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?s all about appreciating the beauty For Kase that means going after the redhead that’s set up residence in his mind And his fantasies Now he needs her to see life’s than just a best case scenario Warning This book is intended for adults It contains freuent adult language and situations Though it can be read as a standalone it is STRONGLY recommended you read Hyde and Seek firs. Teo Kase Jason Momoa “I’ll never take for granted all the good I have in my life because I know how fast that can change Seen the bad the dirty the fuckin’ ugly which means I can really truly appreciate the beauty for what it is”Fun ReadLow AngstGreat BanterFunny Inner Dialog Hero ChasesHot Hawaiian Hero Sweet Goofy HeroineAdorable 5 Year oldSupportive FamilyKick Ass FriendsCharacter Driven RomanceSteamy Dirty Talk

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Best Kase Scenario Hyde #2Contradictions Tall and short Inked and unmarked Golden and porcelain Soft dreads and wild red Dark and darker Keeping secrets than a teenage girl's diary Harlow Cooper hides a lot behind her bubbly personality College student and intern Loyal friend and loving daughter Fangirl and girly girl Lover of strong coffee and even stronger margaritas Former bartender and current Well let?. This chick’s got uirky down to a fine artI met the red haired girl and Isla Fisher popped into my head Harlow is a little uirky not calling her weird seemed a bit harsh and Isla does uirky really really well I met the dreadlocked boy andscreeching stop Hmmm Houston we have a problem See I really like Kase but I really really do not like dreadlocks So with a little bit of a mind tweak and a wee bit of artistic licence voila David Gandy is my Kase Don’t judge I know Mr Gandy is my go to hottie for casting but in this case it kind of works Gandy has some photos with facial hairand his hair is curly which is kind of like dreaddies and he does have blue eyes like Kase See it works So with my casting now in place I was able to settle back and enjoy the show Onwards Best Kase Scenario is the second book in Layla Frost’s Hyde series I didn’t do a re read of the first book Hyde and Seek which I’m kind of glad about With my shocking memory I was meeting the hero and heroine almost like it was the first time I remembered Piper and Jake enough to be happy to see them again but with Harlow and Kasenothing to cloud my judgement get over or try to block out I really liked Harlow from the start but I didn’t really GET her She seems to have lots of balls in the air she’s trying to juggle but it seemed like a circus act that was unnecessary She didn’t need to juggle them all by herself just needed to let the other clowns around her play a part in the show It wasn’t even to gain attention that she did this act Harlow just wanted to make sure that all of the balls knew their place in her heart and head had their own set times for handling and kept moving What she failed to see is that her independence was pushing her closest friends away In the beginning of Best Kase Scenario we see Harlow about to start a new job The blurb hinted but my first thought once confirmed was – none of those Hyde boys would let their woman work in a place like thatbet you it doesn’t last Let’s just say this career path wasn’t a lifelong dream of Harlow’s luckily Kase is a hottie who grabs attention wherever he goes He has women throwing themselves at him but deep down he's a romantic at heart Harlow had caught his attention and played a major part in his fantasies but he wasn’t sure where he stood with her He held off pushing into her life until he was fully convinced he wanted than a hookup See smart and good lookingvery appealing The guys at Hyde are like his family but he has a few other guys who he knows he can count on in a pinch Imagine Kase’s surprise when he goes to visit one of his mates Lars at his place of business This little surprise was definitely the kick in the pants he needed to chase Harlow downTheir love story isn’t rushed but it certainly was clear that they had feelings for each other Between Harlow’s many balls that needed to keep moving and Kase’s past intruding into his future this story was interesting from beginning to end Kase has Harlow’s back and works ridiculously hard to gain her trust and affection Harlow ends up having an almost epiphany and learns that it’s Ok for her friends and loved ones to hold her balls and even juggle them for her At this stage I really started to know and love Harlow and enjoyed seeing her making as much effort in the relationship as Kase wasThere is plenty of action in Best Kase Scenario The sexy times were HOT and steamy and Harlow learnt pretty uickly that Kase’s rep was very well earned There was a little bit of a mystery in the storyline and it was AWESOME to see Harlow deal with some balls wink wink that needed to be deflated with a well placed foot Best Kase Scenario was funny sweet and steamy Layla Frost has done a marvelous job with her second story and I think it will definitely be a hit in the romance reading world The scenery and sets were easy to picture the characters are well developed and lovableeven the ones that like eating cold noodles on purposeweird uirkyI received an ARC of Best Kase Scenario via the author for an honest reviewTo buy your copy of Best Kase Scenario from ’m an Aussie chick who loves to read and review romance drink coffee be a Style Setter and stalk David Gandy To see of my reviews fashion food and pervathons

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DOWNLOAD Best Kase Scenario Hyde #2 100 ð Contradictions Tall and short Inked and unmarked Golden and porcelain Soft dreads and wild red Dark and darker Keeping secrets than a teenage girl's diary Harlow Cooper hides a lot behind her bubbly personality College student and intern Loyal friend and loving daughter Fangirl and girly girl Lover of strong c??s just say she’s suddenly in need of pasties and an industrial sized drum of glitter uick with a smile and joke people assume Kase Teo is all ego with a slacker follow through But lurking behind his hauntingly beautiful blue eyes is an ocean Knowledge uick wit experience pain There are depths to Kase that most don’t see If there’s one thing he’s learned it’s that life?. Audiobook Narrators – Alex Kydd Lauren SweetI loved this narration Both were able to pull off the opposite sex’s voice as well as that of Hadley a five year old girl This also includes a list of characters some with accents that made me smile each time they “spoke” They were spot on in every way that matters and I will relisten to this one again and again This is one of my favorite books and when I learned it was releasing on audio I knew I had to have it Freaking ecstatic that I didOriginal ReviewSecond book in the series second book I've read by this author and they just keep getting better I loved everything about this story Some dual POV strong alpha hero great secondary characters a little angst but not enough to drive you crazy ending with some adventure and excitement This isn't just the Best Case Scenario it was the perfect scenarioDual POVSafe view spoilerno owdrama; no cheating; condoms used; H is celibate after meeting h hide spoiler