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READ & DOWNLOAD Ý Dodging Satan ↠ In this humorous coming of age story Bridget Flagherty a student at St Michael’s Catholic school outside Boston in the 60s and 70s takes refuge in her wacky misunderstandings of Bible Stories and Catholic beliefs to avoid the problems of her IrishItalian family life Her musings on sadistic nuns domestic violence G with how God and men treat women Her Italian female relatives glamorous Santa Anna black and blue Aunt Maria sophisticated Eleanor with a New York ‘Fellini pageboy’ offer sensual alternatives to the repression of her immediate family She prays fervently that “despite God’s bizarre treatment of married women some girls might still discover ways to have a great time without being a nun” Dodging Satan is the flip side of l'Histoire d'une Âme by Saint Thérèse of Lisieux authored by a twentieth century American girl chomping on a blue gum cigar while she talks to a confidant about God and se. In her newly published novel “Dodging Satan” Kathleen Zamboni McCormick portrays her childhood growing up in the 60’s under an Italian mother and Irish father in Cambridge Massachusetts This was the time when norms and rules were falling rapidly by the wayside Yet McCormick talks about a Catholic world that seems like the forties and fifties or earlier Hers is a world of Satan harassment holy water cures saints curing and bishops and priests scaring people and children to death There are the nuns promising hell for the sin of pride Not to mention the plenitude of sexual sins that clergy and religious know you are guilty of It is also a time of Irish and Italians marrying outside their clan and to each other Something that was once unthinkable At any rate this is a religious talk dominated book with superstition and nuns galore With parents religious clergy and relatives doing their best to screw up a child’s mind Those of us who have grown up Irish or Italian Catholic are familiar with all the phobia and non truths that abound In Bride’s case she has an all in one with a cantankerous father and self pitying mother who was taught that enduring a husband’s abuse goes with the territory The same with her mother’s sisters who are taught by her Italian Nana to stay with their abusive husbands because that is the right thing to do With such a glorious upbringing Bridget finds God in her daddy’s glow in the dark slippers and Satan all over her room at night Which mom assures her will go away with an abundance of holy water and statues of Mary Finally Bridget’s mother calls out the whole brigade All three persons of the Trinity Mary and her daughter’s guardian angel It seems to help for the short term at least The way the nuns laid guilt trips on Bridie one wonders how she ever made it to be a college professor She even wonders how she got this power to harm Jesus and children in Africa “Do you realize that children in Africa will be hungry today than they were yesterday All because of you Bridget” Sister Louise hollers “Yes” I lie I knew that being eight years old would be terrible after what happened to my parents at that age— my mother almost dying of scarlet fever and my father’s mother dying of TB Now I’m time traveling to hurt Jesus and African children I hate being eight” I’ll say No wonder some children stop attending the Eucharist once they graduate 8th grade Sister Louise gives Bridget no credit for her superior math skills as she condemns her for her vanity in doing so well I guess we should not get on the type of nuns Bridget grew up with so much since we do live in a world where the uack Donald Trump is able to get so many to support himBridget has a lot to say about how unfair God was to punish women with painful deliveries when Adam ate the apple too And why did God have to make Eve from Adam and making her second rate from the beginning Why is Eve blamed so much when Adam ate the apple too Growing up in a public school I always marvelled at my Catholic school friends who talked so irreverently about religious people and subjects Jokes about Gabriel’s horn and such that I would not dare to say Same with Dodging Satan where Bridget and her friend believe that God the Father was jealous of Adam and wanting Eve for himself I will still refrain from uoting the graphic rendering of a prayer which Bridget friend’s Agnes declares is a direct proof that God the Father wanted Eve for himself Not only that but Agnes refers to God as “God the F” There is no curse word intended but the connotation startles Perhaps I am naive than most But I never saw God the Father described or named that way “Agnes is right about Adam and Eve and that vengeful God the F who still punishes women today for marrying men who aren’t Him”There you have it God according to Agnes is at the center of all these triangles “how incredibly on target Agnes was for seeing how central Eve is to everything and how God the F repeatedly creates love triangles I mean first it’s Eve Adam and Him Then it’s God the F Gabriel and Mary Or God the F Joseph and Mary And finally and forever it’s every married woman her husband and Him” Maybe this is what Andrew Greeley meant when he talked about the great Catholic imagination I am sure there are stories that so many of us missed who did not go to Catholic schoolsDodging Satan is a book that starts slowly and takes a while to get into But as I persevered I did not want it to end Bridget does seem to get preachy at the end Yet her thoughts may ring true to many Catholic women who feel that Mary is not given the true justice as they are not This novel also is an indication of whether few or many how children of Catholic schools are taught a superficial faith or one that is filled with don’ts and superstitions It is an interesting look into one girl’s life

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Cause explosions An avid Bible reader who innocently believes everything the nuns tell her Bridget’s saints martyrs and boney Christs become alive and audible within her While the nuns chide her sinful ‘mathematical pride’ and slow eating habits God answers her prayers instantly by day but the devil visits nightly in the dark Scenes run the gamut from laugh out loud Catholic brainwashing of children to heart wrenching abuse to riveting teenage excursions toward sex Young Bridget tries to make sense of a world of raging men and domestically subjugated women and carve a future for herself wrestlin. Laugh out loud and challenging the Irish Catholic system in both a theological and an entirely comedic way This mash up of style works particularly well and I found it's tone to be refreshing It's told from a child's perspective Bridget who is finding ways to deal with her strict upbringing Echoing the socio politics of the time the subject of Catholicism and religion in the 60's and 70's McCormick brings a gritty realism to her story as she does a great job at animating recollections of a child growing up with her mad cap household Although to be expected some of the topics covered were serious and rather sad it is the writers light hearted and uirky manner which kept me enthralled throughout

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Dodging SatanIn this humorous coming of age story Bridget Flagherty a student at St Michael’s Catholic school outside Boston in the 60s and 70s takes refuge in her wacky misunderstandings of Bible Stories and Catholic beliefs to avoid the problems of her IrishItalian family life Her musings on sadistic nuns domestic violence emerging sexuality and God the Father’s romantic life will delight readers Bridget creates glorious supernatural worlds with exorcisms bird relics Virgin Martyrs time travel Biblical plagues even the ‘holy’ in holy water to cope with a family where leather handbags and even garlic can. The story follows the growing up of a young catholic girl – born of an Italian mother to an Irish father she seems to struggle with the worst aspects of both cultures The book is very well written and draws you into Bridget’s world which is utterly dominated by Catholicism If she works hard and gains good results at school she is chided for the sin of pride; if she underachieves she is wasting her God given talents As a teacher I was horrified by the constant undermining that she suffered at the hands of her teachers We are supposed to instil confidence and encourage young minds – the education Bridget receives is farcicalThe humour in the story comes from Bridget’s attempts to understand the bible; a case in point is her opinion that God was fed up with Eve because she rejected his advances and thus was expelled from the Garden of Eden Underlying the humour are stories of marital violence played out daily among Bridget’s relations Women are supposed to put up with the punishment meted out by drunken bullies The story ends with Bridget affirming that she will not go down this route – feminism has raised its head by this point and she will become a modern woman educated and strong