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READER Þ DOC Toe to Toe º 9781937209049 Ö DEBORAH LEBLANC Ö Welcome to Clay Point Louisiana home to not so average Joes and Nonie Broussard a feisty Cajun and trouble magnet After losing her job when the Garmin factory shuts down Nonie is left with major money issues—as in she has none Desperate shWelcome to Clay Point Louisiana home to not so average Joes and Nonie Broussard a feisty Cajun and trouble magnet After losing her job when the Garmin factory shuts down Nonie is left with major money issues as in she has none Desperate she has to turn to the one place she’s avoided working since dropping out of college her family’s funeral homeIt wasn’t that Nonie feared the dead In fact the opposite was true She sees them literally and had been seeing the dead ever since she can remember She tried telling her parents about it when she was a child but they’d vehemently dismissed it to imaginary friends so she’d stopped talking about it There were only two people who actually knew Nonie’s secret and knew she was the real deal One was Buggy Mouton her best friend since kindergarten and the other was Guy Skinard whom Nonie considered her one true love since the day she’d laid eyes on him in high school Buggy now worked at MeeMaw’s Café off of Main in Clay Point and Guy as usual remained ever at her side the only difference being he’d died in a freak boati I loved this book A great to start to a series and I cannot wait to read the others Nonie Broussard and in fact all the characters were fantastic The descriptions the dialogue everything was brilliantly executed with a frank and funny style that hooked me instantly The misadventures of Nonie will make you want to read it all in one go I highly recommend

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Haunted locations in Louisiana For every location with solid filming potential each member of the team gets a five hundred dollar pay check And Buggy knows without uestion that if anyone can sniff out the ‘restless’ dead it’s NonieKnowing nothing about paranormal investigation but lured by the sound of the adventure and the dollar signs circling through her head Nonie agrees to become part of the Boo Krewe the name Buggy has formally given the makeshift teamThe lure of money may be one thing but what Nonie doesn’t realize is that occasionally the dead so excited that someone can actually see and hear them decide to follow her home into her bed the bathroom the shower And adding to this new found frustration Nonie barely finishes her first investigation when she gets a visit from Anna Mae Turner the mayor’s former mistress now dead as well and harassingly insistent that Nonie bring her killer to lightNonie uickly learns that the ‘gift’ she’s carried since birth is really a giant wart on the butt of life and no amount of Compound W is going to make it go aw Well this was unexpected I started this one totally blind; and I’m happy to step once in a while out of my comfort zone this book is dark but in a funny way if there’s one if not well Deborah Leblanc has created one This book is bringing mystery haunting characters – like literally twisted and funny scenes in one great plotNonie Broussard is able to see the dead and now she finds herself working in her family businessa funeral home; yeah You got that right the place anyone with that gift is not so glad to be So with a new job with new companions LOL she has an adventure aheadThe author has a great ability to create such a genuine character in such strange situations and bring humor and death in one great book

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Toe to Toe Ng accident nine years ago Still the prankster even in death Guy loved causing chaos especially with men Nonie occasionally dated She could only imagine what mayhem he might stir up while mirroring her at the funeral home and mingling with the newly departedOnly hours into the first day of her new job pandemonium engulfs the funeral home and much to Nonie’s surprise it has nothing to do with Guy It’s brought on by the family they’re serving Seventy two–year old Dover Fontenot the Major of Clay Point dies in a car accident after indulging in a little extra curricular activity only the activity wasn’t with his wife Hazel And when Dover’s mistress Anna Mae Turner shows up at the funeral home for the visitation hell’s gates rip open and Broussard’s Funeral Home suddenly turns into a geriatric war zoneAmidst the flying hairpieces canes and curses Nonie’s best friend Buggy decides to drop by the funeral home with news she can’t wait to share A cable network in New Orleans wants to put together a paranormal investigation team and have them check out purported This was a really good book I love to watch tv shows like the one in the book so I was sure I would like this and I did The was a really good mix of characters; young funny older unhappy grumpy etc I liked the element of self discovery and the romance and generally enjoyed the whole thing Very entertaining