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The Earl Takes All Summary Ô PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free È One summer night Edward Alcott gives in to temptation and kisses Lady Julia Kenney in a dark garden However the passion she stirs within him is best left in the shadows as she weds his twin the Earl of Greyling But when tragedy strikes to hoSparked on that long ago night are uickly rekindled He yearns to be her husband in truth But if she discovers his ruse she will despise him and English law prevents him from marrying his brother’s widow Yet he must dare to risk everything and reveal his secrets if he is to truly take al. So the good decent twin is killed off and the deflowering manwhore twin gets to survive and have an HEA No thanksAnd this is the brother who posed as his twin and kissed the h Julia without her consent when she was being courted by his twin Ugh

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Must pretend to be Greyling until the countess delivers her babeAfter her husband returns from a two month sojourn Julia finds him changed Bolder daring and wicked even if he does limit their encounters to kisses With each passing day she falls deeply in loveFor Edward the embers of desire. I'm sure this is going to be a marmite book but I loved it and gave it an A at AARI’ve been desperate to read The Earl Takes All since I finished Falling Into Bed with a Duke the first book in Lorraine Heath’s Hellions of Havisham Hall series Even though at that point no synopsis had been published I had an inkling of where this story might be going – which says a lot for Ms Heath’s ability to bury hints and subtext in whichever story she happens to be telling at the time – and I have been really REALLY curious as to how she was going to pull off such a difficult premiseEdward Alcott younger – by an hour – twin brother of Albert the Earl of Greyling was introduced to readers in the previous book as a bit of a scoundrel Although physically identical to his brother Edward is completely different in temperament and while it’s clear they share a strong bond of affection it’s also clear that Albert is perhaps a little disappointed in his scapegrace brother The biggest bone of contention between them however is that Edward just can’t get on with Albert’s wife Julia and in fact makes a point of being unpleasant or outrageous whenever she is aroundBut now Albert is dead killed while he Edward and their close friend Viscount Locksley are in Africa on safari With his dying breath Albert exhorts Edward to “be me” – needing him to take care of Julia who is expecting their baby But he asks than that Edward should provide financially for his widow – Albert wants his brother to take his place as Julia’s husband believing that news of his death could cause her to lose the baby they both want so desperately Edward can do nothing other than agree and after a long and arduous journey he arrives back in England ready to carry out his brother’s final wishes until after his child is bornIt’s not long before Edward realises the enormity of the task he has taken on Not only does he have to take great care not to give himself away which is difficult because he doesn’t know all that much about his brother’s relationship with Julia; he also has to take on the responsibilities of an earldom which turn out to be far detailed and numerous than he expected Complicating things still further Edward also has to contend with his long banked desire for Julia and with Julia’s bewilderment at her husband’s strange reluctance to get physically or emotionally close to herEdward’s intention has always been to tell Julia the truth after the birth of her baby but as time progresses and he comes to know the witty generous and sensual woman that she really is he finds himself racing well past desire and headlong into love with her When she discovers the truth she’s going to despise him than she ever did – but what if he doesn’t tell herFor her part Julia has discovered things she never knew about herself during her husband’s four month absence She missed him dreadfully of course but also liked having her own space and being able to do what she liked when she liked She feels she has changed somewhat since he has been away and learned to relish her independence but Albert has changed too She puts some of that down to his mourning for his brother and suggests that perhaps they have to learn how to be a couple again Even so there is to the changes in her husband than those wrought by grief; he is daring spontaneous his kisses are intoxicating than ever and incredibly she finds herself even deeply in love than beforeWhile I loved The Earl Takes All I can see that it might be the sort of book that readers will react to strongly and will either love or hate The fact that the hero spends half the book deceiving the heroine is difficult to get to grips with even though Edward’s motivations are understandable and he continually uestions his decisions He is torn between duty and desire and while the situation he is in is certainly an unusual one his emotions and inner conflict feel very real I understand why some might find the initial premise problematic and indeed Lorraine Heath set herself uite the challenge As she says in her author’s note she had to make sure that readers didn’t fall in love with Albert before she killed him off; and also she had to contend with the English marriage laws at the time which did not allow a woman to marry her late husband’s brother This law wasn’t changed until 1921 She also has to convincingly turn Edward from the reprobate we met in the previous book into a responsible and compassionate man Before he was given to hard drinking gambling and womanizing and his relationship with Julia was a very difficult one; he seemed to resent her for taking his brother away from him and made no bones about showing that resentment But even then Ms Heath managed to convey the sense that here was a man who wasn’t uite what he seemed and also to plant the idea that there was behind Edward’s dislike of his brother’s wife than he let onWhat she does very skilfully here is to show readers the real Edward while not making him into an entirely different person The old roguish Edward is still there under the surface but the ‘new’ Edward is a man who has never been tested before who rises to the challenge and discovers he’s than up to it; and he is ultimately revealed to be a truly swoonworthy heroEmotions run high in this book right from the first page and again I realise that won’t suit everyone but for me it’s like catnip We watch Edward struggling with his grief for his brother and his feelings for Julia; Julia devastated by grief and guilt when she learns the truth; both of them coming to terms with what it will mean if they want to be together and Julia coming to fully understand the magnitude of the sacrifice that Edward is willing to make for her It’s complex it’s messy and Ms Heath handles it all with confidence and sensitivity never negating the truth of Julia’s feelings for one brother even as she is falling for the otherThis author’s ability to explore the gamut of human emotions is what draws me to her books time and again and I admit that I was choked up on several occasions while reading this one My one criticism is that perhaps it’s a bit of a stretch to believe that Julia wouldn’t have known it wasn’t Albert who had returned from Africa but that really is a minor point and isn’t something I found myself dwelling on because the story is so well set up The Earl Takes All is an angsty gorgeously sensual and beautifully developed romance the chemistry between the leads is scorching hot and the emotions are real and leap off the page It’s definitely going onto my keeper shelf

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The Earl Takes AllOne summer night Edward Alcott gives in to temptation and kisses Lady Julia Kenney in a dark garden However the passion she stirs within him is best left in the shadows as she weds his twin the Earl of Greyling But when tragedy strikes to honor the vow he makes to his dying brother Edward. 35 Agonizing Stars She pressed a finger to his lips He stilled his eyes searching hersIf you kiss me I'll be lost she told himI'll find you lead you back Well that was all sorts of angsty I've been looking forward to Edward and Julia's story ever since I finished reading the first book in this series personally I felt it was uite difficult to judge Julia Edward and Albert from what I learned in the Falling Into Bed With a Duke book but if I'm going to be honest I would say that Julia seemed to be uite the controlling wife Albert was a bit of a drip and Edward was misunderstoodThe Earl Takes All starts of with Edward pretending to be his brother burying himself yes I know uite confusing I kinda felt bad for the guy since there was uite a bad turn out at his funeral and very few kind words to be said Of course Edward's friends Lock and Ashe never fell for it but the rest of London did including JuliaLike I said this was uite an angsty book Edward constantly had to deny himself had to live through the shame of wanting his dead brother's wife and also go through the pain of losing his brother A brother that he loved dearlyNow before you call Julia stupid trust me she wasn't and because I don't want to spoil I will say that she dealt with everything in the best way she could have This is going to be a short review so if you're planning on reading this book be prepared for a well of emotions sexual tension and angst Bucket loads of it Most are lucky to be loved once Why should I be fortunate enough to be loved twice to have happiness twice I'm afraid fate will snatch it away if I reach for it againSo I'll be denied because you don't trust fate Fate can go to the devil Julia Place your trust in me Final thoughts While Falling Into Bed With a Duke was indeed my favourite Lord Ashe swoons I did enjoy this angsty little read I'm a sucker for forbidden love and this book definitely made it onto my list of forbidden reads