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review Taming the Biker ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ð After a short fling with hell raising womanizer Taylor Tail Adams Lauren Macey discovers that she’s pregnant with the biker’s child Knowing that the MC lifestyle isn’t what she wants for their baby and that Tail isn’t exactly ‘father’ material Lauren deciAtions and violence Is not suitable for readers under the age of 18 Please do not buy if any of this offends you This is a work of fiction and is not meant to be a true depiction of a motorcycle club It was written for entertainment only. Nice cover bad book

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Father’ material Lauren decides not to tell him This proves challenging especially when she realizes that he isn’t ready to end their affair 37k Novella This can be read as a stand alone This story contains crude language sexual situ. “Taming the Biker” Oh boy Little disclaimer if you get offended easily or really like this book you may not want to read this review It's all in good fun and if you love this book power to you Thank god I made notes throughout this book because I’m already starting to forget everything I just read takes a long sip of teaLet's get right into the spoilers shall we Taylor Adams Hero is the kind of guy who 1 Fucks his best friend's mother AND the heroines sister who ends up being the best friends future wife and continues to joke TO that friend about how close he and his mom are and even describes her body2 Thinks about fucking anything that moves 3 Finds a way to fit “pussy” into every interaction4 “Tail” is his nickname because he’s had half the town in his bed 5 We’re supposed to excuse all of this because he had his heart broken when he was 17 or something6 Fantasizes about slapping the girl that broke his heart7 Calls the heroine a bitch jokingly but still Not cute Oh but its not his fault because his dad said “You’re too young to be with one girl” and “Just keep your dick wrapped son and you can put your hands anywhere you want” Ok first of all yes you should and no you can’tSo then poor poor Taylor lives by his eually douchey bestfriend Carters creed “Play or be played” That is until he meets HeR Lauren Macey Heroine is SpEcIaL why you ask1She's not like other girls she wont sleep with a guy until the fourth date except she sleeps with Taylor and it's not even a date LOL so yeah that's pretty much it On a real note though I do respect Lauren for being strong enough to escape the clutches of her jealous rich elderly boyfriend But she's also the girl who buys and takes pregnancy tests you know “Just for the hell of it” Here are a few honorable mentions of cringe laugh worthy uotes Taylor “Looking at you It’s hanging all the way across the room You and a friend could play jump rope with the woody that I have right now sweetheart” for reference he's talking to a stripperTaylors POV I stuck my right index finger near his nose “By the way that was Jenna” Laughing he pushed my hand away “Wait I’m not done” I shoved my left finger near his nostril “That’s Layla” You guessed it both strippersTaylors POV Sighing I brushed a lock of hair away from her eyes “I’d like to stay if that’s okay” Lauren smiled “Yes I should warn you however ”“You fart in your sleep” One of the biker guys “You got your wish and didn’t even have to lay a fucking finger hand on him” Yep you read that right And uite possibly the cringiest of allTaylor “Not as good as my pretzel in your peanut butter” I said wiggling my eyebrows “Just don’t dip your pretzel into my chocolate” she replied Pair everything I just wrote with an off page realization of the hero falling in love with the heroine and you’ve got yourself a massive steaming pile of shit Here's how it went from 0 100“The next three weeks Taylor and I spent a lot of time together most of it in my bungalow and having sex Eventually things started getting serious Does the reader get to see any of that Nope Are we expected to just accept that they are madly in love now Yep Nobody was as surprised as I was” “I love you” he said one night holding me in his arms I blinked “What did you just say to me”He grinned “I love you I know it’s crazy especially coming from me But its true” This whole “Bad Boy to Committed” thing was done so poorly I honestly couldn’t have cared less about the fact that he told her he loved her or even the fact that she's pregnant with his kid For kicks here's how THAT interaction went By the way if you’re still reading you are a trooper“You bitch” he said laughing after he came back up “Don't you dare” I warned as he moved toward me grinning wickedly“Dare what”“Push me under I’m I’m pregnant” I saidThe smile dropped from his face“What”So in case you guys didn’t know you can't swim if you’re pregnant But I guess the news had to come out some way So then they decide they are going to be a family and invite his whole biker club over to Mitzy’s The mother he fucked place And just out of curiosity Lauren asks“So what do bikers like to eat” Because bikers aren’t human beings and they don’t eat the same food we do Taylor replies while grinning wickedly “Besides pussy Anything that goes good with beer” And then the book just ends On that cliff hanger I mean seriously I need to know what bikers eatYes I am entirely aware that it's not THAT serious I’m not upset that I read it I actually had a great time laughing even if it wasn't the author's intention 1 solid star for me

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Taming the BikerAfter a short fling with hell raising womanizer Taylor Tail Adams Lauren Macey discovers that she’s pregnant with the biker’s child Knowing that the MC lifestyle isn’t what she wants for their baby and that Tail isn’t exactly ‘. The Hero is a womanizer and no woman escapes him He fucks even the mother of his friend He fucks the heroine's sister too Just breathe and have holes he fucks Our heroine is special LOL and our hero has been watching her since high school and there is an ex who is crazyNothing special or that draws attention to the story It will not stay in the memory“I have standards” I argued “What are those They have to have three holes and a set of fun bags” laughed Chopper