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Book à Emphatic Soul Serenade #1 ↠ 236 pages à Kaylee ryan à There comes a point in your life where you have to say enough is enough I wasted my college years on a guy who played with my head played with my heart I was blinded by the fairytale the one that didn’t exist The day I gave up on the ideRecord label I was wrong It’s impossible for me to keep my distance believe me I’ve tried He’s not who I expected him to be He’s so much he’sEmphatic Book Two Assured releases May 7 2016 18 and over audienc I love a good beach read but this is one that I'd like to throw in the ocean I'm surprised by all of the 5 star reviews in all honestyI understand that this book is a work fiction but there were many circumstances that were too fictitious For example the main character is offered a job over the phone sans interview By her resume alone she is the best candidate regardless of the fact that she was only truly hired due to her perceived gender—hello illegal hiring practice Does the record label not have an HR department? I hope they have lawyers for the fictitious lawsuit that is inevitably coming their wayI'm not an ultra feminist but I hate it when an author creates a female character who engages in ignorant and at times risky behavior Going back to the job example—why would any smart woman accept a job over the phone that she has zero information about and has not had some visual contact with her future employers? I get that this was essential to certain plot points but it just bothered meThe other element of this book that I had a hard time getting passed was all the blatant sexual harassment at her workplace Being famous in a band or wealthy does not excuse the ridiculous sexual harassment offenses against the main character Of course she doesn't mind and finds it flattering how all of the male characters she works for make sexual advances toward her Insert eye rollAuthors please stop making your female characters simpering incapable woman who are asking for it at every turn and do so with a smile I believe it is possible to have a smart heroine engage in romantic entanglements with a rich famous etc male character who is not a one dimensional horny douchebag with eually douchey friends

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There comes a point in your life where you have to say enough is enough I wasted my college years on a guy who played with my head played with my heart I was blinded by the fairytale the one that didn’t exist The da Book Facts EmphaticGenre Contemporary Romance Part of a SeriesInstallment StandaloneCliffhanger view spoilerStandalone hide spoiler

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Emphatic Soul Serenade #1Y I gave up on the idea of happily ever after my focus became me Moving forward and establishing my career Until one day I didn’t expect him My new boss a six foot two inked rock god I believed I was working for the 3 12 StarsEmphatic is a sweet romance about a rock star and a beautiful girl next door type who fall madly deeply emphatically in love but don’t truly get together until the book is almost finished Their romance starts out hot and heavy but then turns into one of the slowest of slow burns I think I’ve ever read in this genre Logan has just graduated college and has wisely dumped her cheating loser of a boyfriend and is ready to start a new life and a brand new job But first she heads to Hawaii with her best friend to celebrate and maybe have a well deserved fling There she meets a gorgeous hunk of friendly tatted up man who calls himself Michael but is really named Kacen A hot and heavy sexy time ensues She leaves sated and ready to begin life as an adult but you’ll never ever in a zillion years guess who her new boss turns out to be Yep that dusty old school romance trope is shined up and put to use here Things like this make me feel like I’ve read entirely too many books If you can’t guess you probably haven’t read enough romances yet so get going on thatWhat follows is a very sweetly developed romance between Logan and the rock star who loves her to pieces from the first moment he meets her Even though he can have anyone he chooses he thinks she is the most beautiful girl in the world and loves that she isn’t after him for the fame He falls hard and fast and he never sways She however has been emotionally wounded by her ex and fears the pain of getting entangled with anyone never mind a gorgeous rock star so he must wait ‘til she comes aroundDo you think there is such a thing as a hero who is too emphatically in love? I didn’t think so until I read about this guy He lavishes Logan with sweet and often sappy words stolen butterfly kisses and he always seems to be hovering around with his undying devotion Some girls love this kind of thing but I’m not that kind of girl and to me it was almost smothering Maybe I’m just too old to appreciate that kind of touchy feely kind of loving especially when it’s one sided for so long Narration Notes The story is told in first person alternating between Logan and Kacen’s POV and each have their own narrator Logan’s narrator has a lovely voice which gets sultry when it needs to She does justice to the male characters too Kacen’s narrator has a soft southern accent which at first didn’t seem to fit and then I rememberedrealized they were in Nashville so I went with it Honestly though I preferred the female narrator but I can see why they went with one for each POV because it would’ve been very confusing otherwise I liked the writing despite all of my complaints about the story The author has an easy down to earth style and though nothing truly exciting happens despite the fact that this book features rock stars no drugs no debauchery it was never boring – if that makes any sense The characters were all decent people just falling in love and hanging around If you want a sweet slow burn and like this kind of hero give it a go I received a copy of this unabridged audiobook from Tantor Media Thank you Tantor I hope you don't regret it