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DOWNLOAD Autonomous · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ William Mackler is about to go on a road trip of a lifetime After winning a contest—and nearly dying in the process—he becomes the proud owner of Autonomous a driverless car that knows where you want to go before you do #Worthit To sweeten the deal he gets to pick three friends to go wGital history from the good to the bad to the humiliating The information is customized into an itinerary that will expose a few well kept secrets but it will also force William to face some inner demons of his own Think you know Autonomous The real uestion is how much does Autonomous know about yo. 15 stars I received an advance reader copy in exchange for an honest reviewUpdate So it looks like this book which was originally supposed to be published in November 2017 had its release date pushed back presumably to make edits based on the many mediocre reviews So it's possible any version of this book you buy in stores is better than the version this review was written about I certainly won't be reading it so I can't tell you how much has been changed but I feel it's only fair to preface this review with a disclaimer that it might no longer be entirely accurate Because who knowsReview Welcome to a little game I like to call “is it a book or is it a disappointment” The rules are that in order to deserve the title of book it has to not suck Let’s see how Autonomous holds upHumor Check I loved the banter between Christina who is definitely the best character and William who is definitely the main character Just don’t go in expecting to be laughing constantly because there are long stretches of boringness without anything interestingCreepy sentient car premise Eh half a check There were moments when Otto the car was a genuinely complex worthy antagonist of the book but the concept was never fleshed out enough The author was clearly interested in relationship drama than artificial intelligence dramaRomance Nope No check for you Melissa and Daniel’s relationship is never shown to be as close as it needed to be for us to feel any kind of emotion at them falling apart Will they break up Are they cheating Do I care And then there’s William and Christina’s blossoming relationship which had me interested for about two seconds before it was simply blandFriendship Well this book failed at romance so obviously it must have — nope failed at this too If you’re going to do a book about testing friendships to the limit you have to commit and Autonomous didn’t Sure things happened to make the characters uncomfortable or angry with each other but in the end it was like conseuences What conseuences Christina’s feelings of being left out weren’t explored enough to be compelling Melissa and Daniel were too busy with Couple Drama™ to be friends at all and William just floated along wondering why things were going wrongAction Ugh barely There were about two and a half scenes that made you worry for someone’s life and one of them was cut out of the middle of the book and tacked onto the beginning so you would be tricked into thinking you’re starting in the middle of the action only to flash back to a week before when the story starts Which is a lazy way of hooking your readerCool cyber hacking stuff The author sure tried giving Christina all kinds of gadgets and cool names but in the end it felt hollow and many things were unexplainedNice writing Nope Autonomous is exhausting to get through I ended up skimming pages and complaining a lot in my updates While I appreciated some choices the author made to avoid writing cliches it wasn’t enough to salvage the bookThe judges have tallied the score and awarded Autonomous one star for Christina existing and half a star for various other pieces that almost worked It’s not a book it’s a disappointmentOriginal Reaction What a disappointment Christina my fave I'm so sorry you're stuck being a character in this horrible book when you deserve so much betterOne and a half stars — one for Christina and her banter with William and one half for the creepy sentient car premise that never got fleshed out enough Overall this book was exhausting to read tried too hard to be relevant and #relatable and finished with a cop out endingFull review to come closer to the publishing date

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William Mackler is about to go on a road trip of a lifetime After winning a contest and nearly dying in the process he becomes the proud owner of Autonomous a driverless car that knows where you want to go before you do #Worthit To sweeten the deal he gets to pick three friends to go with him on a. This is being marketed as “funny” and to 14First up – there is NOTHING “funny” in this book and it’s BEYOND inappropriate for a 14 yr old Note to Marketing Team you need to rethink thatUp front I’ll tell you I went in with the idea that this being a book from the Disney Group it was going to be a certain kind of book; the kind I could safely recommend to the parents I know for their teens and to my local library to consider addingAt this point it has become of one I wouldn’t let my teen read until he was older and I would tell any other adult to check it out for themselves to decide if they think their sondaughter is capable of handling the materialTo say I was surprised this came from Disney is a HUGE understatement Honestly if it wasn’t being promoted by them and didn’t have a cover that made you think of the outline of the Magic Kingdom that goes before all their movies I might not have such a huge problem with it I just think that the combo is going to make people like I did think the material is suitable for a wider range of audience than it actually is1 There’s TONS of cussing that starts off right away so you could get drunk making a drinking game out of it before you’re even 13 of the way through the book 2 Speaking of drinking LOTS of underage drinking as in these kids aren’t even in college yet and they’re playing drinking games like Never have I ever 3 Sex between ‘consenting’ teenagers and mutual agreement to “take each other’s virginity” 4 Cocaine being used like it’s no big deal because Sherlock Holmes Freud used it per this book Pills and Shrooms galore5 A trip into a drug den AKA Meth Lab run by near dead brainless druggies who have a gun and are the poster boys for the Anti Gun movement – way to go to give those people ammunition in their cause to rid the world of weapons6 Cutting and suicide issues are brought up but never addressed in a healthy wayIt felt like the author was using these 4 teenagers and a driverless car to work out some deep seated issues as it’s just one long therapy inducing journey There is the fun of what a driverless car could be like lots of social media interaction and the conseuences of having such a dependent society on it Pseudo warnings of the overreach of technology into our livesI can see teenagers getting into this but that may not be a good thingUPDATE since the copy I was sent months ago to review the cover has been changed and references to Disney have been removed as the publisher name has been switched to Freeform which is still an imprint of Disney but most probably don't know that

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AutonomousCross country trip to see their favorite band For William a reckless adrenaline junkie this is the perfect last hurrah before he and his friends go their separate ways after graduation But Autonomous is than just a car without a steering wheel It's capable of downloading all of the passengers’ di. When William Mackler wins the Driverless Derby contest he gets the brand new driverless car Autonomous William gets to bring four friends with him on this fantastic road trip On what they plan to be the best trip ever soon becomes a catastropheDO NOT READ THIS BOOK I'M WARNING YOU NOW DO NOT READ THIS BOOKI hated every minute of it I complained about read it I don't even wanna talk about it any I was expecting a book filled with suspense conflict and thrill I was sorely disappointed after I cracked open the book and read the first chapter I should have stop then But I thought it was going to get better But it didn't DO NOT READ