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Resplendent Ruin Resplendence #1Trapped in a seemingly perfect and sheltered life Juliette Mason suddenly finds herself in a place where she starts to uestion everything she thought she knew about life and love A place where she starts to doubt her dreams where nothing in her life makes. Being wrong never felt so rightJuliette Mason and Daniel Clarke had been together for years They hold top positions in the company created by their fathers but they are also in love and engaged On the surface everything seems blissful but it doesn’t take much to see the cracks in that pretty picture The couple have grown distant as pressures of the business have meant Daniel spends time away from home and Juliette is uncertain and lonely in a relationship that she thought would never change When Knox enters Juliette's life she sees a rude and obnoxious person but her heart sees someone else With her mind thinking one thing and her body and heart another their relationship changes as does the inner battle she is facing“Underneath all those layers of sarcasm and snide remarks she saw kindness and compassion” “Juliette had never felt so torn in her life She knew the difference between right and wrong”Cheating It’s an ugly word to describe betrayal and pain and one it’s hard to put a positive spin on What happens though when black and white is not so clear cut When choices are made not cavalierly but with thoughtful painful deliberation My line in the sand is cheating Normally This story had me feeling the pain all the way around in this story of secrets revelations and betrayals I felt Juliette’s pain as she tried to work through her feelings for both Knox and Daniel not really knowing until the end which way things were going to go And that journey This story was so full of highs and lows that my heart needed a break by the end As Knox coaxed Juliet out of her shell and had them experiencing new adventures together the joy of those moments were ones to savorThere are than the three principals in this story and they factor into much of the drama that ensues There are family dynamics with unconditional love and acceptance on one end and manipulation and betrayal at the other There is every emotion you can think of with each one laid out in a way to touch your heart—whether it is love or “dislike” because who would hate a fictional character right But wait These people aren’t real Well they sure feel real to me as each up and down each high and low had me embracing Juliette and Knox even There is sex—oh yes mind blowingly delicious and tasty tasty tasty sex The feelings behind the actions make it for me though as the story ends in an entirely different place than I thought going in While the ending had me a bit perplexed as decisions were made and unmade based on not flimsy but let’s say uestionable in my mind information I was certainly willing to give some leeway as it in no way affected my enjoyment of the story “I want you to be mine”“I want to be yours too”This is the first in the series and I can’t wait for the next Diane 45 stars

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DOWNLOAD Resplendent Ruin (Resplendence #1) 107 ↠ Trapped in a seemingly perfect and sheltered life Juliette Mason suddenly finds herself in a place where she starts to uestion everything she thought she knew about life and love A place where she starts to doubt her dreams where nothing in her life makes sense any A place where she finds KnoxHought he could never haveMistakes are made people get hurt and hearts are broken But who said love is always black and white This is a story of how easy it is to find the gray area when it comes to playing the game of love Content Notes Spicy Contemporary. This debut novel by Bella J is the most suspenseful romance I have ever read Right from the beginning you feel for Juliette While she seems to have it all great job gorgeous CEO fiancé money beautiful condo housekeeper everything What she doesn't have is time and attention from her fiancé So when she is dragged out to a club with her sister and her boyfriend and meets Knox the darkly sexy alpha bad boy you can understand why she would find him so infuriating and attractive at the same time In proving to him that she isn't the person he thought she was she finds she enjoys spending time with him and that he is attentive and interesting than she thought originally as well She realizes he is too tempting and does everything in her power to avoid him but he keeps ending up in her path As time goes by and as Daniel her fiancé keeps leaving her alone she begins to uestion her marriage and finds herself spending time with her sister which leads to Knox where he attraction continues to build until the reader finds themselves rooting for Knox and as frustrated as Juliette and Knox are when she keeps resisting his advancesThe characters in this novel are some of the best developed characters I have ever read and that is saying a lot I never could have seen myself wanting someone to have an affair but the characters of Juliette and Knox seem so perfect for each other and so attracted to each other while Daniel is so clueless and puts Juliette second in every decision he makes I found myself actually wanting her to go through with it This is all due to the skill of the writing She builds the suspense and attraction so gradually careful not to go too far too soon until the decisions they make are completely understandable and seem well overdue The challenge the author puts in front of both men and the way they respond to that challenge says everything about them and also well plannedThis is a traditional romance not erotic but it doesn't need to be The suspense that built throughout this story was far intense than any erotic romance I highly recommend this book to any reader of romance This book was so well written I can't wait to read the next book in the Resplendence series

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Sense any A place where she finds Knox Taylor and he was everything she thought she never wantedKnox was blissfully happy living a fast life of reckless behavior impulsive decisions and beautiful women But then Juliette happened and she was everything he t. WOW I absolutely loved this story At the very beginning I was completely drawn in to the emotions of the story and felt a complete drive to read this book and the ending was so worth the power readJuliette Mason seemingly has the perfect life She is engaged to her gorgeous successful business partner they live in a beautiful apartment and they have an ideal life However Juliette feels things are off she needs not material things but from her fiancee mainly his attention Daniel Mason and Juliette have known each other forever their fathers run Mason Daniel well his father did but passed away right after he proposed to Juliette leading him to the main job Now two years later Daniel is working on landing a huge deal and constantly neglects Juliette When anything comes up she is the easiest to put on the back burnerNow after being engaged for 5 years they still don't have a wedding date set and Juliette is wondering what type of marriage and home life they will ever have Will he ever be there for her How did the love of her life so easily start neglecting herA chance encounter with sexy Knox Taylor who happens to be crashing at the apartment of Juliette's sister and her boyfriend has Juliette wondering if there is Dark sexy and somewhat mysterious Knox immediately has Juliette on edge These two are completely drawn to one another and she can't get him out of her headKnox lost his parents tragically and decided he wanted a no holds bar lifestyle Recklessness adrenaline junky Knox didn't expect to feel such a connection with Juliette and now he can't get her out of his headThese two can't seem to stay away from one another Can Juliette and Knox hold off on acting on the extreme draw they have to one another the explosive chemistry they seem to have the bond they share that just seems to be what each of these two are looking for needing craving When Daniel returns from a two week business trip Juliette finds herself caught up in a love triangle dealing with a relentless mother and other issues that have her an emotional wreck Who will she choose Will her self serving mother get her way Loved the ending Author Bella J has a resplendent success on her hands PS I adore Knox's nickname for Juliette Duchess swoon