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The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet Summary × eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ Librarian's Note For an alternate hardcover edition of the same ISBN click hereFollow a motley crew on an exciting journey through space—and one adventurous young explorer who discovers the meaning of family in the far reaches of Librarian's Note For an alternate hardcover edition of the same ISBN click hereFollow a motley crew on an exciting journey through space and one adventurous young explorer who discovers the meaning of family in the far reaches of the universe in this light hearted debut space opera from a rising sci fi starRosemary Harper doesn’t expect much when she joins the crew of the aging Wayfarer While the patched up ship has seen better days it offers her a bed a chance to explore the far off corners of the gal. This was really really not my cup of tea and I threw in the towel 23 of the way in I was surprised at how disappointing it was given that I picked it up on the basis of the normally dependable Adam Roberts' recommendation in his end of year 2015 round up in the GuardianI understand the desire to move SF from plot driven narratives to character driven narratives but you are throwing the baby out with the bathwater if your character driven narrative doesn't actually contain any characters worth reading about The wafer thin plot could be summarised as a bunch of super best friends have a whizzo time pootling about the galaxy eating food and learning trite lessons on the importance of diversity with zero tension or conflictThe author seems to be trying to emulate the Joss Whedon and associates style of breezy television writing Firefly Buffy Shield etc which also depicts groups of friends having adventures but what imitators forget is that Whedon created conflict between his characters he threw massive obstacles in their path he made them hate each other sometimes he scarred them he often killed them and so the lessons that they learnt about acceptance and loyalty and diversity and courage etc genuinely resonated with the viewer because they were hard won This by contrast is tepid innocuous and faintly patronising perfect for a 21st century audience that wants to feel cozy and be spoon fed all the answersThe popular culture discourse in SF and elsewhere is being poisoned by idiot man children of various stripes so the impulse to embrace this as a response is understandable and something I get but this is so unchallenging as a piece of art I can't help but feel it does harm than good in the long run

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Axy and most importantly some distance from her past An introspective young woman who learned early to keep to herself she’s never met anyone remotely like the ship’s diverse crew including Sissix the exotic reptilian pilot chatty engineers Kizzy and Jenks who keep the ship running and Ashby their noble captainLife aboard the Wayfarer is chaotic and crazy exactly what Rosemary wants It’s also about to get extremely dangerous when the crew is offered the job of a lifetime Tunneling wormholes through. UPDATE 199 Kindle US 51919I freaking loved this book And yes I cried It was good crying though I always get nervous reading a sci fi book because I'm afraid I won't know what's going on and yes I say that every time BUT this book is so awesome A couple of things went over my head but who cares I had no clue what a sci fi soap opera was but if they are all like this book then I want to read I'm going to be buying this one and I did pre order the next book This isn't just some space odyssey it's about people and aliens and being a family I want you to know that I fell in love with all of the characters on this ship Even ole grumpy Corbin later on in the book We get to learn about each character Their pasts if they are alien what kind of aliens they are and most of the stories are told through the personalien so you get a better understanding Everyone in the book had to make choices to share their secrets to make choices for others so they wouldn't die even if they didn't want that choice made thoughts and feelings toward other crew members AI love people trying to hide their love for things that just finally had to come out Doing things for each other even if you don't really like each other because you are crew mates and you are family These aliens and people have been together for years and years Rosemary is the new comer to the Wayfarer ship and family But she soon finds out what it means to have a real family to find love to fight for each others survival Ashby is the captain Kizzy and Jenks are the engine crew Sissix is a pilot Dr Chef is the doctor and the chef Lovey is the ships system Ohan is the Navigator and Corbin is in charge of algae They all play crucial parts in the running of the ship Rosemary is there to help with secretary like stuff for lack of a better word But they all go above and beyond to help each other do whatever to help out They make tunnels to other places to make it easier for other peoplealiens in the galaxy They make good money but this latest job which is money than they have ever gotten leads them into enemy territory under a planned alliance with the Toremi Ka This doesn't go very well but they are an evil race so it's to be expected They almost lost their lives They did lose a few things and almost lost the ship But all of that isn't until almost the end of the book This is mostly about them going through space stopping at markets and having some fun meeting new people on different planets to get things they need pirates gross arse cooked up bugs and stuff old friendsnew friends And I just loved it I loved learning about all of these people and the things they went through and the evil people and the bots and this that and the other Oh and dear Kizzy making little winter hats for her fixbots I need a picture of that I wish this would be made into a movie Just seeing how they handle all of the creatures alone would be awesome Anyhoo I loved it and I hope you do too but it may not be for you I'm just glad it was for me ♥MY BLOG Melissa Martin's Reading List

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The Long Way to a Small Angry PlanetSpace to a distant planet is definitely lucrative and will keep them comfortable for years But risking her life wasn’t part of the plan In the far reaches of deep space the tiny Wayfarer crew will confront a host of unexpected mishaps and thrilling adventures that force them to depend on each other To survive Rosemary’s got to learn how to rely on this assortment of oddballs an experience that teaches her about love and trust and that having a family isn’t necessarily the worst thing in the univer. Re read 8918 I’m crying in a puddle of my feels I love this book so damn much JENKS ❤️😭Original review 112316 I have just completed reading my favorite book of all time There has never been a book to touch me as much as this one did I just I can't I'm like Spent I cannot even comprehend or articulate how much I loved this fucking book Oh my god