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review ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ó Jackie Williams Lavenham has been waiting for its new Earl Crippling debts and years of neglect have transformed the once genteel mansion into a crumbling ruin If its heir doesn’t come home soon there will be little but the title for him to claim Sent to Jamaica as punishment for attempted murder Lord Edward Ellesworth had a lot to learn about himself and his beyond arrogant attitude Now standing on Lavenham’s imposing doorstep where there once stood a plump and pompous prig five years of almost unendurable misery and overwhelming responsibility have changed him beyond recognition But have they changed him into the Earl he was always meant to become or could the unconditional love of a mute orphaned boy change him even With treasure hunters and kidnappers. My heart I have just finished this book but I feel like it’ll stay with me for a very long time It starts with a terrible tragedy aboard a ship that will not only change the entire course of young Simone’s life but scar her to such an extent that only a very gentle touch will be able to bring her back from the nightmares of the past Such a gentle “handler” she a malnourished girl who’s been passing for a cabin boy for years now finds in the disgraced English aristocrat Edward who is serving his “term” on the same plantation as she is But only when their ordeal is over and both are back in England do both of them realize that they can’t be apart from each other I thought the charade which Simone had to keep up with against her will played out in an absolutely adorable way once she and Edward found themselves back in the safety of his familial home Their relationship and interactions were so sweet and touching it pulled at my heartstrings with every new page turned There’s enough tragedy and trauma in the story but at the same time there’s much hope love and forgiveness and that’s what makes it such a beautiful read I’ve been a longtime fan of Ms Williams but this story of hers is perhaps my new favorite Five huge stars

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Read & Download ¶ Dangerous Deceptions (Unrivalled Regency #4) 106 õ Lavenham has been waiting for its new Earl Crippling debts and years of neglect have transformed the once genteel mansion into a crumbling ruin If its heir doesn’t come home soon there will be little but the title for him to claim Sent to Jamaic Beating a path to his door Edward knows he must find the strength to fight his tormented emotions and leave his young companion in a place of safety but though his feelings are so wrong the barren void left in his heart is almost too high a price for him to bear Simon hadn’t meant to love Edward but taking the flogging meant for himself had secured far than Simon’s everlasting devotion He only needed to open his mouth and tell the man the truth A truth he’d kept well hidden under ragged and baggy garments for almost seven years His only friend on the Jamaican plantation had warned him to trust no one Now installed in the adjacent bedroom at Lavenham can Simon entrust the new Earl with his secrets as well as his heart He might not have a. I loved this book so much When I read a description of a book sometimes they really grab me and before I even start reading I already have impressions and hopes and expectations about how the story will go More often than not I’m slightly disappointed But not this time This lived up to my expectations and The part about Simon actually being Simone wasn’t revealed too soon and it didn’t drag on for the whole book either That is a part that the reader looks forward to and anticipates The part where Edward finally finds out the truth And it was so great I loved his reaction I also liked that the author em kept the ruse going long enough for Edward to be super uncomfortable about his feelings for SimonI loved how strong Simone was but I loved her innocence too I loved how protective Edward was of her and I love that even after he found out she was a she they still worked side by side he didn’t suddenly see her as weak because she was a woman and not a boy like he originally thought I did think that the writing could have been improved slightly with the dialog Sometimes it sounded a little too modern and not so much 1800’s but honestly that didn’t diminish the story for me at all I really loved it

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Dangerous Deceptions Unrivalled Regency #4Choice Seven years of near starvation might once have meant his clothes swamped his slender frame but since returning to England’s welcoming shores and eating three good meals a day his body was changing in certain important areas at an extraordinarily alarming rate and his previously capacious shirt was unuestionably loose no longer Dangerous Deceptions is an endearing love story suitable for anyone age 16 and upwards As part of the Unrivalled Regency series Dangerous Deceptions is a stand alone story but the series is best read in order to fully appreciate the depth of the characters and previous situations Silence of Scandal Unrivalled Regency book 1 A Murderous Masuerade Unrivalled Regency book 2 A Gallant Gamble Unrivalled Regency book. Great bookIntriguing story and characters Absolutely loved this book Sad exciting and romantic Finished this book in one day Wonderful writing style All the characters were awesome