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Toby AUTHOR Fox Emerson Free read ☆ 104 Ê Toby is a high uality male prostitute living in Barcelona who is having trouble giving up drugs and the party lifestyleWhen he meets Jakob a handsome gay Danish guy he's confronted by his feelings for him and attracted to his innocence He can see himself giving up the drugs with Jakob aroundThen ArErgyHe's torn between the man of his dreams and the woman of his dreams The problem is neither of them know he's a prostitute and a heavy drug userCan Toby make the changes his life needs and fall in love with the right person. Excellent and well written bookToby left his mother and after a few stints after leaving Texas moves to Barcelona where he becomes a successful escort The story starts with Toby revisiting his mother after her death and returning to a place which clearly holds memories for him that he's tried to forgetBack to the present Toby is halfway through a very interesting romance with a Danish guy called Jakob who Toby is trying desperately not to fall for when he meets ArianaAriana is by far my favorite character she's successful beautiful and charismatic What happens between them is what I feel is one of the strongest parts of the story Especially when Ariana's ex psychotic partner stalks them and things get a little interestingA great and very gripping book The only downside was a predictable ending but then I guess it is what turns this book into a romance Highly recommended

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Innocence He can see himself giving up the drugs with Jakob aroundThen Ariana comes into his life a successful and beautiful woman from New York She represents everything he wants to be and is drawn in by her beauty and her en. Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian I was gifted my copy of this bookToby is a male escort and a heavy drug user He meets first Jakob then Arianna He cares deeply for them both Things happen that cause Toby to uestion his very existence and his life falls apart around his earsSometimes when I'm reading a book I can see where its going how it might play out Sometimes not The sign of a good book is keeping my interest up keeping me engaged enough to want to know whether I'm right or wrong Doesn't matter which way it pans out eitherIn THIS book for a long time indeed right til the end I could not see which way it was going to go At points I really didn't care I did a couple of times think about marking it DNF and moving onBUT I DIDN'TI think the main reason is Toby himself I didn't like him couldn't get into his mindset Couldn't connect with himWe do get to hear from Toby the most but Jakob has his say as does Arianna and another character who's storyline did not do anything for this book However I do love getting to hear from everyone even the bad guysIt is well written and I did not spot a single spelling mistakeSolid over 18 read with drug abuse by than one character and talk of a rape not described just talked aboutThis is the first I've read of this author that I can see I will read other work I just might not jump at the chanceBecause of the multi point of view and I DID finish it3 starssame worded review will appear on Goodreads com and couk

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Toby AUTHOR Fox EmersToby is a high uality male prostitute living in Barcelona who is having trouble giving up drugs and the party lifestyleWhen he meets Jakob a handsome gay Danish guy he's confronted by his feelings for him and attracted to his. 35 stars This is a wonderfully bizarre story of a drug addicted escort giving up his vices in search of something better It's not erotica or really romance it's the H coming to terms with his life choices and inner demonsThis book reminds me of something written by a creative writing major because of its very polished adult fiction vibe The problem is it swiftly changes from almost overly descriptive prose to rough or mundane word usage The prologue for example is a completely different voice than the rest of the novel Some may not care but it was jolting for me as a readerWhile I really enjoyed this novel it had issues that kept it from 5 stars for me —Overall story The plot just skimmed the surface There were so many things left unanswered or underdeveloped or just randomly added in that I felt like the book needed another 20 40k words to solve those issues—Murray plot line I mean wtf is that all about We never see Ariana deal with this It's just over and I'm left thinking the author missed a serious home run with Murray's character Instead as written I think the entire plot line should have been left out—Toby I liked him but because his issues were not handled with much depth I never felt connection to him And I wanted to Desperately I wanted to love him and feel the depth of his agony and the growth of his journeybut I felt no than morbid curiositySo why did I not DNFIt's engaging and based on a real person The multi POVs helped tremendously Until 65% the plot was really good I didn't realize things were going to be left hanging at this point and it kept me flipping pages without breaking Though I almost DNF'd several times during the course of the book I felt drawn to know where this plot was headed While I'm glad I read this I wish it had beenWould I recommend itYesbut with the caveat that the book has issues so let them go and enjoy the bones You'll have to provide the meat with your own imagination Again I wish this had at least another 30k words I will definitely look for by this author fave uote “So if you don’t mind me asking you are you bisexual” “I don’t know I like people” SG Ladies this isn't standard romance so keep that in mind The first chapter is a snap shot of Toby on a daily round of his clients Toby is in a uasi relationship with Jakob when he meets Ariana Jakob doesn't know Toby is an escort and Ariana doesn't know he's a drug addict Sex is secondary to plot and not overly descriptive Not FTB but close This isn't a triangle It's obvious what each character feels for the other and the odd one out is the least harmed emotionally by Toby in this book If you need serious deets let me know