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Clear by Fire review ä eBook or Kindle ePUB Ñ Inspired by the experiences of a decorated combat veteran and former member of the 82nd Airborne Division Clear by Fire is a blistering new military thriller about an American hero who in order to clear his name must take down a highly classified band of soldiers that has gone murderously rogRenee Hart Kane must embark on his gravest mission yet unraveling the conspiracy that reaches all way to the president's inner circle and stopping the world's most dangerous soldiers from completing their treacherous planSet in the shadows of the war on terror this realistic action packed adventure puts a twist on the traditional military thriller and starts a brand new series that fans of Brad Thor and Brad Taylor will lo. I have Clear By Fire by Joshua Hood on both my Kindle and Audio Started reading it and didn't want to stop to work so switched over to my headphones I am enjoying both reading and listening This is a really great book I am not finished yet but have thoroughly enjoyed it thus far and will definitely be awaiting the next book Grab a copy you won't be disappointed

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O wage war from the shadows But all that changed when his commander as a part of a twisted scheme to force America's continued involvement in the Middle East ordered an innocent Afghan family murderedRefusing the order Mason finds himself on the run hunted by his former comrades and labeled a terrorist by the country he served faithfully Relying only on his survival skills and the help of female Special Operations operative. No matter what happens next don't be too hard on yourself Even now after all you've done you can still go home Lucky you Spec Ops The Line I've seen horrors horrors that you've seen But you have no right to call me a murderer You have a right to kill me You have a right to do that but you have no right to judge me Apocalypse Now You Shall Judge A Man By His Foes As Well As By His Friends Joseph Conrad Clear By Fire Infantry term which basically means to clear out a hostile objective Family A common theme in fiction Countless novels have explored what happens when the ones you love are in danger But what happens if the people you considered family betrayed you What happens if they turned their guns on you This delightful twist on an old concept is one of the two big themes of Clear By Fire the debut novel of Joshua Hood a decorated veteran of the legendary 82nd Airborne Regiment The second theme is also just as compelling Ending the war on terror For than a decade now the legion of Islamist extremist scumbags whom the West has spent billions in trying to destroy have instead survived and prospered From the increasing sophistication of groups like Boko Haram who in an attack lasting a week killed 2000 people in the Nigerian countryside to Daesh which despite taking a few knocks isn't down for the count and the current European migration crisis which has been caused by people attempting to flee from the monsters who are burning down the Middle East regardless of the re emergence of great power issues RussiaChina Islamic Terrorism is still the main geopolitical problem for the West But with withdrawals being scheduled and the public getting tired of what seems to be a fruitless endeavor some drastic so called suggestions have taken shape among certain members of society in ending the conflict in one fell swoop WMD's for starters On one hand the general concept of making the terrorist thorn in the side of the civilized world go away at the press of a few buttons is an appetizing thought On the other hand one must consider the millions of innocent people in the Middle East and South Asia who never asked for a bunch of delusional religious zealots to give them a bad name overseas and loathe them just as much as we do Morality can be infuriating occasionally and it should not be thrown out the window But what if someone with the planning skills and resources decided to cut things short large scale collateral damaged be damned Clear By Fire focuses on such a scenario Now to the review What happens when someone who is beyond caring about what is right and wrong decides to clear by fire the most dangerous place on earth We start the novel in sunny Morocco The main character Mason Kane foils a sting operation mounted by the CIA against him A fugitive on the run from crimes he did not commit he has a few advantages compared to most hunted men Excellent language skills allowing him to blend into the background and support from a Libyan intelligence officer turned powerful criminal Not to mention formidable combat training as a member of the Anvil Program a black ops team which was allowed to take the gloves off in destroying threats to America's national security Briefly misdirecting the CIA officer hunting him Mason intercepts an interesting piece of intelligence about an upcoming operation in South Asia being run by the men who framed him We then cut to California where Rene Hart Special Forces soldier seconded to the DIA is taking part in a domestic counter terrorist op It goes badly but after shooting her way out of an ambush Renee gets a lead on a scheme involving chemical warfare And in Afghanistan a rogue black ops team begins their date with destiny by cutting a swathe of destruction through a remote village infiltrating a CIA black site and to top things off appropriating a Predator Drone to conduct the assassination of the Afghan President These actions send alarm bells ringing in Washington Plans are drawn up Hart is sent to investigate who was behind the attacks and realizes something is wrong when she learns of a shoddy cover up And Kane manages to capture an enemy whose revelations send him on the trail of a conspiracy to rewrite the geopolitics of the Post 911 world and kill millions in the process All these threads come together in a story of loss vengeance and death where those who enter the fires of war exit transformed beyond recognition In terms of plot Clear By Fire is on target Most first novels either don't have the scope which can make a sizable impact or screw up with the structure Joshua Hood clears these hurdles admirably The story is a sweeping snapshot of the screwed up Post 911 world we live in touching on conflicts like the Syrian Civil War and issues such as the seeming futility of counter terrorism work along with its costs; this book explores them with a depth not usually found in the genre Add a potent blend of real life events such as the Wardack Province incident and what if situations like the repercussions of the Afghan President becoming road kill there's than enough twists and turns to satisfy even the most jaded post 911 thriller fiction fan Next the action and setting Joshua Hood has created a fascinating fictional universe one which delves into the shadow world which exists alongside us He also has a talent for vividly bringing to life the environments and life or death situations which his characters battle through better than a lot of his peers From a journey across the lawless deserts of the LibyanChad border to a duel to the death in the Afghan mountains and finishing with a race against time gunfight through a Damascus suburb Mr Hood's writing effortlessly grabs you by the scruff of the neck and throws you into the warzone where survival isn't certain and anything is permitted when trying to stay alive Research Being a Veteran of one of the elite units of the US Armed Services and current law enforcement officer as you would expect when it comes to tactics and kit Mr Hood knows his stuff but does not let his knowledge take over the plot and narrative Every action whether it be ambush tactics utilized and euipment like the HK 416 assault rifles featured has a clear purpose and isn't there for show or merely because it's cool Many 21st century thriller writers make the mistake that the hardware is important and neglect everything else Thankfully Mr Hood is not in that category a sign that he'll go very far in his writing career Now to characters There were many standouts in this book First I'll focus on the deuteragonists of Clear By Fire Mason Kane and Renee Hart The author successfully establishes them well and explores one of the main themes of the book through them namely family Kane's an orphan while Hart is estranged from hers Instead they tried to find their own families by joining the military and fighting in the war on terror What gives their character arcs startling depth is that in the events of Clear By Fire they both lose each of their surrogate families and are forced to deal with this loss At the start of the novel Mason is dealing with the betrayal by his unit commander and former comrades while Renee gets into a situation where all her skill and experience is rendered impotent in the span of a few minutes as she's forced to watch those she cares about get taken from her It's that symmetry which makes their characterization all the compelling and helps enrich the story As for the main protagonists individually first let’s look at Mr Kane He reminded me of many a protagonist from British military thriller writer Chris Ryan The difference I actually cared about his survival a testament to his characterization by Mr Hood who is by far superior to Mr Ryan in that department Kane is a soldier's soldier Having served his country well his life takes a turn for the worst when he refuses to fall in line after he witnesses a war crime While damaged and vengeful he resolutely tries to keep his humanity intact despite all the suffering he goes through in the story But a boy scout he is not and his combat abilities are devastating and combined with his cunning and tradecraft he's picked up along the way; he's than capable of keeping up with the men who want him dead Then we have Renee Hart who I have to say stole the show As the only female Special Forces soldier in the US Armed Services she's part of the recent wave of female characters in Post 911 fiction Hart is also one of the few done right Competent Absolutely Tough And how She doesn't disappoint Whether it be exchanging gunfire with members of a rogue counter terrorist unit or dealing with people who hold her in contempt despite her accomplishments and experience she doesn't hesitate or suffer in silence; instead Renee goes for the jugular Even after being hit with a tragic loss she pulls herself together and soldiers on I find it also refreshing that Mr Hood doesn't fall into the old trap of getting descriptive shall we say Yes Ms Hart is beautiful But that's not important What is relevant however is that she easily keeps up with Mason Kane and the people trying to murder them both if not so I look forward to seeing where she goes on the character arc Mr Hood has begun to send her on Next secondary characters Ahmed and Zeus First Ahmed He's a former Libyan intelligence officer who once ran into Kane and helped him kill Gadhafi Having utilized his contacts and skillset to become a powerful crime lord he acts as a patron and father figure of sorts for the fugitive American soldier whom he's taken a liking to Then there's his employee Zeus Also a former spy like his boss he's Kane's partner in crime Easily holding his own in the life or death situations they both get themselves into the banter between him Ahmed and Kane provides some funny moments and a bit of welcome levity in this very dark story Finally we have the villain of the piece Colonel Barnes He's the character which is used to explore the second big theme of the book ending the war on terror in a single devastating attack What sort of man would have the guts and lack of morals to try Barnes gives us a good idea Channeling Apocalypse Now's Kurz but with far gleeful malevolence while he's the just the point man for some power brokers on the ground he's the one driving events Brilliant but with an ego as big as the Middle East he sets in motion a scheme to neutralize a clear and present danger to the USA However he does so regardless of the mountain of corpses will pile up if he succeeds A well intentioned extremist Or a man who wants to play God and has conveniently found an opportunity to have the power of life and death over millions The good colonel will keep you guessing and debating all the way to the very end One thing is for sure he can match his bark with a painful bite having the planning abilities to come out on top and ensure most of the people hunting him come to very sticky ends And while his plan to set the Middle East aflame doesn't come together Barnes manages to pull off a Houdini and leave the book alive Minor uibbles Some of the prose in Clear By Fire is a little rough around the edges but nothing some minor editing wouldn't fix Secondly character interaction between Hart and Kane Good for the most part but there was one scene where it almost became dangerously forced There's no need for that The dynamics between them are still emerging and it's best to let their relationship develop naturally Thirdly some events alluded to in the story could have done with a flashback or two That aside Mr Hood has demonstrated excellent writing abilities and I'm sure he'll continue to develop and improve his skills for the seuel novels which will probably elaborate on the events that we only got to hear about So overall my verdict is this Clear By Fire is an outstanding start to a soon to be growing military thriller series With vivid brutal action scenes impressive characterization a surprising use of themes to enrich an already impressive narrative and a plot which deals with relevant issues that people need to be discussing before it’s too late; Joshua Hood joins the ranks of the second generation of Post 911 fiction writers alongside the likes of Brad Taylor and Mark Greaney The opportunities for this series are endless and I’m confident Mr Hood will seize them I don’t know where Mr Kane Ms Hart and their allies will be going as they begin their journey into the darkness but having faced the fire in this book and survived we will most certainly be seeing them again ABSOLUTELY RECOMMENDED

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Clear by FireInspired by the experiences of a decorated combat veteran and former member of the 82nd Airborne Division Clear by Fire is a blistering new military thriller about an American hero who in order to clear his name must take down a highly classified band of soldiers that has gone murderously rogueMason Kane was a loyal American soldier and a proud member of the elite off the books Anvil Program a group of black ops soldiers wh. Mason Kane is an elite soldier that is part of the secretive Anvil Program a dedicated unit of operatives that specializes in black ops or missions done in the shadows Kane is a loyal patriot with a conscience which ends up costing himThe Anvil program was created with one objective train a team to fight like the enemy does tossing out the rules of engagement and anything that might get in the way of completing the objecting – which is to kill bad guysWhen given an order to kill innocent people as part of a corrupt agenda Kane refuses By doing so he draws attention from all the wrong people Ultimately he’s labeled a terrorist and worse – a traitor to the county that he loves and has served so faithfullyUp to his neck in a tangled web of lies and corruption Kane is forced to go on the run The very men that he bravely served with are now after him Armed with his training and experience Kane must stay one step ahead of those hunting him while also working to clear his name That’s considerably harder than it already sounds when you throw in that he’s also the first American to earn a “kill on sight” orderThe people after him want him dead immediatelyWhat I Love About the BookFirst and foremost the book is very authentic Author Joshua Hood is a decorated soldier who served as suad leader in the 1 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment and was deployed to Afghanistan for Operation Enduring FreedomHood is the real deal living a life that resembles one of the heroes that thriller fans love to read about in fictional novels In a lot of ways as great as Mason Kane is he’s still not on eual footing with the man who created himOne of the things that really surprised me is Hood’s ability to paint vivid locations so masterfully on the page As a combat veteran that now serves on a SWAT team in Memphis Tennessee I expected him to nail the action scenes Which he does by the wayA lot of new authors that have served in the military or on a police force can naturally write action scenes because they’ve lived itMy favorite authors Vince Flynn and Brad Thor weren’t in the military – yet both are known for their ability to write what they haven’t lived first hand top notch action and espionage thrillers Hood in many ways is the reversal of those iconic authors but with similar resultsWhat makes Hood’s writing so uniue for a guy with his resume is his ability to eually describe tactical situations and overseas locations such as Morocco and Afghanistan His concise vibrant descriptions make you feel like you’re actually there – which can be a little unnerving when the bullets start flying I felt my pulse uicken several times while reading this bookIn many ways the plot reminds me of a famous rollercoaster here in my home state of Michigan called Shivering Timbers which is the sixth largest wooden roller coaster in the worldWhile other rides captivate thrill seekers by spinning and flipping you around Timbers takes you slowly up 100 feet above the ground before dropping nearly straight down Traveling 65 miles per hour riders are rocketed up and down a series of hills dropping at a rate that causes each person to experience what’s known as “ejector air time” – which is a fancy way of saying you experience weightlessnessThat’s the best way to describe Clear by Fire a roller coaster of events moving at blazing speeds The pacing is brilliant which makes the book nearly impossible to put down All of that leads up to an ending that is both satisfying and leaves you wanting – in a good wayThe only drawback is that fans myself included will have to wait until next year to read Hood’s follow up novel It can’t come fast enoughWhy You Should Read ItHood’s debut novel Clear by Fire offers what I truly believe is the uniue opportunity to see a legend in the making burst onto the sceneMason Kane is a new type of hero Compared to other known protagonists Kane is darker and edgier and perhaps a bit caustic at times He’s also the perfect blend of someone that is outgoing and confident but also stoic which is fun to readHaving grown up as one of the only non Latino children in East Los Angeles Kane learned to blend in at a young age His childhood wasn’t easy His mom is a drunk and his father well let’s just say he’s not aroundMason had every reason to become hardened and do nothing with his life Instead he chose better for himselfKane’s past helped to mold him into an Apex predator where he sits at the top of the food chain in the world of black operations and dangerous missions He’s not someone you want to cross but he’s definitely the guy I would want on my side if any type of trouble were to go downAs much as I love Mitch Rapp and Scot Harvath I can’t say that I read their books when Vince Flynn and Brad Thor first introduced their characters in 1999 and 2002 respectfully However Mason Kane boasts many of the same ualities that have made those characters household namesI’m honored to have been given an advance copy of Clear by Fire and feel privileged to be a fan from the very beginningI’m confident that everyone else who reads this book will feel the same wayFinal ThoughtsWhile Kane is the star there are a plethora of other well developed characters around him Fans will also really like Renee Hart a female Special Operations operative who helps Mason out while he’s one the runSome people are comparing Hood to fellow author Brad Taylor who writes the New York Times Bestselling Pike Logan series I understand where the comparisons come from since both men served decorated careers in the military before writing their first novel However their writing styles are slightly differentFor starters Taylor has adopted a first person narrative for his thrillers Hood meanwhile writes in third person Both are terrific authors with compelling main characters and I highly recommend their workBecause he’s new I’ve been asked several times which famous protagonist Mason Kane most resembles It’s a uestion I’ve thought long and hard about so here’s my answerRather than choose an established character to compare Mason Kane to I’d be willing to wager that by this time next year people will be comparing other new characters to MasonAfter The Survivor by Kyle Mills and Code of Conduct by Brad Thor Clear by Fire is the next must read book of the yearBook DetailsClear by Fire is published by Touchstone Books an imprint of Simon Schuster It will be available on 8182015