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FREE READ Ð Anatomy of a Player Taking Shots #2 ✓ This bad boy is about to get playedAfter getting her heart broken by a player again Whitney Porter is done with men She's focusing on her future career and her first assignment at the college newspaper Posing as a sports writer for an exposé on the extra perks jocks receive But HudThis bad boy is about to get playedAfter getting her heart broken by a player again Whitney Porter is done with men She's focusing on her future career and her first assignment at the college newspaper Posing as a sports writer for an exposé on the extra perks jocks receive But Hudson Decker the bad boy of the hockey team is about to test her resolve To ke. 3 StarsAnatomy of a Player is much better compared to the first book of the series However it took me a while to warm up to the story The book follows journalism student Whitney Porter and ice hockey player Hudson Decker After getting Whitney's heart broken by her cheating ex she swore to never fall in love again with guys most especially athletes When she met hockey star Hudson though her plans to avoid athletes failed It's difficult to resist a sexy tatted and packed with abs guy who knows how to treat her right When she knew she's about to fall for him that's the time when conflict began Dating him is not an option because she's also secretly working for an article that may destroy Hudson's hockey lifeThe writing once again especially awed me It was good There was also an angst here which made me like it However Whitney turned me off She was weak for a character And she didn't fail to annoy me most of the time For once she was so full of drama and the way she treated Hudson at the first few chapters was immature While I loved that there were also conflicts I found the story packed with too many issues and problems and that's just so frustrating 1 Hudson has mommy issues2 Hudson is having academic problems3 Hudson has a bet with his teammates that he can get Whitney to sleep with him4 Whitney has relationship issues5 Whitney is secretly writing an article that may hurt HudsonYep too many issuesAs a whole The Anatomy of a Player was just okay It could have been a lovable NA romance book if there weren't too many issues that ruined my enjoyment

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At he can't land the gorgeous but prickly new reporter he accepts the challenge boasting he'll have her in bed by the end of the semester But Whitney is so much than Hudson expected and soon enough he's in too deep The last thing he needs is another complication but staying away isn't an option One thing's for certain this girl totally throws him off his ga. 375 stars WARNING this probably contains spoilers which I haven't really marked so read at you're own risk Anatomy of a Player is the second book in the Taking Shots series It however used a different set of characters from the first book I remembered barely the first book and I don't remember the main characters in Anatomy of a Player being in it though I could be wrong I went in thinking this would be a light new adult book I should never have thought that because I'm pretty sure I described the genre of new adult to my friend as like young adult but with like romance features and underlying crappy problems Can't say I've found a new adult book that doesn't fit my description In this dual point of view novel our female lead is Whitney who has a habit of falling for the wrong guy guys who play her I have friends similar in the way they always fall for the wrong guy and there's nothing you can do in the circumstance and I felt that Whitney was presented very realistically Maybe others will disagree that's my opinion on the matter Our male lead is Hudson a hockey player at the college on a scholarship Though he doesn't seem to care just keeps throwing away his studies because of outside family troubles regarding his mum The abuse and alcohol abuse in his home life growing up seriously affected Hudson and the doubt is obvious when reading his chapters in the book Eventually he grows and puts his work into his studies and goal of being a social worker to help kids who grew up in a similar situation in which he did I really enjoyed learning about American colleges I'm not saying every college would be represented as the one in the novel though However university in Australia is very different and I think I would ultimately enjoy the college experience Though it made me incredibly glad that sport isn't what bases on you getting into higher education and how well you do in your classes I really enjoyed your Whitney conducted her research and how it factored into the plot line not getting left behind in the romance I also enjoyed how the romance was slow building I'd hit about half way and nothing had overly emotional had happened between the pair The fact there was no insta love is also a highly appealing aspect for myself as well Another thing I enjoyed was that despite the fact the underlying problem in the novel wasn't as intense as some other new adult books the characters both accepted each other's easily It didn't matter that Hudson had had the obviously harder life and Whitney's could be seen as an easier lifestyle they accepted that the problem one faces matters to that person and the phrase someone has it worse didn't matter in the slightest Likes No slut shaming In Hudson's first chapter he calls himself a judgemental asshole which he is being Whitney is in college for communication and majoring I think in journalism I'm currently in university for communications with a major in journalism Whitney and Lyla's friendship Whitney had a habit of adopting someone's accent when talking to them thIS GIRL IS LITERALLY ME Whitney and Hudson discussing what their nerdy uirk is I laughed so much and smiled Hudson recreating what Whitney said was a date she dreamed off at Rockefeller Center turned my heart to mush Dislikes The bet why are bets still a thing in books They're honestly slightly degrading I kind of got annoyed at Whitney because she got so distracted when it came to her article and the fact it would insult Hudson JUST WRITE IT view spoiler though she did and I totally say go girl hide spoiler

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Anatomy of a Player Taking Shots #2Ep herself from breaking her no sex rule with the temptingly tattooed athlete she decides to use him for a side project Anatomy of a Player to help Whitney and women everywhere spot a player learn what makes him tick and how to avoid falling for oneWith his life spiraling out of control Hudson Decker's looking for a distraction When his teammates bet him th. Oh boy this was one long seemingly laborious readFor a long time I couldn't put my finger on what was wrong with this book I liked the characters College Barbie has had her heart broken one too many times swears off men wants to be taken seriously for her contribution to journalism and decides to write an expose on the special treatment athletes get in College Ken doll aka hockey player Hudson is a man whore to the nth degree never wanting anything than a casual hook up from his legion of devoted female fans Of course as College Barbie Whitney begins her research she is thrown into the path of the ultimate player Hudson and the game to out play one another beginsBut I couldn't figure out why I was putting the book down every few pages until it hit me like a rom com brick in the head I already knew everything that was going to happen There was nothing new here at all The characters were simple stereotypes the passion was about as layered as candy floss on a hot day the scenarios have all been done a thousand times since the 60's and the reader can see how it'll all end before the third chapter even begins That being said if you're new to the genre I think you'd love this book It's fun and well paced and has enough angsty self dialogue to indulge any fan of feisty heroines falling for the tough manwhore on campus That's why I'm giving it a solid three stars because even though for me it was an experience in procrastination I got a lot of laundry done while reading this book I still think it's a fun sweet and simple read for those who don't mind heaps and heaps of traditional tried and true formula scenarios being thrown together in one book These include but are not limited to mistaken identies locker room bets to bed the blonde creepy lurkers vengeful exes bad parents childhood traumas sexualised halloween costumes tv watching on the couch besties giving absolutely no helpful advice whatsoever and exaggerated gestures of love which for the most part are completely out of character So you know all the good stuff sort of