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Download Running with Wolves ë PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ð Greta Waltz doesn't take crap from anyone As the owner of the Tooth Claw Saloon Rustvale's only wolf shifter bar she can't afford to Even when a couple of sexy newcomers shift and get into a bar fight Greta doesn't hesitate to scruff them and boot them intoGreta Waltz doesn't take crap from anyone As the owner of the Tooth Claw Saloon Rustvale's only wolf shifter bar she can't afford to Even when a couple of sexy newcomers shift and get into a bar fight Greta doesn't hesitate to scruff them and boot them into the street Sure she'd rather be touching them somewhere else but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta doRecovering nerd Elliott Whiting just moved back home and brought his mat. Running with Wolves is a book that isn't in my usual genres to read It's a menage erotica novella I'll admit that when I first saw this for free on for the Kindle App I don't own an e reader I honestly was just curious about the werewolf society In the summary it talks about completing the triad and I was wondering if three way relationships are a normal thing for werewolves in this series I'm not really an erotica reader but I decided to give this one a try anywayI'm glad I did I was expecting this novella to be 100% or close to it about the sex I'm so glad that it was not that way The world building was actually pretty decent and the werewolf society rules was pretty interesting like I wanted It was extremely well done for a novella I'm not even usually a novella readerI also liked Elliot and the fact that the character didn't follow all of the werewolf society's rules He is a bit nerdy and not exactly a typical werewolf I really enjoyed Greta's character as well and she seriously kicked ass This novella was full of intelligent characters and was very well writtenOverall I was pleasantly surprised I got a lot than I was expecting with this one I would recommend Running with Wolves to anyone not afraid to dip into the erotica genre I would also recommend this novella if you already like erotica I bet you would love this one

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D the pack's alpha makes his expectations for her perfectly clear and they don't involve running a business or Greta staying independentCan Greta defy her pack's expectations and find love on her terms Or will the pack and the past get in the way of this fated menageRunning With Wolves is a standalone novella with a feisty independent heroine two shifters who'll do anything for her and a menage scene that will leave you gasping for. This is Elliott Shane and Greta's Greta feels that she is having a good life no matter what her family thinks 30 is not over the hill and she is not desperate for a mate or two While working at her bar she knows that she is being stalked by Zane but since she feels nothing for him she is not worried When Elliott and Shane enter the bar she notices them uickly and keeps thinking these two are so damn hot But thanks to Zane a fight breaks out with Shane so she is forced to break them up and kick them out but just for the night I love the way that the men have no problem showing each other just how much they care for one another and the way they have each others back Zane shows his true colors and man even I wanted to smack him around some Now this is not one of those books that are scorching hot in the love making department but it is still VERY VERY good I received this ARC and just fell in love with the triad so I just had to leave a review Well written and recommended to all

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Running with WolvesE Shane along with him Their very first day in town Shane gets into a bar fight and the most beautiful bartender he's ever seen tosses him out of her bar Ever since neither of them can stop thinking about the curvy fiery wolf Could she be the only to finally complete their triadIt doesn't take long for Elliott's past as a dorky bullied kid to resurface and when it does Shane can barely control his temper At the same time Greta's da. I don’t know what I was supposed to like about this book ‘CauseI don’t like the townI don’t like the “Alpha” if you can call him thatI don’t even like the main charactersElliott was so weakShawn so angryAnd Greta so forgettable This wasn’t good at all and I thought I’m going to love it so much that I had to have the whole series I mean I love MMF romance I love shifters and I love the idea of fated mates so what could go wrong LOTS it turns out That’ll teach me to read at least the first book before getting the whole series Also where is the ending I mean I was reading the book and at least getting a bit into it finally then suddenly I turn the page and it’s the epilogueNothing got resolved reallyThe triad barely just got togetherAnd there was NO confrontation with the bad characters or the characters that wronged the main characters so what’s the point of this book The only character I liked from this book was Dane he seems good but the rest are so awful I can’t even fathom how I’m supposed to like this worldI’ll probably read the second book since it’s because of it that I started reading this series after I read the synopsis but good little old me had to start from the beginning smh