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Carry You Home Carry Your Heart #2The conclusion to Caleb and Isabelle's storyEverything is going as planned for the most part With school the club and new responsibilities on the horizon the life Caleb and Isabelle imagined together is so close they can taste it But their happiness is also a fragile one all it takes is one wrong turn. I received a copy of this books by K Ryan in exchange of my honest reviewSo here it goes I LOVE Carry you Home I LOVE LOVELOVE IT Did I say I LOVE IT already Call me what ever adjective you want guys I won't care Because I'm bound now with this book end off K Ryan oh boy smashed me and glued me and broke me and fixed me over and over again Two parts Two damn heartbroken self searhing self sacrificing parts and in the endwell in the end I was prepared for itOne line meant I was in the clean Two lines meant I was in the shit No time like the present to find out if life as I knew it was basically overIsabelle Martin on her 22 kept fighting for her future happy life After her decision to change colleges and being closer to Caleb and their life as a couple she continue her courses at the UNC School of the Art getting ready for her first self project showcase Most things of her life got in their right places and she was in a stable world for the time being Her father finally accepted to be in rehab and their relationship been in reconnection she was doing great at her Art School Caleb was definitely the one for her and although she wasn't ready yet she has gifted to motherhood However she was young and the world Caleb let her in wasn't that safe not in a millions yearsEverything with him was just one giant battle One step forward two steps back One test after anotherCaleb Sawyer is a fighter Fighter and a keeper Two different people into one body He was ready to die for his family his gand his brothers but he was ready to fight for his old lady as well Ready to make the next step in his relationship with Isabelle and create the perfect life with her made him settle on wrong decisions He was young he raised differently he couldn't knew better So after a little time of happiness between them dark days came to their wayIt was like he'd just taken everything Caleb and I had planned and twisted it into something evil and uglyI definitely don't agree with the world Caleb was into He was an outlaw he did bad things K Ryan presented him here as the ruthless gang member who was ready to prove his team that he was made to be a leader but at the same time was also the caring mate who is ready to prove the deep love he felt for Isabelle every single moment But the battle to prove himself on both sides was realy hard So when the dark days came and took him away for her took their new but unborn connection away from them their lives changed for ever His decisions changed them for ever And that's how first part endsMaybe there was still time to turn things around maybe I could somehow earn back all the pieces of myself I'd lost and maybe someday Isabelle would come home to see itTwo years in jail plus the effort to prove himself that everything he had decided and created throughout the last six year he was out was the best he could do to keep him sane The time Isabelle will finally be at Claremont to watch out her father who wasn't well was coming The time he will finally feel whole was on it's way also and he was ready to fight for her and win her back However no matter if he was out of the gang no matter he was living his own life away from his old brothers the outlaw's past was on his shoulders and shown his ugly face one time Congratulations universe You win Thanks for giving me everything I've ever wanted and then ripping it awayA constant fight a constant persistence and everything Caleb did became broken pieces Isabelle wasn't as she used to be She was the same but at the same time she had walls around her He couldn't do anything than to stay close to her and support her Remind her that he loved her that he will fight for her that he will wait for heralways Things that Isabelle wanted with all her heart and at the same time terrified to live She wasn't ready to fall apart again for Caleb She had so many other priorities now her father's health her work the life she created Oh Second part was a blow Even if I was hooked by the first part the second one was action packed revelational and a surprised one Not to say about that tho Wish I could keep writing about the second part and say all I want to share with you but the thing is that it will be best to keep you all on your toes and make you read it by yourselves Congrats K Ryan for this amazing series and the chance to read the book before it's release I'm honored gilrThis book is definitely a 5 stars from my part Loved every single scene the chamistry K Ryan created betwen the two main characters was riveting and even it's a long book it was fast paced a full consuming story Twists and turns heartbroken moments lots of crying lots of laughtyeah there were lots of witty dialogsCarry you home it's the last book of the series and the best one I heartily recomment both books to read them guysUntil my next book reviewTake care of your selves and yoursVivi

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Summary À Carry You Home (Carry Your Heart, #2) 105 ð The conclusion to Caleb and Isabelle's storyEverything is going as planned for the most part With school the club and new responsibilities on the horizon the life Caleb and Isabelle imagined together is so close they can taste it But their happiness is also a fragile one all iOne stupid decision and their happily ever after shatters all over the highwayBecause as old threats resurface and new ones rise the most deadly enemy of all lies not in outside forces but inside the club itself How do you follow orders when you know those orders might destroy everything you love How d. Thank you to the talented K Ryan for an eARC of Carry You Home Ever since I finished Carry Your Heart I have been waiting to read the second installment of Iz and Caleb Romance Heartbreak Suspense Carry You Home does NOT disappoint The rollercoaster of emotions produced through Ryan’s writing had my husband uestioning my sanity; one minute I was laughing out loud and the next I was sobbing The ups and down on this novel are heartfelt and authentic; although I have never been in a relationship with a badass biker man many of the relationship struggles that Iz and Caleb face trust patience integrity are completely relevantI thoroughly enjoyed that by the end of the novel I knew where each character was; they all have logical yet fulfilling conclusions to their own stories I’ve found this to be a rarity in modern literature due to the fact that many characters are left in the dust and the reader is left to infer their endings There are parts of the novel that I felt were a bit drawn out but that is just me being antsy and wanting the good stuff all at once I appreciate Ryan’s patience in developing her characters as it enabled them to have depth and substance that they might not have had otherwise I highly recommend Carry Your Heart and Carry You Home for anyone who is looking for a temporary reprieve from his or her own reality The characters and conflict will hook you in and will keep you wanting just as I do

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O you move forward when all your best laid plans slip right through your fingertipsChoice breeds conseuence Hope rises from the ashes Love weathers any storm And in the end every road leads homeCarry You Home is not a standalone and is the seuel to Carry Your Heart It is intended for readers 18 and old. First let me say this novel is NOT for the faint of heart But let me say I personally related to Isabelle Especially in this book She faced so many obstacles that I could teammate to K Ryan it's an amazing writer This book totally broke me I ugly cried at least 2 times This book is really well written The characters are extremely defined They make you feel as I'd you are there with them I highly recommend this book and the first book Carry Your Heart Definitely a MUST CLICK I'm highly looking forward to from K Ryan