League Baseball’s biggest all star which often leaves her at home lo. Every woman in New York City wants a taste of Latch Teracino Well why not He's extrmely gorgeous tattooed and can give women the best orgasm of their lives So long as you're willing to pay he's yours Abby McEllarth never thought that her marriage will give her hell on earth Everyone thinks she's this beautiful happy wife of Major League baseball player Darrel McEllarth but she isn't Mistakes were made but both Abby and Latch regret nothing Will they be willing to sacrifice everything they lived for just to be together Well I just don't know what to say This is my first ever LK Collins read and I was never prepared for her book I guess nobody will be prepared EVER She has written this story with a plot that will take every reader on the edge of their seat And it's hot like EXTREMELY hot Just when you thought LATCH is just another escort BDSM book I'm telling you now that it's not It's that kind of book that will actually con you but in a good way I mean I thought I had it all figured out but then all of a sudden the book is heading somewhere I didn't expect It's filled with surprises lordy Now I have to bug LK Collins to give me the second because this is causing me some anxiety I need ABBY at this very moment GAAAAH

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Latch By L.K. ColliAnd lives are shattered In the end Latch and Abby have to make a choice one that will forever change the course they were destined to be a part of But sometimes a simple choice isn’t that easy especially when the one you leave behind would rather die than live without youThis book is an Erotic Romance novel and contains mature subject matter It is not intended for those under 18 years of a. ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME SERIOUSLY WHAT HAVE I EVER DONE TO YOU LK COLLINS YOU HAVE EARNED THE HASH TAG OF #EVILWHORE FOREVERMORE WARNING My dramatic girly girl emotions are out in full force with new levels of insanity after finishing this story AND your note to Readers at the end didn't help one bit in fact now I'm madder This will be the second review this week that I've had to write a bit differently as my emotions are so strong I'm afraid spoilers would come out sideways to give the story away so I'll keep it somewhat general I'm not a person who reads about cheating well that happens when you had a cheating husband in reality but the way it's made in to the story I wasn't offended by it The character development is great with a fast paced sexy and well written storyline that flows super smoothly Fiery flames of sexy scene goodness engulf the story and tried to melt my kindle so I don't encourage reading Latch in public places LK Collins' brilliance had definitely hit new levels of evil and the diabolical twists sucker punched me brutally and without warning The ending made for an EPIC OMG moment that still has me enraged and calling the author some very bad names while dropping f bombs in for good measure The next book CANNOT COME UICKLY ENOUGH and I'm not sure how long I'll be able to wait before becoming a pain HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND

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Free read Latch By L.K. Collins ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ When New York City’s most desirable male escort gets caught things get messy Latch Teracino is God’s gift to women He’s everything you’ve ever dreamed of in a man and he’ll fulfill your hottest fantasies all for a price He makes a very good Nely and bored After years of neglect and disrespect from a man who promised to give her the world she meets Latch in the most unlikely setting For Latch she’s just another client – it’s the way he works And for Abby she adapts However as time progresses their explosive connection transforms from dirty raw sex into so much than just a paid relationship Lines are crossedRules are broken. What the This had an ending I did not expect and I'm at a loss for words Latch and Abby have an intense chemistry Having crossed paths in the most unexpected place they develop a relationship they both feel is acceptable given their circumstance Latch is paid for his time and since Abby is married she's than willing to pay that price However their relationship develops to much than expected and when faced with ending it or risking everything the repercussion of their decision leads to a rough road ahead of themLatch is tattooed and sexy and the gift every woman would like to unwrap in her bed Abby is sweet and kind and stuck in a marriage that makes her every degree of miserable Tired of the infidelity her husband prances around with his fame she's reached the point where she's ready to live a life that makes her happyThese characters are great together and when things finally seem to be going their way they find that their life together won't be filled with roses and smilesLatch was a captivating story that left me sitting at the edge my seat as I read the last words My mind still reels from thinking about what will happen next It's not your typical love story; which is why I enjoyed it so much