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Download Ü A Bears Secret (Shifter Country Bears, #5) 100 æ Sloane Garcia is fed up with living by other people’s rules When she loses her job and her boyfriend all at once she hits the road to fulfill her dream of hiking the Pacific Crest Trail From Canada to Mexico Sloane’s got five straight months of time alone to fiOn Ranch his bosses are wolves and the two shifter types don’t usually play nice But Austin knows that fate can have a cruel sense of humor After all he has to tell people he’s single and unmated no matter what the truth might be Heading to spend a few nights in a real bed at the Double Moon Ranch Sloane finds a man in the woods just off the trail He’s unconscious and has a syringe in his neck and there’s not a single clue. I read this book as part of an arc program This is the fifth and final book in the Shifter Country Bears series In this final book Austin has watched his cousins all find their mates and be happy Austin has found one of his mates with Trevor but he feels like he can never admit to it anyone because Trevor is a wolf shifter Trevor also works at his family's ranch and is the son of Buck a wolf shifter who is trying to create his own wolf society Trevor doesn't believe in what his father is doing and only stays at the ranch because of his niece and nephew who were orphaned when Trevor's brother and his mates were killed in a car accident Trevor tries to raise the kids right and protect them from his alcoholic parents When Sloane was approaching the Double Moon Ranch after hiking for months she finds an unconscious man in the woods with a tranuilizer dart in his neck Sloane yells for help and Austin comes and takes the young man back to the ranch When they are at the hospital the police uestion them all and they sees Trevor there because the man was found on his family's land Both Trevor and Austin agree to meet secretly later that night and discuss how they want Sloane to be their mate The next day Austin asks Sloane to go on a hike with him and they meet Trevor at the look off The three have lunch and are having a good time until the police show up to arrest Sloane Austin and Trevor know word of them being together will soon reach everyone and Trevor is going to be exiled from his family Austin vows to help his mates in any way he can In this conclusion of this series we learn exactly what happens with the dead wolves and what Buck is planning I loved this series and watching the triads all find happiness I loved how Austin's family accepted Trevor even though he was a wolf Great series

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Sloane Garcia is fed up with living by other people’s rules When she loses her job and her boyfriend all at once she hits the road to fulfill her dream of hiking the Pacific Crest Trail From Canada to Mexico Sloane’s got five straight months of time alone to find herself unless someone else finds her first Austin Leeds is keeping a lot of secrets and not just his own For instance why is the bear shifter working at the Double Mo. CAPTIVATING SIZZLING ROMANCEA BEAR'S SECRET SHIFTER COUNTRY BEARS; A suspenseful romantic storyThis story features; Austin a gorgeous strapping bear shifter Trevor a buffed charismatic wolf shifter; Sloane a curvy sassy independent beautyWhat you'll find in this story; remarkably impressive and engaging characters spectacular story line picturesue and powerful scene descriptions superb banter gut wrenching moments gripping suspense life threatening incidents and skyrocketing heart throbbing sensual romance and a melt your heart conclusion leaving you wanting Sloane leaves home after losing her job breaking up with her boyfriend to hike the Pacific Crest Trail She is scheduled to stop and relax at the Double Moon Ranch Before she gets to ranch she finds a young man with a syringe in his neck and screams for help Austin comes to the rescue carries the young man to the ranch to get him help Being at the Double Moon Ranch catapults Sloane into a whole new worldSPECTACULAR well written read by a truly gifted author The characters spring to life with the plot and dynamic scene descriptions The romance is convincing and sizzles I relished this story; a most gratifying read I adored the persona of the characters and Trevor is a most valiant hero If you treasure shifter romance this is a terrific book for your library I received a copy of this book for a completely honest review In the world of fantasy romance the possibilities are endless and always fascinating Without reservations I recommend this book

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A Bears Secret Shifter Country Bears #5About who attacked him As the mysteries and lies unravel the truth begins to shine through Austin can’t keep his secret any longer not if he’s going to keep Sloane safe and protect his only real shot at living happily ever after with his two fated mates A Bear’s Secret is the final chapter in the Shifter Country Bears and it’s chock full of shifter on shifter love steamy nights and a menage that turns the heat all the way u. A Bear’s Secret book five of the Shifter Country Bears seriesSloane Garcia has been backpacking for weeks when on her way to the ranch she’s staying at she finds an unconscious boy and accidentally runs into bear shifter Austin Austin is out for a run in his bear form when he hears a woman yelling for help though he aids the injured boy his bear instantly recognizes Sloane as it’s mate Meanwhile Trevor a wolf shifter from the ranch next door is called into the hospital since they found the boy on his farm’s land Trevor sees Sloane there and realizes that she is also his mate who could complete their triadthe only problem being that he and Austin have been keeping their bond a secret since they are different species While the pair try to get to know her move Sloane is arrested and being framed for the attack on the boy but will Trevor and Austin be able to keep her from being pulled away from them And will the pair finally come out of hiding and let the other shifters know that they are togetherI voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book