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?m back in Kansas fighting for guardianship of my four younger siblings Now I answer to her Brooke Porter Brooke I’ve devoted myself for the past six years to my dream of being a social worker My very first case are the Monroes and professional and personal boundaries blur. I received Unsocial from the author for an honest review I loved Dylan and Brooke The way that they come together was perfect Sadly it was a tragedy to bring them together but Brooke was there for Dylan throughout everything I also loved the kids At times they were sweet and other times they were fighting and getting on each other's nerves I found myself laughing a lot throughout this book Jax and Alex were good friends to Brooke and Dylan even though at times they both got on my nerves I know they were just trying to protect Dylan and Brooke it just seemed like they were to protective The book is a little long but that was no problem because it kept my attention the entire time I am hoping that Jax and Alex get their own story I would like to see if they end up together

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Unsocial The Monroe Family #1As I become closer to them Now my dreams are of Dylan The attraction Dylan and I have is heading us straight to unsocial behavior What will we be risking if we give in Unsocial is a New Adult Romance novel that contains mature content and is not suitable for anyone under 18. 5 I Need Me Some More StarsLoved it I got sucked right into this story from the start I loved Dylan and Brooke the kids and Jax and Alex and I really hope there's going to be stories to come from these lot because I need asapThroughout this book I laughed and cried had a big goofy grin plastered on my face and had butterfly's I went from wanting to get to the ending to know the uoutcome to wanting it to last longerI'm so glad I came across it I look forward to reading from Nicole Dykes in the futureThis book is on the long side but I really didn't mind because I'd rather that than have one story taking up three books and having to wait for the next parts Arc kindly received from author for an honest review

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Unsocial (The Monroe Family, #1) review ´ eBook or Kindle ePUB Ý Dylan I’m living the dream A successful business owner of a custom car and motorcycle shop in Oklahoma and master of my own destiny Other than my best friend and business partner my life is my own and I answer to no one Then my life changes with a singlDylan I’m living the dream A successful business owner of a custom car and motorcycle shop in Oklahoma and master of my own destiny Other than my best friend and business partner my life is my own and I answer to no one Then my life changes with a single phone call and I?. This was a refreshing read after a marathon of contemporary stories with the same overused angsty romance formula I want to hold her all night every night I don't want to fit in stolen moments with the worry of getting caught The character development is written well; Brooke’s distinct and complex character made this book truly enjoyable in spite of the lengthiness of this book Dylan unlike many H’s is than his 6 pack abs chiseled jawline possessiveness and jealousy despite his playboy status His character is weaved wonderfully and he is one of the most genuine characters I've read in a while – I just wish that his emotions and struggles with his parents’ deaths were exposed and detailed a little His relationships with his siblings are well developed just as Brooke’s relationships with them areUnsocial is a little like Some Kind of Perfect – they both draw out the everyday lives of the H and h Without this the book could probably be cut by a third In my case I’ve learned to enjoy this sort of thing but I know it isn’t for everyoneDespite the forbidden romance angle there’s little angst but just enough drama in UnsocialHowever I never felt that their relationship Brooke’s career or Dylan’s guardianship were ever truly threatened which would have added some intrigue to the storyIf you’re looking for a fast paced read about angsty teenagers whose thoughts are consumed by getting frisky this is not for youIf you’re looking for an engaging but slower paced storyline about multi layered characters with a slightly profound romance and a dash of sexy Unsocial may be just what you’re looking forCaution OW but only in an earlier chapter and slut shaming to go with it She's not shy and frankly I'm feeling a little disgusted I was turned off by this condescending attitude from Dylan a manwhore himself but it wasn't hard to overlook because it happened only once Still I wish authors would stop the one way slut shaming because it's sexist to slut shame women while commending men for their long list of sexual conuests I don't mind slut shaming as long as it goes both ways Shut up I don't want to hear a single word from you unless it's 'Yes Dylan' 35 ★