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SUMMARY ´ Bane, A Strain Novel ✓ The weapon that nearly destroyed humanity may be their only salvationRhys Cooper’s uniue immunity to all three strains of the virus that nearly annihilated humanity has brought him the unwanted attention of Clean Zone scientists They’ve summoned him for testing—ostensibly in the hopes of finding a vaccine—buCh division Secretary Littlewood is a vicious predator and they suspect he’s trying to acuire the strain of the virus that would make him superhuman To stop him they need the perfect bait RhysFor Rhys helping them might cost him his relationship with Darius or his life For Zach and Nico even if their plan succeeds they still face the ultimate uestion can infected and uninfected people ever live together safely See at. This is the third book in the STRAIN world and should absolutely be read after JUGGERNAUT and STRAIN It picks up the story where both JUGGERNAUT and STRAIN left off bringing their romantic pairs Rhys and Darius from STRAIN and Zack and Nico from JUGGERNAUT in direct contact to save what is left of the worldThis series of books is set approximately 100 years in the future after a military developed supervirus decimated the population People left on the planet Estimates are in the ten thousands the majority of them uninfected survivors living in small to large enclaves the largest a settlement in Colorado Springs The others are experimentally treated soldiers Jugs who help comb the country to kill the lingering revenants ravenous Bane Gamma infected zombie like persons Rhys is a survivor who is likely to be immune to all three strains of the Bane virus and the scientists who remain in Colorado Springs want to test his blood and determine if a vaccine can be developed Rhys' partner Darius is a Jug who will not leave Rhys to the whims of the scientists The Jugs are outcasts and rather bitter about it due to their lethal blood He and several other jugs travel from the Seattle area to keep Rhys safe They encounter Zack in Colorado as he is a health worker for the scientists this meeting is scarring for Rhys who was the subject of abuse from Zack's father and brother for nearly half his life Over the course of testing however they build a rapport and Zack confides in Rhys Darius and the other Jugs about the disappearances in the compound and how he knows that there are real scary things going down likely due to the machinations of the sadistic Secretary Littlewood There are lots of political issues with the still developing society in Colorado not least of which is a forced breeding program Zack enlist Rhys's cooperation to help discover the secret lab of Littlewood and the chase uite literally is onIf you were hoping Zack and Nico would work things out they do but it's not pretty for a long time I just marveled at the deft plot twists and fantastic use of character in this book I could honestly see and feel the scenes unfold The love between Rhys and Darius is as harsh as their world and it's erotic and delicious too Expect extreme monogamy Yay Also expect the Jugs to save the freaking day yet again I hate to say it but this book is frighteningly on point with contemporary issues think corporations buying up the natural park lands and with the supramilitaristic response when faced with the viral outbreakRhys was a child when the outbreak occurred and his adult insight as he travels past burned out hospitals and tenements where the infected were locked down and incinerated alive is poignant Darius' constant love is engaging Zack's commitment to his purpose to remain Bane Alpha free is as noble as it is frustrating Nico has known for years that he could sexually transmit safety to Zack but Zack feels called to remain unprotected His faith has a surprising reward and gave me the ability to breathe again after holding my breath so long in fear that Zack would become infected and turn revenant The series is phenomenal and I cannot love it I received a copy of this book via NetGalley


The weapon that nearly destroyed humanity may be their only salvationRhys Cooper’s uniue immunity to all three strains of the virus that nearly annihilated humanity has brought him the unwanted attention of Clean Zone scientists They’ve summoned him for testing ostensibly in the hopes of finding a vaccine but Rhys’s partner Darius Murrell has good reason not to trust any government He and his comrades in Delta Co. This series has been an emotional rollarcoaster from start to finish I loved every second of it'Bane' is set two years after the events of Strain Darius and Rhys are in a monogamous relationship but they're far from set in stone Which is understandable given the circumstances under which they met and that Rhys' continuing health would always be uestionable But the two are taking it one day at a time and having copious amounts of kinky sex in the mean timeAt the end of book 1 there was a big uestion mark over Rhys and Darius It seemed almost impossible that they'd ever completely move beyond what Rhys had to do in order to survive and the abuse he had suffered at the monastery The author did an excellent job of bringing that all to the forefront and laying it bare so that Rhys and Darius could finally begin a life that was truly their own free of any burdens Between the heartfelt talks and the visceral sex Darius and Rhys kept me rivetedOn the other hand Nico and Zach have spent the last decade apart Zach's stubborn conviction and Nico's refusal to put Zach in harm's way have kept the two from one another But they do meet for a few moments a year just long enough to coordinate their plan to bring down Secretary LittlewoodAt points I really didn't like Zach He was getting on my nerves But I could still respect his dedication to doing what was best for the greater good By the end I was just glad that Zach and Nico finally got their HEAThe thing that stands out most in the book is the storytelling Amelia C Gormley weaves a tale that left me thoroughly impressed All of the uestion I had from the preceding books were finally answered and in a way that I couldn't have guessed How the two couples stories' related to one another the Bane virus and everything that had transpired since the first outbreak And how the four found a solution to a seemingly unsolvable situation It was marvellousI'll be honest and say that I read this for Darius and Rhys' story so than the other two Which I don't think I can be blamed for considering how book 1 put me through the wringer I loved getting back to those two and seeing them get their closure and HEA I'm really hoping that Gormley visits them again sometime soonThe Strain series isn't for everyone But if you're looking for something dark and edgy that's also action packed I'd highly recommend these books Review copy provided through NetGalley

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Bane A Strain NovelMpany were unwitting test subjects for Project Juggernaut the military experiment that gave them superhuman abilities and unleashed the pandemic Doubting the government’s intentions Delta Company refuses to let Rhys go aloneFear of infection has kept Zach Houtman and his lover Nico Fernández apart for a decade They meet rarely just long enough to coordinate their spying on the head of the government’s virus resear. You know the drill Prism Book Alliance® Reviewage HereOh Rhys and Darius how I’ve missed you So what’s up Besides revenants wanting to kill and eat you fears of infection from multiple strains of Bane and various other challenges in trying to stay alive of course to the audience Let’s find outThe intersecting of Rhys and Darius’ story from Strain with that of Zach and Nico’s from Juggernaut here in this book creates an immediately mature forest filled with possibilities for conflict surprises and maybe just maybe even some good endings Or at least beginnings to a future that includes than just death and loss and betrayalI’ll do my best not to spoil anything here as that is our practice here at PBA but just know that if you haven’t yet read Strain book one of this series you might see a few things beyond what’s in the blurb for it as well as Juggernaut book two All three books are connected in so many ways that it’s a challenge to review this one without mentioning some characters and basic detail from the other booksI found myself asking many uestions as I was reading I love when an author makes me do that Would there ever be a way for the Jugs to have children What would a meeting between Darius and Nico look like Would there be another battle and if so who would be left standing Who would end up in charge And are we humans always doomed to revert to the very same mistakes we’ve suffered through before Why can’t we choose the better path the one less littered by isolationism and the scramble for power at the expense of othersIf you can’t tell already reading this book makes you an active participant not a passive viewerPromises are important They’re precious yet sometimes treated like a commodity Changes in value and follow through are inevitable For Rhys there’s this Were they saying it to reassure Rhys that he wasn’t being as foolhardy as he felt Or did they really believe itNearly every character in this book encounters this dilemma most of those instances involving the difference between life and death Oh yeah the stakes are high even higher than before higher than ever With knowledge comes decisions and choices none of them easy for any of these people There passage above goes on much longer but some of it refers back to what we learn in “Strain” so I’m not including it Hopefully the impact is still significant All of these people have lost so much For some practically everythingThe tendrils of emotion mystery fear anger desperation desire and danger continue to grow and weave together in tighter and complicated ways The points where one ends and another begins continue to disappear fading and fraying and threatening to make all of the effort for naught Darius has become obsessed with wanting a real life for Rhys whatever the cost For his part Rhys wasn’t letting Darius off that easy He was fighting for them to have that life together he’s fighting for everyone So is Zach And Nico Lawdy I was riveted Meanwhile on the writing front Gormley strikes a great balance in reminding us about past events and universe rules for this world without overdoing it the Jugs and their strain of Bane and the ramifications for them and for those in the future who could be for