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Left Behind Read & download ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ½ An airborne Boeing 747 is headed to London when without any warning passengers mysteriously disappear from their seats Terror and chaos slowly spread not only through the plane but also worldwide as unusual events continue to unfold For those who have been left behUnusual events continue to unfold For those who have been left behind the apocalypse has just begu. i read this entire seriesalmost non stop they came out with a preuel series but i figured how many times can you beat a dead horseThis series was really really good I didnt know how i was going to like it not being a practicing catholic and all but even if it doesnt keep to scripture 100% it gives you enough of an eye openerI remember thinking wow If this really happened i would be one of the ones suffering through all this And what would it take for me turn and accept godhow many plauges and tribuations would i suffer throughYou get to see how the whole world gets affected by this transition period where the antichrist fights for his throne and god is ever angry a war between good and badIts long theres so many books to this series but if you are the least bit interested in what life would be like once god takes his chosen ones and the rest of the world is left to fight off the devil antichrist give it a whirlI am glad i did

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An airborne Boeing 747 is headed to London when without any warning passengers mysteriously disappe. I felt left out of the Bad Books Club because I completely failed to get past the first chapter of The DaVinci Code so I read this to keep up And boy is this one horrible book And there's at least 11 of them NB I will not be reading the rest of the seriesThe writing is beyond terrible In a story that presents so many interesting narrative possibilities the grief of those left behind after The Rapture the breakdown of society after a massive tragedy the personal pain and soul searching of those who believed they had faith but who were found wanting and ignores them all in favor of people sitting on beds and talking on phones The authors say that there is violence and mayhem but don't show any of it The main characters' conversions to Christianity happen as almost an afterthought there is little description of the feeling of God's love of how they will change their lives and live by the teachings of Jesus The book could have been about 300 pages shorter for all it has of any substance or it could have remained the same length and added some actual plot or character developmentOh my the characters Our Two Heroes are named Rayford Steele and Buck Williams The current president is named Gerald Fitzhugh totally not supposed to evoke John Fitzgerald Kennedy I'm sure Williams's editor is named Steve Plank and I presume that if this naming scheme keeps up later volumes will include media mogul Robert Mudrock and sassy reporter June Heat Register There are two women in the book and both of them are boy crazy and even find the time to get makeovers in the middle of the horrors of the post rapture world They are also wholly without personality but so are all the male characters The Antichrist shoots his two closest business partners in order to command respect and then uses his evil hypnosis skills to make everyone in the room forget about it So what was the point There's also a great throwaway line about how much Planned Parenthood loves its filthy abortion money and how they're so sad they no longer have any babies to abort no mention is made of reproductive health etcTheologically this book is on shaky ground as well There is the aforementioned avoidance of actually describing the process of converstion and there is little Biblical evidence given for the Rapture itself an event which many Christian sects do not believe in and see no textual evidence for uestions are brought up in the book about God's seemingly abusive role in forcing people to accept Jesus's sacrifice and love for humanity by secondhandedly killing scores of people in the aftermath of an event where drivers of cars disappeared suddenly If the seven years of tribulation are supposed to give the unbelievers a second chance how about all of those poor souls who died in accidents or who were stricken with heart attacks These uestions are not answered in the slightest and I was slightly thrown off by the book's refusal to capitalize Him when speaking of the divine It's an ostensibly religious book without any real faithThis could have been such an interesting story but the writing is so utterly awful that the series stands as dangerously bad It does nothing to address the mystery of faith and the horrors of the Apocalpse it could be any third rate spy thriller gathering dust on an airport bookshelf And it's so damnedly popular

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Left BehindAr from their seats Terror and chaos slowly spread not only through the plane but also worldwide as. Left Behind is one of the most wretchedly awful books I have ever forced myself to read If possible I would give this book zero stars Only by sheer willpower and by listening to the audio book one short installment at a time was I able to get through this one Whole essaysrants could be written on how much this book sucks but I'll limit myself to just a couple observations The worst thing about LB isn't LaHaye's crazy religious beliefs it's the fact that it's such a horribly written piece of garbage The only other books I have read that have been written this poorly are L Ron Hubbard's Mission Earth series which interestingly enough are also religious propaganda fiction written by a fanatical religious leader in his declining years CS Lewis was a popular Christian author with whom I often disagree but Lewis is infinitely readable and infinitely enjoyable than LaHaye and Jenkins regardless of whether you agree or disagree with him Apparently the writing process for the LB books was as follows LaHaye would write up a couple hundred page outline of notes and then submit the notes to his co author Jenkins who would turn these notes into a story Jenkins set a goal of writing 20 pages a day which means that within less than one month's time he could crank out a whole book A real writer worth his or her salt might spend years taking notes writing editing rewriting editing some re re writing etc It's not surprising then that LB reads like mass produced crap because that is exactly what it is McFiction for the McMasses No scratch that Stephen King used to joke about how his books were the literary euivalent of a Big Mac and fries most of what he wrote was at least a hundred times superior to LB LB is the four day old rotting McFiction that somebody salvaged from a dumpster A final comment on this travesty of the written word there is an almost total absence of Christian virtue or compassion in LB The Christian scriptures speak of the fruit of the spirit being love joy peace patience goodness kindness faithfulness gentleness and self control None of the Christian characters in this book embody these kind of virtues Christianity in LB is like a form of Manichean dualism than a religion of faith hope or love The so called Christians in LB are grim survivalists resigned to a fatalistic worldview of kill or be killed Their only concerns seem to revolve around taking care of their own and signing up recruits It's no wonder that so much of what passes for Christianity in America consists of extremist right wing militia groups holed up in their gated compound mall fortresses rather than genuine religious communities when books like this are what so many Christians imagine to be representative of their faith