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Download Blaze AUTHOR Wolf Specter ç PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ A dragon who doesn’t know how to love Fate hasn't been kind to Ivan but he doesn’t blame her He's spent the last couple of centuries doing terrible things to the humans who live in the Eastern European territory once claimed by his sire NikoGons Ty is dragonkind’s biggest fan Three years ago he’d learned that the majestic fire breathing creatures really exist when his twin brother was claimed and impregnated by one and he now counts all the North American dragons among his closest friends Ty loves everything about dragons; their loyalty their protectiveness their unconditional devotion to their fated matesHe’s never admitted it to anyone but Ty secretly dreams of being claimed by a dragon of his ownThat’s impossible though For one thing dragons are male and Ty isn’t gay For another all the ones in Europe where he’s currently stationed with the US Army are evil and evil is the thing Ty idealistically enlisted to fight against A destiny worth fighting for When. Book 4 in the Fated Mates series Although it’s not necessary to read this series in order Blaze contains “spoilers” for the first three books in the series and I would highly recommend reading Heat Scorch and Ignite firstTyler is straight But with all the time he spends with his twin who's gay and mated to a dragon and to the other North American dragons he counts among his closest friends who are all gay and mated to menwell he doesn't think it's so odd to start wondering if there's something to opening up his horizons and not limiting himself to just women Especially since he can't stop thinking about dragons And desperately wanting one to call his ownIvan spent hundreds of years being abused by his tyrannical father Nikolai Now that Nikolai is gone from his life he has the opportunity to really get to know his brother Maksim and his fated mate Devin and spend time with his friends Ben and Zander and create a new real family When Ty and Ivan meet they both realize that they are fated to be together Ty is overjoyed at the thought of his own dragon but less than thrilled at first that it's Ivan who hasn't got the best track record for being a good guy Ivan on the other hand is terrified that if he completed the bond with Ty and Ty learns all his secrets that Ty won't really want him any This time he kissed me gently his lips hovering over mine like he was afraid to scare me away His hands slid down my chest to rest on my hips and he pulled me against him fitting me to his body like we were two halves of a wholeWhich yeah we literally were I really liked seeing Ty and Ivan navigate the obstacles facing them I loved getting time with some of my favorite characters from the other books in the series and I loved the raw emotion and sexy times that heavily populate the story Ty—my mate —had my likeness on his body There could be no mistaking it the image was my otherself Seeing it distracted me from the other thing he’d said and I reached out to touch it almost afraid to believe it was real“How did you know” I asked“That I’d find a mate For real I didn’t think I would” He looked at me with such eager delight that it almost made me forget I did not deserve him “I mean what are the odds Uh no one knows about this—” he covered my hand moving my fingers over the tattoo as he traced the lines without looking a familiarity borne of many repetitions “But I just I wanted one so bad you know And I thought this was the closest I was ever going to get to a dragon of my own”“But it is silver Ty” I said smiling as I felt the beat of his heart uicken at my touch “Gray The color of gunmetal”“Well I didn’t know I’d find you” he said his cheeks turning a becoming shade of pink “So I just sort of designed my own I’m sure yours is—”“Like this This looks like me”“Dude seriously” He beamed at me lighting up the roomI nodded “It is not just the color it is the eyes and the shape of the tail Even this” I touched the tip of the upswept wing He’d captured its jagged edge memento of an unsuccessful attempt to defy my sire long ago“Destiny” he said laughing like a child who had just received a gift “Crazy shit”I was less enad of Ty's potty mouth and this comes from someone who swears like a longshoreman and a sailor bred a trucker Between the almost constant profanity and the word welp Ty seems to use a lot I'll admit I was getting pretty annoyed Although when I was able to block that out I was able to really enjoy the story In the end though I love how everything is tied up and especially the spectacular HEA ending which made me all gooey This review has been cross posted at Gay Book ReviewsInitial reaction A surprising amount of UST for a mates story Good overall but if I had read the word welp one time I would have lost it Sweartagod

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A human and a dragon share a soul fate won’t let anything stop her from bringing them together But unfortunately that isn’t any guarantee that life won’t find other ways to pull them apart Blaze is the fourth book in the  Dragon’s Destiny Fated Mates series It is a standalone novel with a HEA ending a satisfying epilogue and NO CLIFFHANGERSSeries Spoilers Although it’s not necessary to read this series in order  Blaze contains “spoilers” for the first three books in the seriesContent Alert This book is a steamy gay romance of approximately 100000 words that includes a tea drinking dragon who loves to cook a potty mouthed soldier who drops 797 F bombs before finding his happily ever after and male pregnancy or Mpre. Save the best for last45 It's not perfect using welp instead of well just annoyed me each time I saw it but blame that on the journalistsub editor in meOther than that though this book was a joy It's at times cheesy at times sentimental at times it's a bit too humorous but at all times it's full of joy From Ty's dragon worshipping to Ivan's baby steps this book made me happyI loved seeing the Russian dragon loosen up and throw off the horrors off his life under his cruel tyrant sire and wholly embrace the fact he had a fated mateIt had to be Ty of course and he fact he went fully into his relationship with Ivan in spite of not considering himself to be gay was both hilarious and moving He gives himself over completely when the fated mate bond hits him and only has a brief hiccupThere was a bit of suspend belief over what happens to Ty in Afghanistan and this book has its moment of sadness too But overall it really just was a delight and I'm sad the series has endedOh and the covers of each book whoever came up with those deserves a medal

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Blaze AUTHOR Wolf SpectA dragon who doesn’t know how to love Fate hasn't been kind to Ivan but he doesn’t blame her He's spent the last couple of centuries doing terrible things to the humans who live in the Eastern European territory once claimed by his sire Nikolai which makes him the last person with any right to expect kindness from something as fickle as fateIt doesn’t matter that he’s changed Ivan knows that some things are simply unforgivableNow for the first time in his life Ivan has people he can claim as friends He knows he’s not good at friendship and certainly not worthy of anything like the love he sees between the other dragons and their mates but that doesn’t stop him from wishing things could be different A soldier who loves dra. It's a good read At times you will be annoyed with the fuck word because its too many but the character of Ty is that so we can't do anything about itSecrets love bonds and family is what this book about The fourth book of the fated mate series who happens to have shape shifter dragons as characters who are fated to humans but not all the time The story of Ivan and Ty their families and friends the secrets and bonds how to start new with baby steps and the growing family of dragons