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REVIEW Rules for Reforming a Rake (Farthingale, #3) 107 Ì Daisy Farthingale protected her sister by taking blame for a scandalous incident that occurred during her sister’s debut season and now embarks upon her own entrance into society with a slight tarnish to her reputation No one trusts her judgment when it comes to men but Daisy Sent home to recover from gunshot wounds acuired in a skirmish though most of London Society believes he was shot by a jealous husband he’s determined to enjoy the wastrel reputation he’s taken great pains to develop for he soon expects to be recalled to battle But the dangers he encountered in Napoleon’s war pale in comparison to the danger he faces from Daisy Farthingale the beautiful slip of a girl who creates havoc with his heart from the moment he sets eyes upon h. After three books I've finally figured out why I don't give Meara Platt's book higher ratings Its in her characters Though the stories are good the author has a knack for writing characters who I SHOULD like but don't For instance their mother Sophie In all the books she's supposedly loving lets them be their own takes in and cares for all Farthingale relations has a loving relationship with her husband etc etc We should love her BUT she was uick to believe the worst of her daughters and judges and criticizes them seems to care for other family relations other than her own and blames her own daughters when something goes wrong for caring for said relations own children She was a truly condescending character IMO Then there's Aunt Julia The widow of their deceased uncle who died in war She's left with a son to raise but is supposedly too wrapped up in her grief to do it Oh how I wish the author would have stuck with making her a bit sympathetic Instead she selfishly pawns her son and his troubles to daisy or whoever is in charge of him Her son is crying out for his father running out of houses and climbing trees to get to heaven to see him and Mrs Platt wants us to believe that Julia is so wrapped in grief to deal with it so she blames others Well where is this grief when she's out shopping making house calls trying to find a new husband I really could have done without her character in this book or at the very least a NOT so happily ever after for herThen there's the Daisy herself So guilt ridden of the incident which took forever and day to be revealed yet keep running into dark areas with gentleman She's brave enough to d everything under the sun and moonlight but not brave enough to speak up for herself Ugggh The frustrationAnd last but not least All Ms Platt heroes have the same MO Maybe not back stories but they all are so dense and everything is so drawn up and melodramatic

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Lord Gabriel Dayne a disreputable wastrel who may be spying for the French What’s a girl to do Fortunately Daisy has gotten her hands on Lady Forsythia Haversham’s Rules for Reforming a Rake Gabriel Dayne younger son of the Earl of Trent has spent the war years cultivating his image as a knave and drunken rakehell to hide his true occupation as a spy against Napoleon’s forces His missions on the Continent have taken a harrowing physical toll as well as an emotional one. FINAL DECISION I found this book so interesting because it was a different take on a plot that I have read before  The characters were so likeable that I was completely satisfied to sink into their world and see how their difficulties would be resolvedTHE STORY  Daisy Farthingale is determined to find the perfect suitor in order to regain her family's regard  Daisy voluntarily took the blame for an attempted elopement but it wasn't her  Her family no longer trusts her opinions regarding men  Daisy's determination is challenged when she meets Lord Gabriel Dayne rake and wastrel extraordinaire  Despite her best intentions Daisy finds herself attracted to Gabriel and she just senses that he is a better man than his reputation suggests  Gabriel is indeed a better man but purposely cultivates a terrible reputation in order to disguise his missions as a spy against the French  Gabriel cannot risk getting close to Daisy even as he finds her irresistible  Gabriel must stay away from Daisy for both their sakeOPINION  What strikes me most about Platt's Farthingale series is how likeable the characters are  In every book the characters seem like they would be people that I would enjoy meeting  I also enjoy how each Farthingale sister is so different from the othersIn this book Daisy is the middle sister who wants to make things better  She even took the blame for her older sister's attempted elopement  That act by Daisy has placed her in a difficult position in her family  Although completely innocent she is distrusted by her familyIn fact Daisy and Gabriel are both seem incorrectly by their family  Both have taken on actions not their own in order to protect  Daisy to protect her sister; Gabriel to protect his country and those he loves  It is therefore unsurprising that each recognizes something in the other and sees something beyond reputation  This euivalency is done with deft care and a great deal of subtletyThe romance is so sweet and I especially enjoyed how Gabriel is given reason to hope for a future by Daisy  He is a damages soul that is healed by the gentleness and vivacity of Daisy  I liked Gabriel a great deal and I loved that Daisy does not give up on Gabriel despite all indications  She wants true love and when she finds it she becomes determinedThis is not my favorite in the series but it is really good and I look forward to going back in time and reading about Daisy's older sister  We should also learn about the attempted elopement which gets Daisy in so much troubleWORTH MENTIONING  I find the fact that this book is a preuel to the other two books in the series fascinating  The remainder of the sisters' stories will be told in reverse order  What I like best about it is how rather than knowing about the past and having to wonder about what happens to the characters in the future the future instead is already known and the past has many secrets  This is a different way of building a series and I find it intellectually interesting what techniues Platt is usingCONNECTED BOOKS  RULES FOR REFORMING A RAKE is the third book in the Farthingale series  The book is actually a preuel to the first two books and thus can be read as a true standaloneSTAR RATING  I give this book 4 starsThis review was originally posted on Top10RomanceBookscom

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Rules for Reforming a Rake Farthingale #3Daisy Farthingale protected her sister by taking blame for a scandalous incident that occurred during her sister’s debut season and now embarks upon her own entrance into society with a slight tarnish to her reputation No one trusts her judgment when it comes to men but Daisy is determined to redeem herself in the eyes of her beloved family by marrying the most honorable man she can find unfortunately she finds herself falling in love with London’s most notorious rakehell. This was a good read which was fun to read I really liked the characters but I would have appreciated if his family troubles would have been resolved at the end This left me a bit lost as his feelings about this matter were uite seriousDaisy was delightful although a bit fluffy sometimesNevertheless I enjoyed reading it