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Read ¿ The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Í Things have never been easy for Oscar a sweet but disastrously overweight lovesick Dominican ghetto nerd From his home in New Jersey where he lives with his old world mother and rebellious sister Oscar dreams of becoming the DoS to the Fukœ the curse that has haunted the Oscar's family for generations dooming them to prison torture tragic accidents and above all ill starred love Oscar still waiting for his first kiss is just its most recent victim Diaz immerses us in the tumultuous life of Oscar and the history of the family at large renderi. Soon after I started reading this book I also started reading Housekeeping vs The Dirt by Nick Hornby In it's preface Hornby discusses why reading has fallen by the wayside as of late A lot of people associate reading with boredom because to most it feels like a chore to get through novels If people would just read what they enjoyed then they would begin again to see the pleasures of reading and thus do of it he even makes a point that someone who reads only The Economist and their daily paper every week may in fact be reading words than him There's a bit of circular logic to this of course; how are you to know if you'll enjoy a book unless you start Along with that you have many circles that seem to want to claim that unless reading is difficult or a challenge then it wasn't really worth reading at all Which pretty much sums up all the trappings I fell into with Oscar Wao I first became aware of it when I read an interview with Diaz on a comic book site I freuent I recognized the book cover from work and said There's a comic connection in there I should check it out I did and the very first line is a uote from an old Fantastic Four comic Flipping through at random I caught even references to the New Gods and Middle Earth and so onit seemed rife with geeky references I'd get seriously how many of the literatti would know what the Omega Effect was I made a mental note to check it out later Before you know it this little book had won the Pulitzer Wow there must be to it than just some sci fi asides So I finally found a good break to read it It starts out interesting enough despite a lengthy discussion about the Dominican Republic's dictators and I can see Oscar is pretty likable There is a LOT of Spanish and Spanish slang mixed throughout but I can figure out most through context The second section then shifts to Oscar's sister Lola She's afforded about eual time albeit with less geeky references and I stick through it here because she spends her time in Wildwood and as I spent a lot of summers there growing up I wondered if I'd recognize anything something else Hornby discusses in the above book oddly enough familiar locations as a reason to read a particular book The next section is what did me in Diaz decides to spend a LOT of time on the childhood and adolescence of Oscar and Lola's mother From what I've gathered in other reviews Diaz is apparently setting up some themes between all these family members but at that point I couldn't care less This was not what I signed up for and the Spanish comes on even stronger here I found myself skipping almost every other sentence I'm sure there is some beautiful dovetailing of story lines later on but the reading became a chore and at that point I decided to take Nick Hornby's advice on how to proceedPut it down You'll never finish it Start something elseAnd there's nothing wrong with that

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Things have never been easy for Oscar a sweet but disastrously overweight lovesick Dominican ghetto nerd From his home in New Jersey where he lives with his old world mother and rebellious sister Oscar dreams of becoming the Dominican J R R Tolkien and most of all of finding love But he may never get what he wants thank. Exhilarating Brutal yet beautiful Wao I really enjoyed both the style and the story of this whirlwind of a novel by Junot Díaz I can see why he got a Pulitzer and wonder if his other books are as fun to read I think that Seven Killings was even masterful but Oscar delivers nearly as much gore and Caribbean corruption and historical facts as well I especially enjoyed the footnotes Writing any about this book would certainly break my no spoilers rules so suffice it to say that this book was GREAT and I will be on the lookout for Díaz fictionFor about Trujillo his regime his assassination and the chaos that ensued with a magnificent female protagonist Urania don't miss Feast of the Goat by Nobel Laureate Mario Vargas Llosa it is extraordinary

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The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar WaoNg with genuine warmth and dazzling energy humor and insight the Dominican American experience and ultimately the endless human capacity to persevere in the face of heartbreak and loss A true literary triumph The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao confirms Junot Diaz as one of the best and most exciting voices of our time. A to Z around the world personal challenge D is Dominican RepublicAfter the partial failure with another Pulitzer winner and the controversy surrounding this book author I was a bit weary at first I shouldn’t have been because it was an excellent novel which deserves its praise The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao is not about Oscar’s life and it definitely wasn’t wondrous It is a saga of Dominicana family starting in the Republic during the horrendous period of Trujillo’s reign one of the worse dictatores and ending in New York in the 90’s The main characters are in my opinion the invisible Trujillo and la madre de Oscar Belicia Cabral La historia is narrated by one of the characters and we gradually find out who that is The timeline is not linear but it made sense to me The characters are powerfully all flawed and not overly likable but they felt real to the period and the surroundings The novel is written in Spanglish and I was thankful for my knowledge of Espanol Watching Narcos also helped as I could thoroughly enjoy those beautiful adverbs such as maricon Although I read it in Romanian the translator kept the Spanish slang and did a good job to preserve the flow as the author intended There are a lot of bad words in here so for someone who is easily offended it might be a problem Sexism in this novel and Sexual misconduct of the author Rant alert and unpopular opinion about #metoo I read a couple of reviews who criticize this novel because it is sexist Well is it I guess it is taking in consideration that women are viewed as putas and their most important features are el culo and the tits However I am strongly against judging a book about how the women characters are portrayed Who would read anything by classics then Context is always important and also the author’s intentions I am sure that this was the culture in the Dominican republic of that time maybe even now or in the US in the migrant neighborhoods It adds verity to the plotcharacters and I would hate to see a novel ruined by excessive political correctness Or anything else I do not care much about authors lives but even I heard about the scandals surrounding the author I usually ignore their personal life because it is their work that interests me and I managed to do it nicely this time as well I will not say because I should not write about the author's personal life but in general I think this #metoo movement is going way too far and deviates from the original appreciable objective which is to denounce sexual predators like Weinstein I don’t think the aim should be to scare men dig into their private life and further damage the relationship between the sexes I recently had a discussion with a friend about Henry Cavill’s statement which was so criticized although in my opinion is true Here it is “There’s a traditional approach to that which is nice I think a woman should be wooed and chased but maybe I’m old fashioned for thinking that ”He added “It’s very difficult to do that if there are certain rules in place Because then it’s like ‘Well I don’t want to go up and talk to her because I’m going to be called a rapist or something’ So you’re like ‘Forget it I’m going to call an ex girlfriend instead and then just go back to a relationship which never really worked’ So well done us Women We managed to scare the shit out of men I know of men that do not go to business dinners with women because they are afraid they will be accused of sexual harassment So goodbye eual opportunities Ok I’ll stop my rant now but it does bother me how things should improve but instead they might turn for the worse